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  1. Thanks for spotting this. Nice surprise! It was zoomed but hasn't been reported yet. Jason
  2. John's right. Since the new AIM allows RF with "editorial use only" I've made my new files RF. I used to use RM under the old system. The old manager would automatically make anything without release RM. Jason
  3. Hello from North Carolina. I've been on Alamy since 2014, but just started uploading in earnest since January of this year. I had only uploaded around 300 images up until then. I rarely even checked my stats until I saw a few sales (some nice ones!) at the end of last year. Before then I mostly focused on creative images for POD sales on other sites. Now I'm trying to photograph with stock in mind. Still learning but I have enjoyed it. And I now take my camera everywhere I go, looking for images that could sell. Only time will tell on that front. Anyway, I've been reading this forum really since I started uploading in 2014 and even more so recently. So thanks for the advice already given. It's been a big help. Jason
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