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  1. I wonder if whoever came in to work on Saturday to update Alamy Measures has taken Monday off in lieu. In recent months it has been updated every weekday morning by the time I have finished my second coffee of the morning, but no sign of Measures being updated so far today.
  2. Hi Paul, I have real trouble agreeing with you about the quality of the Stockimo content. The vast majority of the pictures accepted to date would not get on to any of the major microstock libraries simply on the grounds of subject and composition alone, let alone quality issues; the microstock libraries are saturated with images of views through a plane window, apples, cakes flowers, sunsets and too many others to mention. There are some nice pictures in the collection but creativity seems mostly to consist of adding a border, vignette or filter - something well within the imagination and
  3. I don't know enough to help for certain, but I'm sure that giving the location of the photo will help someone to ID it. Gran Canaria or somewhere else?
  4. i think is just a rightful acknowledgement of the innate genius of each of you and the beneficial influence of living in Cambridge and the Lake District respectively, of which I am deeply jealous in both cases.
  5. The Times 21st Feb 2014. Timothy Smith DTKD2F Rainbow Across Valley of River Senni, Brecon Beacons
  6. I check most weekends and have never seen it updated on a Saturday before. I think in the Brave New World of Stockimo, anything is possible, including staff working the weekend to see what impact the new initiative is having. The main impact on me is dismay at the dilution of quality in the Alamy library.
  7. This is a new piece of information to me. I see from the IR website that simplified working from home expenses calculation is a new option for the 2013-14 tax year. It is indeed a very low amount (£26 per month for 100 working hours per month - less if you work fewer hours) and this is supposed to cover the business proportion of internet/phone/heat/light. However, the IR site does make it clear that it is an optional, simplified, way of calculating your business expenses and there is no need to use it if you keep expense records. I will prefer to do the latter. It makes me wonder though how t
  8. Quite apart from any issues regarding terms and conditions, it gives the Unscrupulous Individual an easy opportunity to download unwatermarked images. Right clicking on a couple of random examples on the site enabled me to download the images at 1630 x 1080 resolution - quite good enough for web use and some print uses too. I'm not sure I want my images so readily available to all and sundry. Or am I being paranoid?
  9. I occasionally upload classic car images, nearly always ones which have been put on public exhibition at steam rallies and agricultural shows around England. I include the registration number if I think there is even a remote possibility the car may one day be searched for in its own right. I have used the brackets and quotes round keyword phrases from when I first started here, just n case the in case the 'new' search system is ever implemented. I treat the registration number as a keyword phrase, "ABC 123". I find that if the reg number ABC 123 is searched for, either with or without q
  10. Zooms on individual images can take weeks or months to turn into an actual sale, but a recent discussion on the forum suggests there is at least good chance of a sale in these circumstances. I had just such a one yesterday from an image which was zoomed on its reference way back last June. I doubt if a busy picture editor would ever want to provide feedback on each image they zoom. They probably assume we are professional enough to know what we are doing and to do it right; which itself opens a whole can of worms about the variable quality one might find in a partially curated collectio
  11. The C&CC magazine has used a lot of Alamy images in the past, but has recently ceased to credit the provider. If you are a member it might be an idea to remind them of their obligation to do so. I'll do that
  12. DEPX4G Iain Masterton. This image appears in the latest issue of the Camping and Caravanning Club magazine (February issue). There are no credits at all for this image (or indeed any other image in that magazine). It could be that it's not Alamy but there's no way of knowing. Should I report this to somebody other than through this forum. If so, how?
  13. First time I've entered the challenge, so here goes.. Cormorant statues, Morecambe, Lancashire. Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) hovercraft lifeboat on Morecambe Bay, Lancashire. Oswald Street Gasometer, Burnley Lancashire.
