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  1. +1 for the Fujifilm system and another +1 for the 18-55mm "kit" lens (it's a rock star) Fuji is consistently updating firmware thus improving and adding new capabilities to their cameras and lenses. I also like the user interface of the cameras with their analog dials and customized function buttons. It's a personal choice and the specs along don't tell the whole story, I would recommend holding and using as many contenders as possible. Hope this helps
  2. your images look good on my profiled and calibrated screen. Hope this helps,
  3. Does anyone know of a stock photography workshops running in the USA? I would like to attend the workshop mentioned but its a bit of a distance for me. Thanks in advance. David L. Moore
  4. I know where this was taken!!! Walked past it 3 days ago. Sorry, I get excited when I find locations to great images. David L. Moore
  5. To be a photographer you need an ego big enough to think your images have value. Confidence is Sexy (IMHO) David L. Moore
  6. Betty, Yes I had them listed before I left Alamy and I have them in a database but since returning to Alamy a few mouths ago I lost them. I should ask Alamy to integrate my my old data. I really like your ideal about tagging/key wording the number people when I caption/process the images. I will start doing that! As an aside when did Keywords become known as Tags?
  7. Sally, It's a bit frustrating for sure but it's Alamy "Ball & Bat" so they get to set the rules. Overall I have been very happy with Alamy
  8. Reading the thread about updating legacy images got me curious. Does anyone make time to fill in the "Number of People" on legacy images? Do you think it helps? I have a touch of the OCD so I've been updating my legacy images by filling in all the data boxes when I have time to kill. Just curious,
  9. Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Education Start: 06 September 2017 Duration: Unlimited
  10. No not really, it's not the number it's if the tags are relevant to the image that matters. Looking at your image K0N905 "Green forest path" I see only 4 tags/keywords. This image can benefit from more descriptive tags/keywords. Start with descriptive tags/keywords such as; green, verdant, trees, tree, plants, "location", outside, daylight, overcast, leaves... Then add tags for mood/feelings and abstract ideals such as; exploring, lost, route, lonely, navigation, direction... I'm not a tags/keywords expert and I'm sure other members of the forum can come up with more/better tags for you to consider.
  11. I agree, but that Green Bar is so enticing I've found myself trying to come up with a few more tags... Not the best way to spend one's time
  12. The ideal of no post processing boggles my mind. I feel my job only half done after pressing the shutter button. A simple small crop can make a BIG difference to an image. I also apply the color profile for camera sensor, set white balance, adjust exposure… Much of the process can be batched in ACR. I then individually tweak each image as needed. I agree with what was posted earlier about delivering a finished product. I guess there is an exception for news photos
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