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  1. Hard to take the pictures when I just want to eat it!!!
  2. Hello! Wow, you have quite an amazing collection of imagery! Better get my lazy butt going and load more stuff. Keywording is my nemesis. ~Katie
  3. Good to know yours and other people's thoughts on paying a service. I thought about doing it one time, since then I could see what kind of more esoteric terms they provided, which I have a harder time thinking up. I will probably just wait and see how the changes I've been making in the new AIM perform. Another question(s)....Is it important to use the tags photo/photography/photograph, since you actually select whether it's a photo or illustration? And is it still important to use the tags vertical/horizontal (landscape/portrait), or is there anything in the search algorithms that
  4. No kidding on the spellchecker! Even with an English degree, keywording is a bane because I type so fast I often misspell words! I just caught spelling errors in images I uploaded in 2006. Yikes!
  5. Has anyone hired a keywording service? I was thinking about trying one, but a fellow Alamy contributor I know personally recommended not "wasting" my money. They think the return on investment is not worth it. Additionally, I don't want to pay a service if all they are going to do is dump my image into a keyword thieving software. Thanks! ~Katie
  6. Thank you for all the replies. I see now I did not phrase my question properly, but there was a lot of helpful information in the replies. Mainly, it would be nice to have the ability to reorder my tags. Somewhere in the forums I read that word proximity was important, the example was mallard and duck, and it was suggested that "mallard, duck" is better than "duck, mallard". (I do realize you could just make this a phrase--that's just the example I read) I was just hoping there was an easy way to reorder my keywords, due to Lightroom alphabetizing them, and also because when I add more keyword
  7. I know you can drag one keyword onto another to create a phrase, but it would be very helpful if keywords could be dragged around to reorder them. I use Lightroom, which alphabetizes keywords. This isn't helpful in Alamy searches, as two words that should live near each other to improve search-ability (i.e. Hadrian's Wall, Wallsend, England, tourism) end up far away from each other, since Lightroom alphabetizes them. Or perhaps I decide to add a tag or two once things are uploaded--those tags end up living at the top, and I might prefer to have somewhere else in the tag group, so they are near
  8. Hello everyone! I joined Alamy waaaaaaaay back in 2006, but have not utilized my account to it's fullest (to say the least). I'm working on uploading lots of new images, and managing my old ones, which were key-worded several Image Managers ago. It's quite a lot of work, to say the least, so I do a little each day. Hopefully my sales will begin to improve, once I've made changes. Cheers! ~Katie
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