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  1. I am new user so I can be totally wrong... I looked at "All of Alamy" stats from last 30 days and took numbers: number of pages with at least one sale: 128 first ten of the biggest sales (sum): 133 Then I took stats from 1 Jul 2016 - 1 Aug 2017 number of pages with at least one sale: 400 first ten of the biggest sales (sum): 213 Looks like a big drop in only one year...
  2. Thanks again I don't remember if my keywords were sorted after upload, but probably it is the same with LR as with Bridge (so not sorted). I tweak them heavily after upload so they are definitly not sorted now. Sorting option would be useful - It would be easier to find missing tags.
  3. Thanks a lot! I did my last keywording in LR, but I am not sure if Alamy Image Manager isn't more user-friendly for me. I will have to try Bridge. BTW - is there a way to sort keywords alphabetically?
  4. Hello everyone I am new here (Passed QC about a week ago). I have prepared more images, but I'd like to make keywording as easy as possible. I have keyworded some of my images in Lightroom and would like to know if Alamy reads image metadata, that I see in LR (keywords, title, description) and will apply them after upload? Michael
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