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  1. Since the commission is calculated on the date the sale appears in your sales report, the date the sale is invoiced, I am working onthe basis that this will be the date governing the commission percentage. In other words, any sale invoiced on July 24th or later will produce a 40% share for the contributor (in most cases).
  2. My prices are all over the place as I've sometimes experimented with different price points. (FWIW I've concluded that if the buyer likes your clip, they are not too worried about the price as long as it not outrageous). Doing a quick survey of my portfolio on Alamy, the majority now found here (all HD) have been priced at $60 - $75 on Pond5. One or two at $55 have transfered over, but none that I've found yet at over $75. Contrary to what I was thinking this morning, the Alamy import has included quite a lot of animations, but none of mine as the price looks to be too low ($20-$30) . The anim
  3. It would be really helpful if Alamy would be upfront about the criteria for selection of clips from the Pond5 library. Also, whether the portfolio of selected clips is going to be updated on a regular basis so that new contributors to Pond5 can expect to see their work appear through Alamy. Alamy contributors could then make an informed choice about whether to venture into the field of video via the Pond5 route.
  4. I've had a response from Pond5 support which indicates that the clips imported by Alamy are governed by selection criteria set by Alamy themselves. Part of the selection criteria being those clips with a Pond5 price point similar to Alamy's pricing. If Alamy have deliberately or inadvertently excluded animations, or if the Pond5 price is unusually high (or low?) then you might have slipped through the net. I can now see that none of my animations have made the transition either.
  5. I'm assuming the IT department will resolve the import issue which mistreats keyword phrases and re-import the 6 million video clips correctly.
  6. Will do, though I am sure they are hanging on to every word of wisdom we contributors post here and take extra care to ensure it shapes their way of thinking, indeed their whole philosophy of life.🙂
  7. Thank you for spotting that little gem of information. Given that Pond5 claims to have over 22 milion videos in its collection, it looks like a little over a quarter of them are available through Alamy. Some Pond5 contributors will have opted out of the Global Partnership Program so that explains why some at least have not transferred over to Alamy. Not sure about the rest yet. Your insight also prompted my to click on the photographer name and, lo and behold, it brings up the rest of the photographer's portfolio. I can now see that just over half of my non-exclusive portfolio has
  8. You might be barking up the right tree. While one or two of my sellers over the past two years have transferredto Alamy, the majority have not. In some cases other shots from the same shoot have transferred but not ones which sold. I think there is more to it than just non-sellers, but that seems to be part of it.
  9. Yes, it looks like Alamy have set their own price points for all their Pond5 clips (not just those from Black Box) - £48 for a standard HD licence. This equates to around $66 at present. I personally use a range of prices for HD content on Pond5, mostly from $50 to $75, so Alamy are about the mid-point of that range. Of course Alamy will take their cut from the £48 and that also assumes they will not discount that price point when actually making the sale - possibly a rash assumption. However, Pond5 also give themselves the power to vary the price point set by the contributor, bo
  10. The initial import of Pond5 material to Alamy remains unchanged as of Saturday morning, as far as I can tell. I've been looking at which bits of my portfolios have transferred and which haven't, but so far haven't seen any identifiable pattern. I've raised a query with Pond5 support on how this is all working. I should get a reply in the next few days which may, or may not, be enlightening.
  11. I think you are right about an increasingly complex web of agencies and distributors with both still and video content appearing around the world on sites you never originally uploaded to, and possibly don't want to - hence quite a lot of contributors opt out of these partnership deals. Black Box guild are a combination of another agency of a kind ('community of creators') and upload aggregator. Simply put, you upload your content to them and they take the strain of administration: captioning, keywording etc and then the uploading to the four main microstock agencies. You then wai
  12. I don't see why it shouldn't register as a zoom, supposing video clicks work the way of still image clicks. However, it would register as a zoom on the account of Pond5 who are the ones with the contributor account. The original creator (me, thee and others) would not see any sniff of a benefit from said click. This is just one of the reasons it would be nice to have the facility to directly upload our own clips to Alamy.
