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  1. I take it to mean that unticking the UK box under 'Distribution' means any external distributors which Alamy uses who happen to sell to the UK will no longer be able to licence your images in the UK. However, Alamy themselves will still make your images available in the UK, and indeed anywhere else in the world where the customer buys directly through Alamy.
  2. I think people have been slow to reply to your original question because it leads off at a tangent to the main topic of the thread. Really, it needs a topic of its own. It.s also worth saying there is no easy answer.
  3. Mr Standfast reported a similar response from two insurances companies in the After Alamy - Where Now? thread. I've held off enqiring about indemnity insurance until we have a definitive response from Alamy on whatever changes they are considering. At the moment though, it doesn't look good for an ongoing career as an Alamy contributor unless there is a significant change of heart in high places.
  4. It's all been very quiet from Alamy. Would it be too cynical to think this is heading for a late Friday evening update from them, leaving us to stew for the weekend with meage fare to sustain us? I've seen moe sales this month than for over a year now and I really, really hope Alamy are going to return with a degree of contrition and enable us to move forward togther. Or have I just read too many fairy tales where the people live happily ever after?
  5. This does not bode well. If insurers won't touch it with a barge pole, what hope has the ordinary contributor? And although it's not my problem, I do harbour a scintilla of concern for the thousands of small Alamy contributors who scarecly glanced at the Contributor FAQ's before signing up, let alone reading and understanding the contract. How many of them are at risk of losing who knows what if our worst fears about liability come to pass under this new contract?
  6. Thank you Graham for your detailed and considered response. It has given me much to chew over. While I don't know yet what I will do with my Alamy portfolio, I do hope to continue with my video portfolios elsewhere, and so indemnity insurance will still have relevance to me there. Having looked at other agency contracts more carefully now, there is certainly a degree of jeopardy for the unwary contributor, but it seems nothing as onerous as what Alamy are dumping on us.
  7. Following the changes to the Alamy contributor contract it seems impossible that I can now carry on contributing to Alamy and that, if nothing changes, I will have to delete my portfolio. The reduced commission is bad enough, but the deal-breaker is the increased exposure to legal risk and Alamy's expection that I would be responsible for my legal costs, their legal costs and the legal costs of Uncle Tom Cobley and All in the event that even a spurious legal claim was brought against me. Given that leagl action is seen almost as a recreational game in some parts of the world, it is
  8. Uncleared sales means that Alamy has invoiced the client for the usage. When the client pays up the payments becomes 'cleared'. When you have over $50 of cleared funds, Alamy will pay you at the month end. Moving from uncleared to cleared payment typically takes about 4-6 weeks. In some cases it can take months. In occasional cases, if the client never pays, the sale will remain uncleared.
  9. Sigh. Clearly, the barbarians are at the gate. Where will it end 🙂
  10. Those slices in the original picture look very square and too fruity to be a hot cross bun as I would recognise it here in Bolton. Hot cross buns are a cinnamon flavoured bread dough with a scattering of dried fruit - but most significantly they are circular. The ones in the image look almost square and my first thought was they looked like slices of a fruit loaf. Having said that, I can't rule out the possibility that some supermarket baker has produced a perverted version of the hot cross bun. Tesco even produce a salted caramel flavoured hot cross bun. Yeuk. Hark, I can almost
  11. Alamy posted yesterday (p31) to say they will respond before the end of the week with an update to their original post on page 1
  12. Alamy, I would really like to see a blog from explaining the rationale behind the various changes to the parts of the new contract not related to commission. What I read (with a non-legal mind) about copyright, legal action, indemnification, content deemed to be indecent etc, is very worrying and seems to greatly increase the jeopardy of the contributor when compared to the existing contract. Can you clarify that this is your intention? Are we seeing genuine new legal requirements in your changes or not? This is a significant matter as on it will hinge my decision on whether I can keep my co
  13. Clause 22 in the new (and previous) contract. Unless you informed them before July 2016 that you wanted to claim DACS yourself, Alamy do it automatically and there is no opt out. Basically ensnares everyone who joined since that date. It has some pros and cons. The biggest pro is that Alamy can claim for usages which you may not be able to find, though it may not make up for the cut they take.
