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  1. It’s the appearance of greed that gets to me. Why not be satisfied with $25 million a year in revenue? Why must you demand constant growth from your company? If the only way to increase your revenue is to squeeze us individual photographers, maybe its time to stand back and look at becoming more efficient rather than putting the burden of your growth on us. If the price for a higher annual revenue comes at the sacrifice of your partners (us photographers), maybe Alamy has reached its growth limit. Never ending growth is unsustainable for any system. Please consider the big picture (no pun intended!). Eric
  2. I love photography. Outside of Alamy I’ve sold to magazines, newspapers, and text book companies. I’ve done weddings, portraits and events. Photography is fun, and I’ve always enjoyed working as a photographer. Some of you may decide that you might as well keep your photos here and get a “little something” for them. But I want to remind you that sometimes “nothing” is worth more than a “little something”. I won’t let Alamy make more from my images than I do. I feel abused by Alamy, so if this commission change is realized, I’ll be pulling my images and moving on to my next chapter as a photographer. I’ll miss you guys and the fun of selling stock images, but I’ll hold my head high. cheers
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