  13. I did a test search yesterday morning similar to your's and it produces the same results today. It may be that the import is only part done, or it may be that it's selective in some way. I will keep looking to try and discover what is happening.
  14. What gets transferred to Alamy seems to be pot luck and the contributor has no control over it, although I'm sure there must be some underlying selection formula. I've found clips of mine which are both editorial and non-editorial, exclusive and non-exclusive.
  15. You could get video on Alamy by submitting through Pond5. Be aware though that this looks like a distributor deal (Global Partner Partnership in Pond5 terms) so Alamy will take a cut before Pond5 pays you your 40% (if non-exclusive) of whatever is left. Pond5 haven't said anything about the Alamy deal specifically so I've no certainty about what proportion of any portfoilo will be available through Alamy. Submitting video through Pond5 has its own ups and downs, not least that it is a USA based agency and (as I've recently discovered) UK based Professional Indemnity insurance may not cover ima
  16. This connection between Pond5 and Alamy is brand new and I for one have seen no detailed announcement from either company. From what I can deduce, Alamy has become a distributor of Pond5 video clips. I can't see any way Alamy would have purchased Pond5
  17. I've done a timelapse of paint stripper causing paint to bubble and peel. Not quite paint drying but not far off 🙂. Can't show it here as it's not one which has transferred to Alamy.
  18. There are definitely some of my exclusive collection showing up on Alamy, but by no means all. I now notice that Pond5 is credited as the contributor on all these new videos with no mention of the original creator (my claim to fame will have to wait a little longer). The jury is out on whether we will be able to contribute video directly through Alamy, but my betting is Not.
  19. I'm not sure they are going to make video upload available to ordinary Alamy contributors. The video collection on the Alamy homepage is just part of Pond5's vast video library. If you change the search terms you will find other Pond5 footage. Search for 'Bolton' and you'll find some of mine (not all my best work 😟). I think Alamy are acting as a Pond5 distributor in order to extend their video offering. This is all guessing at the moment as I've still seen nothing to announce this from Pond5 or Alamy. ETA. Clearly not all the Pond5 library is available through Alamy at this moment
  20. Thank you for highlighting this. I hadn't seen the Alamy home page. I can confirm that my Pond5 non-exclusive video portfolio is now available through Alamy. The price per clip is considerably higher than I have set on Pond5. What I don't know is whether any sale will accrue to my Alamy acount, or will be treated as a Pond5 distributor sale where whey will take a cut before giving my my Pond5 commission. Only my non-exclusive portfolio is available at Alamy. I also have an exclusive set of clips at Pond5 which garner 60% for direct sales, but they are not found in the Alamy search
  21. Said place is probably the best of the microstock video sites, since the previous best place 'did an Alamy' last year (only 10 times worse than Alamy). Having said that, my own thought about this email (which I've yet to see, incidently) is that the 'fresh' video will come from PA's own sources and ordinary Alamy contributors will remain frozen out. I still have bated breath though.
  22. I wish it were the case we would be allowed to submit videos to Alamy. One of the issues which has been highlighted by this benighted new contract is that I really need professional indemnity insurance to guard against the (however unlikely) cost of any legal action. All my video portfolio is licenced through microstock agencies based in the USA or Canada. Getting professional indemnity insurance which covers contracts in those countries costs about four times what it does for UK based agencies, simply because of the greater risk of legal action and higher costs in the USA. If Alamy accepted m
  23. For future reference, you can add caption and keyword information befoe you upload images, if you are using an image editing programme which allows you to enter metadata. Lightroom is a popular program, but not the only one an probably an expensive option if you are only dabbling.
  24. Take the time to look at how existing photographers have depicted, captioned and keyworded their images of the subjects you intend to portray. Historically, many of Alamy's contributors have been long established professional photographers, a significant number of whom specialise in plants and wildlife so you will face stiff competition. If you are visiting formal gardens and suchlike to take pictures, check their terms of entry don't prohibit taking photos for commercial gain. Enjoy working with Alamy, it can be fun but it's not a quick way to make money nowadays.
  25. I'm fairly sure you're correct, Martin. However, I look forward to useful conversations round at your place when you are no longer here.
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