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  1. I ,ve been using nikons 200-500 tele zoom for aviation and nature shots on a D810 and to be honest , i am very surprised by the results for a sub £1000 lens. No internal focus though so could be a problem in the long run. its sharp , at least on the 810, the VR is superb as well. not tried a tc with it yet, the cropping factor on a 36mp sensor is huge One major headache is you need to pay a lot for a good quality (95mm) filter if you value that front element in bad conditions.
  2. Thanks Rick I am in the UK. I got my eye on a used XT-20 and a wide prime, a 28 mm in 35 mm , gonna cost but i cant p/ex any dslr stuff as i use that a lot. i buy a lot of stuff from mpb and camera jungle used, both are good to deal with and gear is top notch for used. i just want something with good image quality that i can carry wherever i go, i am missing so many shooting opportunities being tied to a big bulky dslr. i just hope its good enough to pass Qc .
  3. I use a d810 body and a d700 body with nikon glass ( not the most recent optics though, never had the money too) File sizes are big for sure on the d810, but i adore this camera, it will do landscape one day, is fast enough (just) for sports the next, and gives the dynamic range at 64 as a 6x4.5 pentax..! I am at the moment looking for a reasonablly priced compact camera i can carry wherever i go as its a bit on the big side. Fuji too expensive. anyone used a lumix for stock?
  4. No, all clear now, with the workflow i have at the mo i am using the nikon nx to convert the files to tiff then using nx2 for final adj. (That is when it stops crashing, i guess nikon never has been the best at software, they make nice lenses though, and the cameras aint half bad either, i,ll tell you what, this d 810 surprises with the detail it will capture, i wish i had a got one sooner.) Anyone had issues with raw files from this camera and photomatix hdr,? my files are coming out green with the latest edition, pro 6.02 i think very strange !
  5. Thanks all for your input and help, i know the minimum size of file for submission, anyone know the maximum of the top of your heads for submission ? You only begin to realize the size of these 810 files when you start sending jpgs out, takes an age to send reduced files ! i agree , nikon software is slow and crash happy,does the job for smaller workflows though at the moment till i get adobe sorted but it is a truly remarkable camera though,images at 64 are medium format quality, almost.!! it does bring back memories of film days and being frugal with shots though when you get
  6. and what a surprise...! lightroom will not open the nef files from the d810 anyone know of an update for this camera so LR will open raw 810 files ?
  7. Thanks Tony I think its the nikon software ( capture nx-2) i am using, it needs updating ,( or binning.. ) i have just uploaded a raw file @ 72 mb and the software that came with the camera has saved the file as a jpeg at 17.1 mb, a bit more like it. i will try the same in lightroom and see what file size that will give me. if any nikon users out there can help out here , much appreciated. Thanks again.
  8. Hi all Got a bit of an issue with a new body,a d810 a raw, uncompressed 14 bit file is coming out at 71.6 mb, when edited and saved as a jpeg its being shrunk to 734.5 kb !!! in nx-2, its too small to use. the raw uncompressed file on a d700 is coming out at 18.2 mb for the same scene, when edited and saved as a jpeg its size is 4.1 mb, more like it ! i aint the best when it comes to computer/ file stuff, what am i doing wrong here with the d810 settings, i would expect the saved jpeg to be a lot larger than 734.5 kb ! if anyone can shed any light/ help here much appre
  9. Got it !!! All is well again in my world, for now anyway. Thanks all, now i have the hang of of the new system i find it faster than the old way!
  10. Hi TC, Still cant get images on sale. From the start: Image not on sale. i have selected the images i want to caption.An image of a car on a steep pass road. i click on the tag box and caption the image, a pic of Honister pass with car in the Lake District I caption as follows Honister Pass car drive steep road gradient scenic Lake District and so on All other fields are completed, they should be on sale after 24 hours after search engine has updated But not on sale. Do i need to add commas or hyphons or whatever between words? Do
  11. Hi all i,ve been a member since 2010 but i cannot find my old login details so i re-registered,i had a long break of not shooting stock and doing event stuff, i cannot get on with he new tool for tagging Can anyone help me with a problem i have with the new photo editor, i cant get my images on sale with the new system, i have read the pdf re the instructions, watched the video on tagging etc, but i cannot get tags to appear in boxes like previous images i have on sale. anyone know what i am doing wrong before i lose even more hair steve
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