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  1. None of mine have shown up but Bryan and SShep and Lisa especially deserve a pat on the back for their sterling work in this thread. Cheers.
  2. I find it interesting that the Wiki article makes reference to 'David having been endlessly reproduced', referring to the numerous copies of the David figure made in materials as commonplace as plaster and fibreglass, so the offending advert need not necessarily be picturing the original statue. If that were the case, the Italian Culture Ministry could be in the business of claiming ownership of the concept of Michelangelo's David, rather than just opposing the misuse of an image of the original statue itself. That would be going beyond issues of legal property ownership and releases. I'm
  3. There's an interesting new item on the BBC website about the uproar caused by an American arms firm,ArmaLite, running an advertising campaign using an image of Michaelangelo's David statue, shown carrying their new rifle. I'll quote a bit of the BBC website text: He (Dario Franceschini , Italy's Culture Minister) said in a tweet: "The image of David, armed, offends and infringes the law. We will take action against the American company so that it immediately withdraws its campaign." Historical Heritage and Fine Arts Board curator Cristina Acidini has issued a legal notice to ArmaLite to with
  4. People photos are more likely to do well, especially if you have model releases and can put them forward for commercial work, not just editorial. Touristy landmark photos have probably been done already, time and time again, so you may well have a lot to compete against. Do some research on the places you are going to visit and see what is already on Alamy (and other stock sites). See if you can come up with a new or creative viewpoint to make your images stand out from the crowd. That's what we are all trying to do so you'll probably have to work hard to succeed! If you have a 1000 im
  5. A couple of mine are showing up in this way too and it does seem to be a specially prepared page that Google is finding. It seems to be aimed at a specific type of customer as the only quoted price is £39 for Small Business Marketing, with an option to click on a link for 'Buy for different use'. If these are images chosen specifically by Alamy to attract Goggle searches, then they seem rather odd choices as neither of mine represent anything like what I would consider my best or most commercial work. One of them is just a plastic drainpipe 'T' junction which is well and truly in the 'I'll
  6. I still think you're slightly missing the point. All the fields except the description are searchable. The caption is simply a lower priority. To achieve what you want would require the caption to be not searchable at all, which is a totally separate issue. The search engine can't be expected to know that words in one searchable field are to be included and words in another searchable field are to be ignored completely. No amount of AI could do that. It assumes, quite rightly, that if you've put a word in a searchable field then you want it to be searchable. However, if it's in a lower priorit
  7. But it isn't giving priority to the caption. The caption is a lower priority than all the keywords. If you want to include words that should not be searched at all then use the Description field. That's what it's there for. Alan I didn't say it was giving priority to the caption. I said it was giving priority to words in the caption because of their proximity to each other. This seems to have led the search to increase the ranking of this image inappropriately in this case. But light is dawning, I now see, at least in part, where the problem is arising here. Images submitted t
  8. Sorry, but this seems perfectly reasonable to me. The caption is searchable, and the words group, walking and park appear in it. The caption should describe what's in the picture and nothing more. If there's no park in the picture it shouldn't be in the caption. The Description field is where ancillary information should be put, and that isn't searchable. Alan The caption is as it is because the image was submitted through the Alamy Live News route and the references to the park etc are there to set the context of the story as a news item. In both news and non-news stock pictures i
  9. Educating buyers on how to use the search engine well is a good aim, but unlikely to happen any time soon. However, the search engine is under Alamy's direct control and it should be possible for it to have the 'intelligence' not to return a picture where the searched for words are not in any section of the keyword list and where there are many better matches elsewhere in the collection - for goodness sake, there are 2.5 million images returned on the search 'park' and over a quarter of a million returned on 'Park UK'. Why on earth pick on mine where park only appears in the caption?