  14. I think a number of attempts have been made to harness the joint power of individual stock photographers over the years, none to my knowledge have seen much success. It brings to mind the notion of herding cats. The Stock Coalition is a worthy attempt at the task, arising from the imposition of a similar kind of commission scheme by SS over a year ago. I suspect the coalition has run out of steam, but it maybe that an influx of disgruntled Alamy contributors may add a little coal to the fie and inject water int the boiler. Possibly. Many SS contributors found their way to Alamy af
  15. I'm in the process of deleting my (video) portfolio from Shutterstock because they imposed a new commission structure which makes even the new Alamy contract look positively benign. There may be a better world somewhere out there, but I doubt SS or any other microstock agency is part of it.
  16. While the changes to commission are, not surprisingly, attracting lots of comment, it's worth noting that there are a considerable number of other changes too, detailed in the change of contract summary. I haven't gone through this in details, but I do notice that they seem to be strengthening or making more explicit the requirement for a contributors to have copyright or the legal right to licence any content they submit. There seems to be more than just money to consider in whether to accept this new contract or say bye-bye to Alamy.
  17. The change to 40% instead of 50% for exclusive images for the vast majority of contributors is unreasonable. The uncertainty about whether images are truly exclusive or not is a failure of company management as well as a failure of contributor honesty in a minority of cases. The company should carry the cost of correcting the issue, not punishing the contributors for the company failure. Pond5 manage to operate an exclusive scheme alongside non-exclusive content for contributors. Why not Alamy? It is particularly galling for me, having assiduoulsy kept my Alamy portfolio 100% exc
  18. Each to their own way of working. I certainly don't think it's not worth uploading to Alamy if I don't want pursue infringements myself. I'm happy with what I get compare to the effort of producing it. I do a fairly comprehensive online search for my images for DACS purposes each year and the number of misuss or unreported uses of my own images I have found over the years is miniscule. Perhaps neer-do-wells simply don't think my images are worth stealing 🙂.
  19. I use the Lightroom metadata fields. Lightroom Caption maps to the Alamy caption field, up to 150 characters. If your caption is longer than 150 characters the whole caption also goes into the Additional Info field in the Optional tab. In practice, I try to begin with a one sentence summary caption of up to 150 characters which automatically goes into the caption fierd. I often put in my caption additiona information, and this automaticaly finds its way into the 'optional' Additional Info tab. Lightroom keywords upload to the Alamy Tags (keywords) field. You still need to select
  20. Whether dealing with infringers yourself is difficult or not is very much debatable. Any one of the scenarios you describe is enough to send me into a cold sweat, and that's just thinking about it, let alone actually doing it! I do like the idea of getting a five figure return (though I doubt if enough of my images have been mis-used to even amount to a fraction of yours, Jools), but I think the anxiety engendered by the whole thing would far outweigh any finanical return for me. Maybe I'm a wimp, but I am who I am and I know my limitations. If Alamy's infringement team can find any unlicenc
  21. Is there any chance that this new infringements team will be looking at the many PU licences purchased which ought to have been some other licence? My most recent was PU was a picture of a dead sheep in a field, not your usual subject for a piece of wall art.
  22. I would also like to see some kind of index on the existing blog articles. I have on more than one occasion searched fruitlessly for a blog I know I have seen in times past.
  23. Definitely a plus one on some kind of simple written test to check new contributors have at least studied the topics in the blogs on the contributor home page before they are let loose on the system. It's clear from what I have seen and read in the forums that many new entrants just dive in, espcially if they have some microstock experience, and fail to appreciate the different ways of Alamy. The way QC operates is the most obvious example which constantly trips up newbies. I would also think it good if the number of test images was to be more than three, to demonstrate that the photographer
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