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  1. I find the shop's name funny, as I think of stock photography as a non-tangible in this digital era. Sorry for my lame attempt at humor...
  2. IMHO, I don't think the photographic equipment used to make the image is important to the potential client.
  3. Ciao Lorenza, Your stock photography looks very nice with lots of subjects and locations. I would reccommend making a new pseudonym for a collection of your photographs either by location or subject matter, such as "Lorenza - Agriculture" or "Lorenza - Italy"... This can help to shuffle your images in the rank order and hopefuly raise your rank. Hope this helps, David
  4. Don't mess with the Mouse! I shoot stock everywhere... but I've never photographed at a Disney property. Kids in the hotel pool, playing mini golf, other normal locations you bet I exploit my children by shooting stock of them
  5. I have never used or even downloaded Lightroom even though it comes with my Adobe CC subscription. For stock photography I use Adobe Bridge for selecting keepers, renaming files, adding tags/keywords, descriptions, location, contact info and copyright notice. I use Adobe Camera Raw to "develop" the RAW files using XMP sidecar files to keep the metadata and non-destructive edits. I then use Photoshop to export the RAW images into JPG files. I use Imatch for my DAM needs.
  6. Back in the day I would buy a case of Fujifilm RDP 35mm and or 120 format at a time. For awhile I had free E6 at my work. It was a great perk and was used to start my stock library.
  7. 8 hour day... what's that? It's tough to get to bed early when the golden/blue hour in Ireland back in June was 10:30-11 pm.
  8. Kumar, Yes 2,055 are the images I will keyword/tag and upload to Alamy. If I have don't have a "paying" job I will stay in the office and keyword/tag images, I normally can keyword/tag around 70-100 images a day.
  9. I admit I have a bit of a run-n-gun mentality and do try to squeeze in many locations and areas to explore in a day. I did ALOT of walking exploring known locations as well as following my nose or should I say eyes to interesting off the beaten track locations.
  10. I shoot with stock in mind so I shoot almost everything from tourist spots and landmarks to inside supermarkets, shops, galleries, museums, markets, parks, streets, buildings... and lets not forget all the wonderful bars/pubs! You live in a great country with wonderful people, I can't wait to return some day.
  11. Twitchy indeed, I was surprised by the high number of shots. The camera was set to single shot so no motor-drive madness. If the subject is good I tend to work it hard or if shooting conditions are marginal I will shoot a lot in hopes of getting a sharp hand held shot. Of course the downside to so many images is all the work it takes to process them...
  12. If anyone is interested here are my image stats from a recent 12 day trip to Ireland. 10,747 images shot 2,345 first edit 2,055 final edit It took me two weeks of editing, processing and then editing again. Now I have to add descriptions and keywords/tags.
  13. If the persons name is in the description or keywords/tags you can easily edit them out in Alamy Image Manager before they go live. No need to delete and resubmit image.
  14. If it looks good at 100% in Photoshop you should be OK. It may be banding or a rough gradation of the sky that Windows viewer is showing.
  15. OK, now I understand your question. I just use the subject or location of the submission. David L. Moore
  16. Marshall, I would recommend that you add your metadata (tags/keywords, captions/descriptions, your copyright notice and contact info) into your RAW images before processing them to JPGs or your original JPGs depending on your workflow. This way, all your work adding metadata stays with your image rather than only being on the Alamy web site. I can recommend a great book about the importance of Metadata and digital workflow that I found very helpful when I migrated from film to digital. "The DAM Book" Digital Asset Management for Photographers by Peter Krogh
  17. Some light painting in Zion Canyon, Utah
  18. I'm a tradesman, photography is my trade. I apprenticed at a commercial studio in Honolulu were I worked my way up from a luggage monkey to mastering the use of a 4x5 view camera while doing 30+ table top product shots a day. I learned how to light subjects in studio and on location. I learned how to find, manage and service clients. I started my freelance career doing editorial assignments but I now specialize in architectural photography with real estate being my bread and butter. Stock photography is what I do when I’m between jobs.
  19. Do you mean in case your camera is lost rather than stolen? I use a label maker to date, number and put my name on my X-T2 batteries. I guess you could do the same for the camera, not permanent but would help for a lost camera. The permanent marker is the camera serial number.
  20. The 5 W's are a good place to start. Who, Any people in the shot? age, ethnicity, number, what are they doing? what are they wearing? What, What is the subject? what is it made of? who made it? in what style? function? purpose? Where, inside, outside, above, below, street, neighborhood, city, county, region, country When, date, daylight, morning, midday, afternoon, dusk, evening, night Why, this is a hard one.. and may not always be applicable I also like to add weather such as stormy, blue sky, overcast, cloudy, sunny, rain, raining, snow, hot, cold, tropical, humid. Cloud types... I'm a believer in a descriptive description of the image. A good description is the skeleton I flesh out by adding more tags/keywords as well as plurals, variations. Hope this helps,
  21. I'm not an attorney so please don't take what I'm about to say as legal advise. I added this wording to my model releases in an effort to shield me from a lawsuit. "I understand that the images may be used in health and wellness advertisements knowing that such uses may intentionally or unintentionally give rise to the impression that the model suffers from various physical and or emotional ailments, I nevertheless consent to this use."
  22. Steady press of finger, just like a trigger
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