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  1. I know myself only too well that how it is hard to justify spending money on photo stuff when the returns are small and there's not a lot to spare anyway. However, I would add my voice to those above; if I was able to make just one investment it would have to be Lightroom. The CA removal is absolutely magic and the rest of the RAW processing facilities make processing for Alamy quick and easy. I used to spend hours on a single image removing CA manually, but I've never looked back since getting LR two years ago and rarely use Photoshop, or any other program for that matter. The only caveat is
  2. For your images to be sold as RF you would need to obtain model releases for each one where people appear and property releases for those which feature private property, commercial logos etc. A quick flick through your portfolio suggests this would be impracticable or near impossible for some of your existing images. If you want to sell as RF the best bet is to shoot with this in mind for future, rather than seeking to convert your existing portfolio wholesale. As to whether RF is the future, I would suggest RF is not always the best type of licence for editorial shots and RM is likely to be
  3. UK Telegraph How to have fun with photography at your wedding http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/photography/10965568/How-to-have-fun-with-photography-at-your-wedding.html Wedding guests sign a scrap book with photos CA4D2F Zuma Press
  4. Just catching up with some I missed last week... UK Telegraph 12 of the greatest ballerinas of all time http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/10663434/12-of-the-greatest-ballerinas-of-all-time.html?frame=2836019 Nina Ananiashvili D1W6J2 Gary Doak
  5. Three sales for a gross of $20. Whoop-i-di-doo! Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but not much.
  6. I must agree. My port is about half the size of the OP's and I've not had a sale since March. Given the slowdown which is inevitable at this time of year, I'm not too optimistic about seeing any this side of September either.
  7. I found this in a Google search. http://www.brandi.org/photos/nj-de-ferry2004/ Note the reference to the escape chute, almost out of shot. I think it refers to items you need to remove if using the emergency escape facility.
  8. Telegraph online picture gallery 19th July 2014 Britain's silliest street names http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/propertypicturegalleries/10976446/Britains-silliest-street-names.html Arguments Yard CN73Y4 Mark Richardson Upper Butts C59WNE Mick Sinclair Bow Wow BCD1JX Chris Deeny Grump Street BMCWBM Colin Underhill Hopping Jacks Lane D9EFK8 Cary Clarke Breakneck Lane C9A52M Ian Francis All Alone A5XJKP PNL (location is Wrose, Yorkshire according to the Telegraph, Bibury, Cotswolds according to the contributor) Snappersnipes DM6EA7 UrbanImages Comical Corner BXBKGC Washington Imaging Rotte
  9. I too have been longing to use Alamy as an outlet for my video. I have many hundreds of clips and I am forced to make them available at agencies based overseas, simply because Alamy haven't made it possible for me to sell them here. My b-roll editorial clips cry out to be placed with a British based agency where they would feel more relevant. Is there no demand for an agency where British producers know they could find a collection of b-roll clips with a wide variety of subjects that couldn't be found anywhere else, very akin to the Alamy still image collection? As a bonus, with my editorial
  10. I hope you're right about the pessimism; according to the death clock I've only two years left and I've not yet reached 60! I'll be really cheesed off if I die early and I'm diddled out of getting my bus pass at 65. Surely you're not a fat, drunk, suicidal smoker, Joseph? Definitely not a smoker. I would be less drunk and less suicidal if I could sell a few pictures on Alamy! Fat? Alas, too much. Still, I was hoping to get beyond 61 before joining the choir immortal.
  11. I hope you're right about the pessimism; according to the death clock I've only two years left and I've not yet reached 60! I'll be really cheesed off if I die early and I'm diddled out of getting my bus pass at 65.
  12. Thanks Ed for the pointers to this material. I've not looked for photography related stuff yet but I found a 30 minute discussion 'Shooting for the Edit' in the BBC TV production/Self Shooting section and I've learned more about what I should be doing in stock video production in that 30 minutes than I did in the previous seven years where I've actually been shooting video.
  13. I'm maybe making two and two equal five, but I've just been commenting in the June 'pictures found' thread on the large number of Alamy images appearing on the Daily Telegraph website. I can only find two from 2013 credited to the OP, but most of the images I've seen there are credited Alamy only, so there may well be more not easily found by using search. It could be coincidence of course, I'd be interested to see if anybody can link the $6.59 and the Telegraph.
  14. Daily Telegraph website Images from Alamy are popping up all over the place on the Telegraph website. I've found a few examples here but don't have time to find them all. Visit the Telegraph website and search for Alamy if you want to see more. Quite a lot are generic RF images of a type widely available on microstock sites, so it's good (probably, depending on what is paid) to see these sourced from Alamy. I don't know if the widespread use of Alamy on the Telegraph website is a new thing or just something I've not noticed before. Forbidden Haggis http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ne
  15. Daily Telegraph website The more I look at the website the more I realise there is a whole stack of Alamy images which I think have not been previously reported here . I haven't the time at the moment to find each on individually, but I'll put a link here to those I can find. You may need a subscription to access them, though I think the Telegraph allows a certain number of visits before bringing down the shutters. Russia river cruise guide http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/riversandcanals/10930150/Russia-river-cruise-guide.html (5 images) Gardening calender http://www.telegr
  16. Daily Telegraph website 27-06-14 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/10930371/White-dogs-and-cats-prone-to-sunburn-veterinary-dermatologist-warns.html (may require subscription to access) Leonidas Patramanis CRHAE3 Credited Alamy only
  17. Daily Telegraph website 18-06-14 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/10909403/British-homes-are-the-smallest-in-Europe-study-finds.html (may require subscription to access) RTImages BNKHFF Credited to Alamy only
  18. Daily Telegraph website 28-06-14 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10931553/Councils-to-be-forced-by-law-to-bring-back-weekly-black-bin-collections.html (may require subscription to access) John James AN1FY6 Not credited
  19. I noticed the other day that the My Alamy summary page rounds up the account balance (mine has been showing $25 for yonks, but is really $24.51). It's only when you click on the view your account balance button that you can see the accurate figure and I guess it's this figure the payment due will be based on.
  20. On the BBC website, magazine article 'The Faceless men' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-27903827 (may not be accessible outside the UK) CBW A1TH1J credited Alamy only.
  21. I don't know that there has been a re-rank but I notice today my test images are one page further up than when I last checked, a few weeks ago. It would be bizarre if I had improved my rank because since the last re-rank I have had no sales at all and a CTR which has fallen consistently below the Alamy average. Like losdemas, I can't help but wonder if I would be better off back among the also-rans.
  22. Thanks for the input from everybody. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that no one solution ticks all the boxes for my needs and whatever solution I choose will involve compromise one way or the other. I checked out some Zenfolio sites on a tablet and found it was desperately slow, especially going to a zoom of an individual image. Photodeck sites seem very quick and elegant at the same task. However, I still don't know how important a good tablet/mobile version of a website is or is going to be for stock and print sales. Anybody got a crystal ball? Zenfolio is also attractive to me fo
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