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  1. If you are maxed out you are maxed out. You should not be making multiple claims via agencies. It reduces the pot for everyone else.
  2. I'm with Julie on this one. A theatre website recently used one of my pictures, which had been published in the Grauniad, on their website and had actually credited me! However, I had not sent it to them as they do not pay for content. as it is heavily watermarked on my website, there was only one place it could have come from - the Grauniad site, via Google Images. Contacted editor about payment and it has now been paid for (as well as removed). Needless to say, there was an uplift for IP theft. Same thing in this case - they do not have a licence to use that picture, so they need a Crofts 1
  3. Leave it. If it's news/archive/reportage, then it should be left. It's supposed to be as is. Anything else would be dishonest/unethical. If it's not for editorial and the client wants it removing then s/he needs to employ a professional retoucher. So, it still should be left. End of. LEAVE IT! :-)
  4. This one hasn't even been reported yet.... http://janehobson.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Tearsheets/G0000bXwWccO5fnA/I0000RpgqbzOAkTQ and I'm still waiting to be paid for two reported sales from 2012. Who knows how many have been used but not reported......
  5. Should have been £200 minimum. As they have broken the contract, they should be charged at least double what they should have originally paid. Keep the pressure up. Best of luck.
  6. The focus of other posters here seems to be on 'selling off the wall', which, in my opinion (along with yours!), is unlikely. If this is not your aim, then this may be a good option for you. If your aim is raising awareness of your work, engaging people with it, (and then sowing the seed of desire to commission you) then projection within a gallery space may be just the right medium for you. Having looked at the video, I'd suggest either showing colour or BW - the morphing from one to the other makes it look like indecision rather than offering choice. All the best of luck!
  7. What do you already have? What do you currently use the most? What frustrates you because your current lenses don't quite cover what you need? The answers to those questions should show you what you need/enable us to make suggestions. A previous poster suggested a 24 - 70 f2.8 - the Nikon version (he was talking about the Canon) is around £1245 new. (Sigma version is around £600). I have the fantastic Nikon 28 - 70 f2.8 (the older version), which can be picked up second hand for within your budget (c£800). It's a workhorse. And for environmental portraits, where you need to include background
  8. Flickr was very good for SEO. The work I had on there was small, limited and heavily watermarked, given that theft was rife. Since the change, I have 'downgraded' to free and marked every single photograph as 'private' so I am not contributing to their ad revenue. I'd have been tempted to stay visible if they hadn't buggered up the home page and photo stream. I don't want to see other people's work and comments on the home page and I prefer to see negative space around my own work on my photo stream. There's a reason that (apart from the RA Summer Show!) galleries don't cram all work together
  9. Hmm, how do I 'obtain' my keywords? Are you asking on a deep, philosophical level? Or a mundane, everyday, level? Either way, it's pretty much the same. I THINK.
  10. That's not a searchable database - IMHO a searchable database that can be compared against sales figures is a great idea. As I submit through the Live News feed, I tend to find my work quickly but sales take months to show up as the papers are so slow to self-report. Having to check back, months later, to see if a tearsheet matches a sale is a pain. If I popped the ones I found into a searchable database then someone at the Alamy end could then check the database against sales reports.
  11. It would be nice to have an 'editorial only' button, rather than have to tick a huge list of restrictions for every batch. The time it takes to do this at present all adds up. Also, caption box needs to be larger for archival and reportage - same as Live News (as it's the same type of captioning that is needed). Oh an another thing (!) can the keywords transfer into the main box with any overspill going into the bottom one, in the order they were typed in/rearranged to, not alphabetical, please?
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