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  1. Thanks again for clearing this up. Sorry for all the questions. As if you probably;y couldn't already tell I'm new to stock photography. I'm not expecting to make any money. But feel it's worth uploading them somewhere seen as i enjoy taking pictures. But want to do so in a legal/safe way. Trying to understand all the rules etc.
  2. Hi, Is there a site or a program that can be used to remove duplicate keywords? As in say you have 40 keywords copied that are relevant in some way, But you may have duplicates of some. I find if difficult sometimes to spot duplicates by eye. I'm sure there are simpler ways to keyword images. what I'm trying to do now is put them in Lightroom from the beginning, Easier said than done. I've only been using literoom for a few weeks getting to grips with it and all it's features. I've read on the forum that many members don't feel it necessary to get as close as possible to 50 keywords. Like how many was can you describe a banana so making it ever so time consuming if you where to try and get 50 keywords each time. realistically I've found around 20 keywords tend to be the most accurate before wondering into other keywords that are less relevant. anyway I'm just wondering if there is a program or site members use to check for duplicates. thnaks in advance.
  3. Thanks, So technically either option is fine RF or RM. But RM would be the safest bet, But RF if you plan to list on other sites.
  4. I'm relatively new to all this but do have an idea what's what... Here's the example I'd like to be clarified on. Say you have an image up on Alamy and it's classed as RM this naturally means you cannot sell this image on other Stock / Microstock websites etc... But does this also include sites like Photo4Me, Zippi etc..? Basically, does 'Rights Managed' mean it cannot be sold anywhere else no matter what type of site it maybe, Even if its just a site that sells canvases with your photo on? Sorry for the question that probably has been asked more times than it should but I've had no luck through searches. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, whats the rules in regards to Royal Mail post boxes. I've got a few good old V R embossed post boxes. But I'm unsure if these kind of images would need a property release or are they classed as public domain etc.. I presume its probably editorial use only, But I can't find anything of any sense searching so thought I'd ask. thanks in advance.
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