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  1. Thanks so much, but I'm afraid my edits hadn't been propagated yet... I've eliminated all of those. Your candor is much appreciated, as well as the specifics as to why. And above all I appreciate your time.
  2. Ok, I've taken a look at starting over with the keywords, and wanted to get your input on one that I've redone... http://www.alamy.com/search.html?CreativeOn=1&adv=1&ag=0&all=1&creative=&et=0x000000000000000000000&vp=0&loc=0&qt=Zen Fly Colony%2C Decorative Art&qn=&lic=6&lic=1&imgt=0&archive=1&dtfr=&dtto=&hc=&selectdate=&size=0xFF&aqt=&epqt=&oqt=&nqt=&gtype=0
  3. Thanks so much for the frank feedback Betty, I do appreciate it! I'll take a look at refining my keywording and update those tags. I've taken all your input to heart and may change direction because of it... am looking into micro stock and where I might do better. Thanks so much for taking the time! Kristin
  4. Thanks KevinS!! That worked... I feel much better Hey, maybe you can tell me something. I've been wanting to check out other member's work, but am afraid that clicking all over the place will skew their Alamy Measures numbers, like a false positive... any thoughts?
  5. ooo!!! Correction!!! I am now Verified but my profile still shows 15 images while I have nearly 200 tnx k
  6. Hello from sunny California, where we're having a mighty heat wave! But I'm keeping cool in the studio with the cat and the fan (and a jug of ice tea by my side ;-) I've uploaded some photos and some art and would love feedback about my keywording as well as content. I'm hopeful to connect with other people submitting illustration. Maybe one other thing I could use help with.... I've been a member for a few days now, and my posts aren't being allowed to show up. I'm also not "verified" so perhaps someone can clue me in so I can start participating.
  7. Newbie here! I'm wondering how other abstract artists and illustrators are doing with sales. I'd also love to know your thoughts on keywording.... do you get all 50 in? Are you using non-color color-names like peach? Is still life one keyword or two? I'd welcome advice on keywords. I use Photoshop the most (for repeating patterns as well as abstract compositions), but am starting to think of putting my repeating vectors online too. Is Alamy the right place for this? Is vector illustration selling better than raster? This is the first time I've licensed,
  8. google is my go-to if I can't figure out the name of something. In this case I'd type in yellow flower Gran Canaria (or state), then click to view the image options. Often that will provide results. Otherwise they have an image recognition system that you can search using your image and see similar results. I can't remember the google address for that, but it should be easy to find. Good Luck! Kristin
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