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  1. Justtried now and average 300KB/s so it is vastly faster. Their web upload has gremlins, it used to work at tolerable speeds - of course I can bet they will deny it has issues Cheers for the tip, I should have tried this from the start but ah, my blind faith in their web upload PS. I just noticed their server does not support FTP over TLS so passwords are sent in clear - oh Lord, please drag Alamy into 21st century please this is just too much. Seriously....
  2. Yes it is bizarre they don't time out as basic protocol - I'm still connected but their server stops at the end of the image (well, according to insanely slow progress bar) and then sits there. It should time out and have error message but nothing, in the meantime uploads and downloads all fine. Ho-hum. Wrote them email, too and will try FTP, but the thing is: this used to work, not it is unusable... so they knowingly or unknowingly caused a problem and should fix it- but in meantime, yep, we need to try other means fingers crossed.
  3. Yep it varies, I noticed during the morning it had better but still unbelievably slow. Evenings are what measured, and today it is so slow it stopped for the past 22 minutes on an image and doesn't move. How dare they say problem is not on tneir end, as some commented here - it is absolutely at their end, at the very same time all other uploads to anything else, and the upload speed checks are fine. Right now connection upload speed even at this peak hour is measured at 5.66Mbps, this would easily calculate as let's just say WAY above 22 MINUTES going nowhere for an 11.5MB image
  4. It is still extremely slow - checked connection speeds in both directions, the problem is absolutely Alamy server. A 10-14MB image took over the last 4 days in several uploads up to 10-12 minutes (!!!) to upload. Are they running a ZX81 as server? or gremlins pushing abacus coloured balls per pixel to process the upload? That would be quicker. More seriously, it is simply impractical to have to leave the computer running all night (!) because one has to go to bed and it has only done 4 images over 40 minutes. Alamy, can we re-join 21st century please? or even 20t
  5. thanks all, it does look like the annoying situation is not so rare nor special... phew... still annoying of course... As in Philippe's case, I wonder whether sometimes payment happens at all in the end... in this lifetime
  6. Hi, just wondering, admittedly without huge experience in Alamy sales, but... some sales have been showing now for 5 months as not yet cleared. My understanding from the Alamy help pages is that essentially customer was billed but hasn't yet paid for the image. The big question is whether it ever clears, as this depends on customer ever paying up... but mainly, in the meantime is customer already using the image? I have to say I find it bizarre that Alamy can leave something unpaid and photographers waiting almost half a year watching uncleared sales on their dashboard, w
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