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  1. I like the new manager except I have a problem. I use a Mac (OS10.8) and firefox. I started using the image manager to improve my discoverabilty by doing one at a time. Then I got brave and tried to select a group of similar images. I held down the command key and clicked away. The next thing I knew the image manager panel on the right disappeared down below the images. Now when I select an image I have to scroll down to the image manage panel on the right side. Can anyone help me get back to the original format where the panel is adjacent to the images like in the instructions?
  2. Not sure if this applies to this thread but I'm having a problem. After seeing the new Image manager and finding out I have lots of images with lo discoverability I decided to edit them to get their level to green. I was working with three images at a time (similar keywords.tags, etc.). I used the command key and started to click on the images I wanted to edit at the same time. The next thing I knew the image manager bar on the right dropped down below the level of the images. When I started the manger window was as it is in the video and instructions. Now I can't get it back up adjacent to th
  3. Okay last year I downloaded my sales report and submitted it to DAC'S and received my payment. This I followed the same method but when I try to download my sales report for 2014 it gives me an error statement. Has anyone else run into this problem? I have contacted tech services but just wondering if anyone had a solution. txs.
  4. Is anyone else having a problem with Alamy measures? It hasn't updated for a couple days now. Is this related to the technical problems they are having with their search engine/
  5. Not sure if the graph for most members shows the downward trend from 2012. From my first year everything is up until 2013 then the graph moves sharply downward. If I took the trend line from my first year to 2012 I should be much higher in 2013 and 2014. I suspect the total pie is not growing at the same rate as the increase in members/images and it's getting divided into smaller slices each year.
  6. Great sale! But keep your fingers crossed. I had a couple of those sales earlier this year (both over $1000). I was overjoyed. Then a week later they were reversed/credited and resold for about 20% of their original sale price. Good Lick and I hope for everyone's sake that the sale stands as is.
  7. Moving images around to various agencies isn't necessarily the answer. Maybe a few shots, but I doubt most of your FotoLibra shots will fair any better on Alamy either. Not because some of them are not good, but because of the vast number of shots already in the library. Since you don't obviously make a living from stock photography I would pick a specialty that you really like and are good at. Shoot the heck out of it. Tightly edit your work. Be heartless. Then submit to specialty agencies that carry that sort of work. Another route is to set up shop on a site like Photoshelter and sell your
  8. Ray you seem to have a grip on the situation. I too have contributed to the problem and I am starting to trim my collection. But the problem is that most contributors wouldn't know a salable image if it hit them in the face. I'm sure the serious full-time shooters do but even they (myself included0 have uploaded stuff that shouldn't be there. The emphasis on the number of images runs deep in the mindset of Alamy and most of the contributors. I can see those "if I can only increase the size of my collection" gears turning at all levels within the system. Heck I'm not immune either. If staff
  9. I may paint a grim picture, but I base that picture on the present system/situation. If we implement a few positive changes to the system then we'll get a much different picture. How about a program to educate buyers to use more tags when searching, implement/refine new search methods (like annotated phrases, singles/plurals, American/British spelling, etc.) that indirectly force all contributors to improve their keywording, reduce similars by stringently enforcing submissions, implement a program to entice contributors to purge their non-productive/similar images (perhaps anyone trimming thei
  10. I must differ with those posters that believe it's mostly about shooting salable images and great keywording. At edited agencies this is definitely the case, but at Alamy ranking is just as or even more important. Let's use one example. A fairly new shooter with an average rank goes to Peru and shoots some fantastic Machu Picchu images. I mean really outstanding images. He/she uploads 50 to Alamy and is given a median ranking (or slightly better). Now a search for Machu Picchu gives you about 7500 images or 60 pages at 120 images per page. That means with a median or better ranking the images
  11. First off there is a big difference between a "quailty" image and technical quality. Alamy accepts images purely on digital merit (no dust spots, sharp, etc.) without regard to image's creative quality or saleability. I typically average 50-60 sales per mouth at each of my various edited agencies with about 3000-4000 images per agency. I don't average that at Alamy with three times the images. Of course I'm not in the Novel or newspaper schemes either and that will impact the count. Becasue Alamy is not an edited agency it must use all sorts of ranking algorims and techniques (like creativ
  12. "ASMP has never seen a statute or a legal case that requires a release for property." And I haven't had a speeding ticket in the last ten years and I break the speed limit almost everytime I'm in my car. Go figure. Perhaps you should have quoted the entire paragraph from ASMP. "We know of no case that has ever settled those kinds of questions. ASMP advises that property releases be acquired whenever possible because we don’t want to see you be the test case." The questions ASMP is referring to regard the statues of "Association" and "Conversion". In countries like the US and Canad
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