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  1. Congratulations Prashanv on passing QC ,it always such a great feeling.I have only 266 photos  on Alamy and have sold 3 total $268 ,just been paid for two of them ,Although i set up an account in 2015 i never passed my QC, so gave up but decided  over a year ago to try again and passed .it was only this year i sold any, its always best to read up what photos are good sellers,  best of luck you will get a sale soon.

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  2. On 17/09/2019 at 19:05, John Mitchell said:

    Photography has always been a solitary pursuit for me. I see it as a form of contemplation. Even stock-shooting can have its Zen-like moments.


    And, yes, I'm a bit of a loner too.


    We could start a "loners club", but no one would probably show up to the meetings. 😐

    Yes i am a bit of a loner too,i always go taking photos on my own,if someone else was with me i might miss that all important shot especially if they were not into photography like me!

  3. 9 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

    Good pictures of interesting subjects -- that will do it for you, Richard. 


    Vicky, you have been with Alamy since 2015, yet you have just 222 images uploaded. That's your problem.  

    I rejoined again last year ,as before that i hadnt uploaded any photos, i know should put more on but i work full time so limited to taking many photos.

  4. 1 hour ago, NYCat said:


    I hope you don't mine that I make a suggestion. I think you can take more care with your framing. Sometimes it seems that there is too much empty space in the foreground and sometimes it is the opposite with something being cut off a bit at the bottom. I'm sure it is just a matter of paying more attention to your edges. It takes time to get sales and also takes time to refine what you are doing.



    Thank you Paulette for your feedback, i do see what you mean and will try this on my next photo taking day,i feel like i have alot to learn. vicky

  5. 2 hours ago, Brasilnut said:


    I just seen your portfolio. I think you just need to be a bit more patient and wait for more unique moments, including better lighting. I've taken your pub image below, by itself it's not so interesting but if you wait long enough I'm sure you'll get a character walking by - ideally someone local and eccentric! This will make the image 5x more commercial. Since this is an editorial anyway, including some people usually adds value to shots. On a little side note, the flag is cut off :)


    Welsh & Jefferies  Weatherill Bros in Eton. Stock Photo

    Thank you for feedback Brasilnut,i did take a photo with a camera that Alamy dosnt except, same shop with a man in Eton college dress on his bike,i will  take your advice on board ,vicky

  6. 36 minutes ago, Brasilnut said:

    Shots related to the upcoming Brexit would do well I believe. As would themes surrounding immigration, austerity, security - 1984 stuff. Equal rights too, who knows. I shot this one the other day, it's a strong shot with a strong/trending theme and iconic place (Ipanema beach). I can see it being used in all sorts of media.


    Posto 8 on Ipanema beach is a section where members of the LGBT community gather Stock Photo


    I'm not an Alamy superstar like many on here though...:) 

    Good idea on the Brexit Theme,and great photo by the way, i shall get my thinking cap on and start planning,


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