  14. I'd be interested and very much helped to know what experienced contributors feel about the amount of noise in this image. I know the lighting conditions for this image would make noise hard to avoid, but would other people here feel comfortable about passing QC if they were submitting a similar image? I learned what bit I know about image standards when I began submitting to iStockphoto (boo, hiss etc.) years and years ago. At that time rejections were commonplace and virtually any noise In an image was a surefire way of getting one. I've carried that level of judgement over to my submi
  15. I'm finding this thread useful as it gives an indication of the kind of return I might aspire to per image I upload at Alamy. Knowing what other people achieve I can then judge for myself how much time I should invest in producing stuff for Alamy. For what it's worth I grossed about $0.60 per image in the last year (down from around $1 per image in 2012). However nearly two-thirds of my portfolio has been added within the last 12 months and I think I'll have a much more realistic idea on how much return I'll get per image in about 6 months time when the present stock has had chance to ma
  16. The file's name is CXWW9B_2638152b.jpg It is CXWW9B. The first line of the file says its Woman looking in open fridge by Cultura RM (but this does not show up in the iptc fields). CXWW9B - Stephen Lux / Cultura RM - Woman looking in open fridge wim I searched for a woman in red dress or nightdress with kitchen or fridge. It never occurred to me that a significant element of the picture, a big splash of red, might not be in the keywords.
  17. This is on an article on the benefits of repairing kitchen appliances on the Daily Telegraph website, credited to Alamy. I can't find the image on Alamy though. Also AMDA9B Genetically modified maize growing in Shropshire UK by Andrew Fox, credited Alamy only
  18. Jan, As both Corporal Jones and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy might say - 'Don't Panic'. If you are worried about the quality of the photos you've taken so far you might want to ask for a critique in the 'Lets talk about pictures' forum. You will receive good advice, I'm sure. As you don't have any pictures on Alamy yet you will need to upload some to a picture hosting site somewhere on the Web. I don't have detailed info on how to do this to hand but I'll look for some later and post again - that is, if someone else doesn't beat me to it. As for Lightroom, you could do wo
  19. Thanks for spotting that one. Not shown up in sales yet but was zoomed by its image reference a week or two ago,.
  20. This fits in with my experience. I have videos on other sites and the USA is a significant source of sales. There was a healthy rush before Thanksgiving and absolutely nothing since. I was coming to the conclusion that the USA had gone home for Thanksgiving and forgotten to go back to work, and that Europe was winding down early for Christmas. This is a significant change from previous years as December is usually quite busy for the first few weeks before dying down until mid January. A poor December for retail is also being reported in the UK press. Recovery. What recovery?
  21. Maybe I'm just over-twitchy about this but I also like to put 'EDITORIAL USE ONLY' in the description box. If there is ever any comeback about a non-released image of mine being used for commercial purposes, I want the image release status be as clear as possible to all concerned, and that the purchaser had no excuse for not realising the image was for editorial purposes only.
  22. Hello Barbara, You'll probably get tons of advice on this topic, but I'l kick off with a few words. The greatest emphasis in the search engine is given to the essential keywords. The main keyword box is also searched as a secondary source. The caption box is also featured in the search, though Alamy say this is not so significant - however I know some images of mine have been returned in searches on the strength of a word or two in the caption. I have had a very quick look at a couple of your images I would say you need to be more specific in your kewording. Your crowd is outside the
  23. I'm puzzled that anyone would want to opt out - as far as I can see there is no significant downside to members having an image or two in this BHZ 'game'. Is there something I'm missing? Certainly BHZ has its limitations as a measuring tool, but participants can take account of that and take BHZ more or less seriously as they please. It could be argued that participating, even if you don't take any notice of the results, is an act of altruism as the greater the number of participants the more accurate the results will be. I found BHZ to be useful to me when I dropped significantly in
  24. For what it's worth, I follow the conventional pattern of shooting RAW, processing in Lightroom, then exporting to JPEG. As far as workflow goes the best advice I keep giving myself is not to shoot in poor light and then spend ages trying to get the image to look acceptable - I've spent many a long hour pushing and pulling at Lightroom settings, only to end up with a dull and probably unsellable picture at the end of it all. My approach is shoot on days with good light and process and keyword on all the rest; living in England this means I shoot occasionally and keyword a lot! I spend
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