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  1. I got one too. Thanks for keeping on top of this for us....People beware of RosineSmith23
  2. When reading your post, some of you have mentioned who purchased your photographs. I asked Alamy how I could find out and maybe get a copy of a brochure or magazine and was told that is not possible, yet I still find some who seem to know. Can you tell me how you find out? Thanks
  3. I'm taking this off because I just read another post about discussing lowball pricing and I agree we do not need to do this on here...it gives buyers too many lowball ideas...
  4. LOL you guys made me laugh and I will go and fix my error. I will continue to work on my keywords now that I am seeing how important they are....you guys are great...thanks again for all of your help...
  5. I asked the forum to look at my site and tell me if I should continue with stock or not on the old website..One gentleman even sent me a message stating he would answer questions but I lost him when they changed this site...Anyway, I just sold another picture and it is definitely because of him and each of you that answered me. All of you told me to change my keywords. I did and my views are more each day. I get more zooms and I just made another sale...So thanks to all of you for your help...
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