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  1. A few shots from Scotland last year.
  2. I use www.zenfolio.com for my personal site. www.tannachyphotography.co.uk . It is pretty easy to use with templates with plenty customization. There are plenty others available like squarespace, smugmug etc. I think the Facebook is pretty pointless for a personal portfolio, the quality of images is poor. You're better off with a proper website, if you can be bothered maintaining a social media presence, you can direct traffic to your site.
  3. My only sale to date was an image of Sydney Opera House when I only had about 50 images. Definitely a popular subject, but I still got a sale. I think it's worth remembering that some buyers will search using the new tab, which is what I think happened for me.
  4. Hard to explain, it is usually easy to tell if your photograph is in in focus. I would expect most of your shots are in focus, so just go through a load at 100% and have a good look. You'll soon be able to see the difference in the details, especially hard edges of objects.
  5. Doesn't really seem right, nothing you can do about that? Makes me unsure whether I want to upload images if someone can buy them with that sort of licence.
  6. Well after uploading a handful of images back in 2010 I came back with the hope of just building up a decent sized catalogue over the next year or so. And then making a little bit of extra cash. But somehow scrapped a sale for $70 with less than 100 images. Don't expect any thing now for the next year though.
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