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  1. I appreciate that but was wondering if anyone else had had that same experience. Any sort of reasonableness, expected from a recognised company like Alamy, would have seem to have gone by the board in this case. With $0.22 I could only buy 9.6 Jelly Babies !!
  2. Clause 8.1 of the Contributor Contract states that Alamy is entitled to set prices in its "absolute discretion". I can't see that it mentions reasonability anywhere though. Recently sold Archive image RF, any size, Worldwide, any publication, in perpetuity etc etc. My 40% cut is the grand total of $0.22!! Is this common practice? I have had one or two dubious amounts in the past but not anywhere near this.
  3. If the changes "will not have a significant impact on Alamy’s financial performance" then why change the structure. The new commission may attract new business but the 20% rate will only serve to alienate the small man who helped you build your business. I suggest you scrap the silver level or risk losing some of your bread and butter contributors.
  4. With copyright in mind but more so the Exclusivity policy, Alamy states under the definition "Exclusive" that: 'Images of artworks, or that are not protected by copyright, or that are in the public domain or for which copyright ownership is unknown will never be deemed to be exclusive.' OK, from a personal viewpoint all my illustrations from books will need to be changed (which go from 100 - 400 years old). I presume also that all my vintage advertisements will have to go the same way. The enamel signs I will leave as each sign will be unique through its rusting pattern. M
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