  10. I've taken the same approach over the last year with a view to improving my CTR. I can't say it's had a dramatic effect as I still hover around the Alamy average but I still think it's the best approach. The strategy isn't helped when my images are returned in a search where the relevant keywords aren't even in my keyword list. I had a picture of 'EDL supporters in Bolton town centre' show up yesterday for 'Group walking in the park'. The picture does not have the keywords 'group', 'walking' or 'park'. The only place 'Park' turns up is a single word in the 600 word caption referring to t
  11. Historically the USD/GBP exchange rate has been much higher than it is now, hovering around the $1.80 to $2 mark back around 2008, compared with as low as $1.50 in early 2013. With UK interest rates likely to rise in the next year or two, it seems more likely we will see the exchange rate creeping higher than we'll see it falling lower; therefore we might expect Alamy income to be effectively reducing for UK contributors as the months go by. It would be nice to be paid in GBP and not have to cope with either the vagaries of exchange fluctuations or the effects of the strengthening pound
  12. The short answer is it largely depends on the number of images you upload, and it needs to be many, many more than you would expect on a microstock site. Your first sale could be tomorrow but it's not terribly likely. Look expectantly when you have many hundreds of images in your portfolio. The topic crops up quite frequently so trawl through the forum, especially the Ask the Forum section. Search for "How long until" for one such discussion. Joe
  13. There's no chance of me investing in an iPhone to take Stockimo pictures. I'd rather get a better lens for my Canon 60D. I really can't see that the images I've seen submitted so far have a genuine unique selling point, there are plenty of similar images already on microstock and I just can't imagine any significant return on investment from this work. If you've already got an iPhone, then, fine, go for it as all you've got to lose is a bit of time and effort (assuming the Stockimo ingestion doesn't adversely affect the main collection). Not me though.
  14. I'm using Chrome on a Windows 7 64 bit PC and it looks OK to me. It shows a blank sheet apart from the header on opening with the statement period set to 1 month (because I've had no sales in Feb), but displays sales from January when I set the statement period to two months. So it all seems to be working normally. Assuming you know you have got sales this month, the only suggestions I have revolve around trying a different computer if you have access to one. Other than that my instinct is to think there may be a minor corruption in the Alamy database, in which case contacting MS is the wa
  15. But if it were the fact that it is Council 'property' that were the determining fact requiring a release, where does it end? Strictly speaking the tree on the road outside my house belongs to the Council as they are responsible for upkeep of both the road and the tree. I sincerely hope it never comes to the point where I need a release to submit a RF photo of either to Alamy.
  16. I don't have any RF images at Alamy but I certainly would not expect to have any difficulty classifying an image such as the OP describes as RF were I to submit one. I know there is an increased tendency in parts of the microstock world to require releases for RF images where they were previously not needed, e.g. for individual dwelling houses even of a generic type. The cause is a growing volume of litigation (justified or not) in places like the USA. This move by Alamy seems to have the same roots. Perhaps member services might help by clarifying just who should be granting the release
  17. Still showing 22nd Feb as last update for me and no change to any figures. Maybe update being run at the moment?
  18. I wonder if whoever came in to work on Saturday to update Alamy Measures has taken Monday off in lieu. In recent months it has been updated every weekday morning by the time I have finished my second coffee of the morning, but no sign of Measures being updated so far today.
  19. Hi Paul, I have real trouble agreeing with you about the quality of the Stockimo content. The vast majority of the pictures accepted to date would not get on to any of the major microstock libraries simply on the grounds of subject and composition alone, let alone quality issues; the microstock libraries are saturated with images of views through a plane window, apples, cakes flowers, sunsets and too many others to mention. There are some nice pictures in the collection but creativity seems mostly to consist of adding a border, vignette or filter - something well within the imagination and
  20. I don't know enough to help for certain, but I'm sure that giving the location of the photo will help someone to ID it. Gran Canaria or somewhere else?
  21. i think is just a rightful acknowledgement of the innate genius of each of you and the beneficial influence of living in Cambridge and the Lake District respectively, of which I am deeply jealous in both cases.
  22. The Times 21st Feb 2014. Timothy Smith DTKD2F Rainbow Across Valley of River Senni, Brecon Beacons
  23. I check most weekends and have never seen it updated on a Saturday before. I think in the Brave New World of Stockimo, anything is possible, including staff working the weekend to see what impact the new initiative is having. The main impact on me is dismay at the dilution of quality in the Alamy library.
  24. This is a new piece of information to me. I see from the IR website that simplified working from home expenses calculation is a new option for the 2013-14 tax year. It is indeed a very low amount (£26 per month for 100 working hours per month - less if you work fewer hours) and this is supposed to cover the business proportion of internet/phone/heat/light. However, the IR site does make it clear that it is an optional, simplified, way of calculating your business expenses and there is no need to use it if you keep expense records. I will prefer to do the latter. It makes me wonder though how t
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