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  1. I notice that span advertising kitchen units has started. Also, no-one replied to the only thread I started so far oh well. I didn't use the old forum; this one seems better.
  2. If you put that there are people in the image you need model releases even if the people are not identifiable, so people avoid it. It would benefit Alamy to introudce "How many people might be identifiable?" and ask for model releases only for those. How would I get a model release for a 19th century portrait of Isaac Newton?
  3. I have illustrations with generic people in them and put zero, but the problem with that (as I noted today in another forum thread) is that people won't be able to find the images so easily.
  4. I've posted a number of images from my own commercial Web site (fromoldbooks.org, hope it's OK to mention it) and a lot of them are woodcuts, often with people in them. The people are usually generic, e.g. to give a sense of scale in an engraving of a building, or two Victorian gentlemen comforting a forlorn-looking boy at a funeral (to illustrate a story, fiction). I have done extensive research to make sure the pictures are not encumbered in any way. If I say there are 3 people in th funeral engraving then I have to upload a model release in order to sell the imate as royalty-free.
  5. If you have a lens that can do f/2.8 or wider, you'll find the colours tend to be more saturated on cloudy days and there are fewer distracting shadows. For stock it's great weather to get pictures of buildings if you're in a town. Sure, you won't get blue skies, but you'll get detail in the shadows without washed-out highlights.
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