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  1. Guys, Besides that I am new (very new) to photography sites, I rarely participate in forums. I already thought not to reply - enough is enough, but you are just prompting me to do it. First - thank a lot (really!) to Geoff (GS-images) for kind explanation. Second thanks to Sultanpepa for response. Chuck - don't worry - I would not allow neither door nor people hit me (maybe just get frustrated for a couple of minutes).
  2. OMG! Nice welcome, especially from that "raining at towers". It was my first ever attempt to submit photos online. I choose Alamy, because they promise quick response and, even more important, feedback. Other sites say they return within weeks or even month. I would easily accept rejection than silence. After such welcome, I was about to say "Bye-bye, Alamy!", I lived without you many years, I would survive somehow. But I just got friendly response from Hai (Thanks you !!!, Thank you so much !!!) and, actually, information that I was looking fo
  3. Hello, Put my first pictures Thursday late night. Promised response within 0-48 hours, in spite of the site's rules promise response within 24 hours and regardless weekdays/weekends. Now I am curious is this site still exists ? Thanks.
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