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  1. Hi everyone, 

    over a several months I have uploaded almost 500 images. I thought I had carefully tagged, keyworded and filled in all the information required by Alamy to list my images. But after a few months away from the site I see a lot of my images have still a way to go for 'discoverability' but when I revisit my dashboard I can't find what is missing, there does not appear any notes or suggestions on how to improve my listings. And no matter how far I search 'my dashboard' I can't find anything to read up on.

    Has anyone got any suggestions or had the same experiences please?


  2. Hi Everyone, It's been a little while since I had uploaded any images to Alamy. I am a bit bewildered why my large jpegs take so long to upload. something like 20 minutes per image. has anyone else experienced such a long upload time? I'm using safari and as a comparison - firefox.

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