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  1. I just sold my first picture on Alamy! For 5$ only but it's a sale! I am very happy!
  2. I don't know if this is much. For me is for sure. I had my first zoom today in my career on Alamy
  3. I just checked that and yes. Now I am confused. After searching for London Big Ben and then for Big Ben London the results are different a bit. So how it is then?
  4. For example if I have a typical image of a black dog. Is it better to use only a keyword "black dog" or it will be better to use 3 keywords to give it more weight - "black dog", "black" and "dog" ?
  5. Thank you for a fast reply Geoff! Really helpful. I will be keywording in LR then, in case I would ever think about submitting in different agency/agencies. You mean "black dog" as a one keyword? Lukasz
  6. Hi there I have a question about keywording. When we are tagging the images is the order of keywords important? Or it simply doesn't change anything? I am asking because I am thinking about starting keywording in Lightroom (Now I am doing that in Alamy image manager) and as we all know Lightroom automatically is organizing the keywords in alphabetical order. Is there any difference about the first keyword and the last?
  7. Thank you Philippe for your notices about those irrelevant tags. I will take a look at that! Thanks Geoff for your advices about keywording and for the link to your topic. I will read it later! And thank you for all your replies. I really appreciate that. It really helps me understand some things
  8. I am completely new on Alamy and this is my first post on this forum, so.... Hi everyone! I am curious. How many photos did you have in your portfolio when you had your first sale? I see a lot of photos of people in Alamy, but a lot of them are without a release so I am guessing that they are just people passing by or something. How are you handling with photographing other people? To be honest I don't feel really fine with this, because we don't know if they have something against being photographed or not. And... All photographs of people, buildings don't need
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