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  1. Thanks for spotting that one. Not shown up in sales yet but was zoomed by its image reference a week or two ago,.
  2. This fits in with my experience. I have videos on other sites and the USA is a significant source of sales. There was a healthy rush before Thanksgiving and absolutely nothing since. I was coming to the conclusion that the USA had gone home for Thanksgiving and forgotten to go back to work, and that Europe was winding down early for Christmas. This is a significant change from previous years as December is usually quite busy for the first few weeks before dying down until mid January. A poor December for retail is also being reported in the UK press. Recovery. What recovery?
  3. Maybe I'm just over-twitchy about this but I also like to put 'EDITORIAL USE ONLY' in the description box. If there is ever any comeback about a non-released image of mine being used for commercial purposes, I want the image release status be as clear as possible to all concerned, and that the purchaser had no excuse for not realising the image was for editorial purposes only.
  4. Hello Barbara, You'll probably get tons of advice on this topic, but I'l kick off with a few words. The greatest emphasis in the search engine is given to the essential keywords. The main keyword box is also searched as a secondary source. The caption box is also featured in the search, though Alamy say this is not so significant - however I know some images of mine have been returned in searches on the strength of a word or two in the caption. I have had a very quick look at a couple of your images I would say you need to be more specific in your kewording. Your crowd is outside the
  5. I'm puzzled that anyone would want to opt out - as far as I can see there is no significant downside to members having an image or two in this BHZ 'game'. Is there something I'm missing? Certainly BHZ has its limitations as a measuring tool, but participants can take account of that and take BHZ more or less seriously as they please. It could be argued that participating, even if you don't take any notice of the results, is an act of altruism as the greater the number of participants the more accurate the results will be. I found BHZ to be useful to me when I dropped significantly in
  6. For what it's worth, I follow the conventional pattern of shooting RAW, processing in Lightroom, then exporting to JPEG. As far as workflow goes the best advice I keep giving myself is not to shoot in poor light and then spend ages trying to get the image to look acceptable - I've spent many a long hour pushing and pulling at Lightroom settings, only to end up with a dull and probably unsellable picture at the end of it all. My approach is shoot on days with good light and process and keyword on all the rest; living in England this means I shoot occasionally and keyword a lot! I spend
  7. There was a detailed discussion on this in the forum last week. If I knew how to link to it I would do so, but in the absence of that knowledge I'll suggest you could try searching the forum for 'file sizes' or scrolling down the forum topics list a couple of pages.
  8. Submitting via the news feed has the advantage of quickly making available images with fresh news value, without having to wait several days waiting for QC to approve them. After 48 hours pictures submitted to the news feed go into the regular library anyway so they are still available for general editorial use. I would say that if you have images which are current and qualify for the news feed, then send them through that route as you have nothing to lose. I've never had a sale of an image while on the actually showing on the news feed, but at least one has sold some weeks later. The o
  9. There was a forum discussion on this subject two weeks ago. Quite a few people, especially those with smallish portfolios (myself included), have had similar experience recently. The gist of the discussion seems to lean towards there not being a major problem with views per se but simply the statistical ups and downs of Alamy life when you have maybe 2000 images in a collection of 41 million. The one thing I would suggest is checking that the images you have set as RF are indeed sellable as RF. If buyers are searching for a RF image and see images with elements in it which may be subject
  10. I was out and about in Lancashire yesterday (Monday) on the only sunny day I've seen for weeks. Seems that the autumn leaf colours are mostly dull, Some trees are already getting close to bare, others only partially bare. In almost all cases the colours seem muted to me, certainly not the blaze of colour I've seen in some years. The leaves on the ground are dull and soggy. The weather has been mostly dull and wet and is forecast to remain so. Personally, I would happily visit the Lakes right now just for the joy of being there, but I don't think I'd be going with the expectation of gettin
  11. After a good September with 4 sales grossing over $200, it's back to earth with a bump with nil sales in October and a pitifully low CTR of 0.19%. All three zooms came in the last week of the month. Taken over the two months my average is probably about right for the number of images I have uploaded to date - it's just pity it can't be September every month.
  12. Yes, I've been scratching my head about this too. I've been consistently close to the Alamy average for CTR for some 2 and a half years, ever since I joined. Last month CTR was a little down at 0.46, but I did better than expected on sales (a whole 4 sales). Then October came and no zooms at all, not a one. Views have remained about the level I would normally expect (around 1300-1400 per month) but not a single zoom on any of them. It could be a statistical blip. It could also be the gods of stock photography having a laugh by giving me a hopeful September then pulling the rug f
  13. Telegraph On-Line 3rd Sept. A couple of pictures in the 'World's Best Sunsets' picture gallery. AM71E2 Sri Lanka Columbo Galle Face Green Beach - Tibor Bognar B4R553 Sunset Parliament Hill, Hampstead - Robert Stainforth As usual, Alamy credit only.
  14. Some pics in the Telegraph on-line 2nd Sept. in an 'On the Tolkien Trail' feature BCFMNY Sarehole Mill - John James Moseley Bog (Brown leaf floating on duckweed) - Can't find this one BRB200 Simpsons restaurant, Birmingham - Images of Birmingham Premium BCK4DR Edgbaston waterworks - Images of Birmingham Premium BNMHK0 The oratory of St. Philip Neri - Alex Ramsey AGX6YT Schwaben redoubt - Ian Nellist A1P91E The hall, Exeter college, Oxford - Chris Andrews CNTD35 The Eagle and Child, Oxford - Jeremy Moeran BTRY07 Tolkien home on Northmoor Road - J. Spiro D1K8MC
  15. This was in The Times Wed. 15th August, cropped to left side only and credited only to Alamy. Picture by Leo Mason Sports Photos DCBF3T
  16. It's DBA15B on page 33 of the Times main news section. I am pleased to see it there as the Times has noticeably reduced the number of Alamy images they've used in recent months. I read the Times most days and I've only spotted the odd one or two in that period and both of those have come from the Alamy Live News section. It would be nice to se some usage from the main library. Joe
  17. First of all it seems to me you are producing some very nice images and are deserving of some success on that score. I'm not so sure that keywords alone are the issue as your essential keywords seem pertinent for the most part. If you have lots of less relevant kewords in the 'main' keywords box then it could damage your Alamy rank as you will get views but no zooms or sales to go with them, the result of which is your images appear further down the results of any given search. Having said that, I don't think that's the main problem either. I think there are two principle issues for you, a
  18. I too was disapointed that there is no prospect of video submissions being opened up. I also think that there is probably a critical mass required in terms of the library size which will make buyers realise that Alamy is serious about video and worth visiting to see what is available. That critical mass is probably a library numbered in millions rather than a couple of hundred thousand, so success in video sales seems to me unlikely to happen here unless a significant change takes place in Alamy's approach. However I do want to thank James for opening up to us, even if the answer is often
  19. I got my first sale some two years ago with about 100 images online. Now I have over 1000 but still regard it as a good month if I get any sales at all. The figures being suggested of needing several thousand images for regular sales chimes pretty well with my experience so far.
  20. I can't find any Help on how to how to correctly post a link to another member's Alamy image so I'd appreciate any help that can be offered In the meanwhile, this image from Alamy Live News / Piero Cruciatti occupies the top half of the front page of The Times (UK) for May 14th 2013. Image D7R672 - RM I look forward to the day one of mine graces such hallowed pages
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