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  1. I use the Color Checker Passport Photo to create custom camera profiles of my camera sensor at various ISO settings and under different lighting conditions. I have been profiling my camera sensors for a long time using the Color Checker Passport target and software now with the change to ACR it is easier to apply these profiles as you no longer need to dig deep into the options. ColorChecker Passport Photo
  2. I have been using the Epson V850 Pro flatbed image scanner to scan a cabinet full of 6x6cm transparencies. Using the Silverfast Ai Studio 8 scanner software I make DNG raw image files with a high dynamic range. This is helpful with recovering shadow detail while retaining highlights. Epson Perfection V850 Pro Photo Scanner SilverFast Ai Studio 8 Scanner Software This is not the cheapest option but worth the money IMHO. Hope this helps, David
  3. From what I've seen my daughters do to make an image for Instagram it's the opposite of unposed. They are also very critical in reviewing images before they post and will shoot and re-shoot a lot until they are happy with the image. An image of them in the "moment" I agree it's about the asthetic/mood and some of that is done with filters. David
  4. KFG4RR Your Caption: Group of Chinese tourists waiting for their bus at entrance to Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia My Attempt: Group of Chinese tourists waiting for their bus at entrance to Kuta Beach, a popular destination for international tourist, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia Your tags/keywords; Asian, bali, boy, boys, Chinese tourists, entrance, girl, girls, group, group travel, Indonesia, kuta beach, people, south east asia, tourism, tourist, travel, waiting I would add; cocont, palm, outside, sunny, tropical, entrance gate, Balinese architecture, Balinese gate, Asian tropical architecture , Kuta, Badung Regency, street, international tourist, people, tour, touring Hope this helps. David
  5. Hellonearth, Very understandable to be disappointed with the lack of sales. I know, I have felt the same way. Disappointment can also be caused by expectations on the amount of sales revenue you "should" be making. Talk about disappointing, I quit Alamy for two years, set up my own web site to sell my stock directly... I did not make a SINGLE sale! So I came back to Alamy with my tail between my legs and started from "scratch". After my two year drought making my first sale back on Alamy really motivated me again. Looking at your images I did notice your descriptions are not very descriptive of the images. From what I have read on this form descriptions are becoming more important. I also know from past experience new images take about a year or so before they start to sell. Hope this helps, David
  6. Bill, I like the original interpretation better, just my subjective opinion,
  7. I would recommend a compact camera that accepts a "filter/lens adapter"... a metal tube the screws onto the camera around the lens so you can use filters such as a polarizer or keep a clear filter to protect and encapsulate the telescoping lens elements that are the most prone to damage and attracting dust. The "filter/lens adapter" does add some bulk but well worth it for the convenience and not having to worry about the camera as you use it. Unfortunately compact cameras that accept "filter/lens adapter" are hard to find. I have been trying to update my Panasonic DMC-LX3 but so far have not found a suitable replacement so I just keep using the trusty old DMC-LX3. I have sold many photos from the DMC-LX3 here on Alamy, even a cover of a travel guide. The bike tour sounds like great fun. It's been to long time since I've done a tour Just a Ride, Oregon loop bicycle tour
  8. KM, Do you plan to have any workshops in June 2018? Do you offer private workshops? DLM
  9. Any cloud storage solution puts tremendous trust in the provider of the service. What if they are hacked, suffer data loss or go out of business?
  10. Wim, Thank you for the syntax of /f:pseudonym, very helpful and it looks much better than the My Alamy Homepage. The 27,370 reflects my true number of images as there is another David Moore in Australia. Using David L. Moore/f:pseudonym only shows 26,776 weird... Thanks again, David L. Moore
  11. I think the layout and formatting of the My Alamy Homepage is embarrassing, nothing I would want to share. The look of the images when you click on forums member Images: is much nicer. IMHO David L. Moore
  12. Why does Alamy have to make the star/button for supertags so small, is it only me, or do others have trouble hitting the star ?
  13. I feel a detailed discripition is the best place to start keywording. I use a word processor for the spell checker, thesaurus and synonym. With the description I try to answer the 5Ws who, what, where, when and why. After a detailed discripition is completed I copy it then add commas between keywords/tags as I do this I add and expand relevant keywords, plurals, variations, spellings. Think of the discripition as the skeleton that additional keywords/tags flesh out. I then copy the discripition and keywords/tags into the metadata of the RAW file using Adobe Bridge.
  14. Ephemeris or TPE shows you were the sun/moon will rise-set not just the times of sunrise/sunset. It's a great tool but a bit complicated as they keep adding functions. If your only intrested in the times of sunrise/sunset then most weather apps will show that
  15. I also received the email as I'm sure every contributor did. Initially I was intrigued but after a visit to the web site I was disappointed there was nothing offered for advanced photographers or Alamy/stock centric courses. I would really like to make the Alamy Sales Seminar offered by Keith but flying from Honolulu to Cirencester for a one day course is cost prohibitive. Finding continuing education and workshops for advanced/professional photographers is a challenge.
  16. An old adage, Two is one, one is none Also make sure to keep a backup off site. I keep a set of backups at my wife's office and rotate. I use a metal ammo can lined with closed-cell foam padding to store my my hard drives...
  17. Confederate soldiers in line after mock battle at Civil War Reenactment, Milo McIver State Park, Estacada, Clackamas County, Oregon, USA
  18. More location info would help. Location, Neighborhood, City, County, State, Nation It's a long term game, try to stop looking at measures everyday (hard to do) and focus on what excites you.
  19. As for what subjects to shoot I would recommend that you document your hobbies, passions and access. Hobbies are various from sports to collecting nick knacks but as an hobbyist you have specialized knowledge about the subject. Passion is what gets you up in the early morning or keeps up late at night to capture/make your vision into an image. Access to people and locations that would make interesting subjects. Who do you know? teacher, nurse, police, garbage men, postal worker, brewer... Who do they know? Could you talk your way behind the scenes? It's amazing where I have been able to talk my self into. Once you are photographing the location/subject really WORK the images. Walk around the area, try as many different angels as posable, shoot an over all, medium and close ups. Shoot horizontal and vertical really WORK the image. Also it's best if you can revisit the location/subject at various times of day. Hope this helps, David L. Moore
  20. I could not renew or upgrade my account. I faintly gave up. I did like their service. David L. Moore
  21. Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for a copyright infringement/claims site. Somewhere you upload your images to then they search the internet looking for your images, once they find a match you can then decided if your images are being used improperly and if so send the offending web site a take down demand letter or begin legal action. They keep %50 of the settlement for the legal work. I was using Pixsy.com but but have found them lacking. Thanks in advance, David L. Moore
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