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  1. Thanks Matt, that helps a lot. A real life saver. Now I wont shake when the little thing pops making me jump and ruin the photo. Thank you, Jennifer Chen-Taiwan
  2. Ha! just learned to reply to the post. Sorry for being late. I was working 12 hours shifts at school this week. It only appears at the bottom of the Alamy Image Manager section and has green buttons with white letters, but is only visible until you pass, then its gone forever. So I can't get screenshots sorry. Don't give up, and don't feel bad you failed. Just make sure you do this; 1. upload the raw right out the camera photos from a DSLR camera. I bought a Nikon D7200 just for this site. Its smarter than me. 2. Dont change the three photos in any way. It wants the
  3. Hey everyone, I passed the test with my new camera. I changed the focus to the back of the camera, and changed to AF-C, and turned on VR to help me, and turned on the grid pattern on screen to help me. It seems to have worked for now, but in low light situations I will miss out. Didn't choose CH over S, because I don't want to fill up my SD card and edit out so many replicas. So much to learn and I'm only skimming the surface. Now if I can just get that flash to stop popping up (frightens me when it does) while taking outside photos where its useless to have. Thanks for
  4. Hey, I found the problem. It occurs only after failed uploaded tests. If you try to submit 3 by pushing the upload button, it will load the old failed photos, but at the bottom of the failed page there are three buttons, the first is "try again." I didn't see that. I have to hit try again before I hit upload. I thought I could skip a step. Sorry for the confusion. I will look for a photography class to help me fine tune my skills on this new camera. It is a complicated device, but I really love it. Best camera I ever had.
  5. Thank you everyone for your advice. I bought the Nikon D7200 14-140 lens kit yesterday. I love the AF, but must switch to MF to do close up small items on a table, but if I have 1/2 a meter from any item, the AF is godly. I will however keep practising the MF, because its a lot more fun. The D7100 was only a 100US below the D7200, so I took the new one. Probably will never earn that back, but am sure going to try. I tried to upload 3 new photos for the test since my old camera test failed 2 times. However I noticed a glitch that takes the failed test from last time and loads those
  6. So now that I tried to upload 3 new photos with no zoom, higher quality and focus, the old 3 instead got uploaded again. Says wait 24 hours to find out. I guess I didn't get banned, just made a rookie mistake.
  7. Hey everyone, I submitted my 3 photos to start, and of course it was rejected. There was an explanation saying "Soft or lacking definition," and "digital camera not suitable." My camera is a Sony Cyber Shot 50X zoom DSC-HX400V. Its a nice camera with 24mp photos but I used zoom which softened it, I should not have. I tried to submit 3 new photos without zoom, but it wont accept them. When I get to stage two where you upload, it automatically loads the failed tests instead. I tried 5 times but all the same results. Have I been banned because of my camera? I was looking at a used Ni
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