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  1. I've not been able to identify specific images but I notice that the current (new) series of Michael Portillo's 'Great British Railway Journeys' on BBC2 at 6:30 has been including Alamy in the closing credits. Could be worth looking up on iPlayer if anyone has images (particularly historical images) of the lowlands of Scotland (Ayr, Motherwell, Lanark et al).
  2. Nice to see a publisher properly crediting the photographers for once. I now look forward to seeing some of my pics when MSN do '50 things I learned when visiting Lancashire'
  3. Ah Alan, I would beg to differ. The recent downgrading in my BHZ placing is proving to be a good indicator of my placing in 'real life' test searches, which I also check from time to time. In these I was routinely in the upper quartile of results, and now I find myself in the lower quartile. And yes, I'm a trainspotter too!!
  4. To get back in, just uncheck RF in the search and your back to page 25. Not much help I know. Move some to a new pseudo? Thanks for trying Reimar! Unchecking RF does indeed take me back to page 25, but then again there are then only 25 pages in total after taking out the RF! . The great irony of my drop to the last page of BHZ is that it's only last month I got my first ever email from Alamy congratulating me on being in their top 500. True, this achievement is on the strength of one particular very large sale some months ago, and this sale has yet to clear, but it does leave me
  5. Sorry guys, I'm not in the page 25 club any more - I've been negatively uprated to page 26 since last night. I can't help thinking I'm being got-at. You may think I'm paranoid, but you'd be paranoid too if everyone was out to get you.
  6. Are we creating an alternative to the Sin Bin Club? I don't know if it's the new sin bin but it seems to be getting pretty crowded here on page 25. I can't believe I've done SO badly in my photography and keywording so as to end up in the basement.
  7. From middle of page 9 down to the never-got-out-of-the starting gate, page 25. Hard to bear.
  8. Telegraph - online 20th November http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/11243311/Seven-horses-killed-at-Cambridgeshire-railway-crossing.html AC5C02 thislifeEngland A level crossing in the UK with the barrier lowered
  9. Automatic descriptor software would be almost useless for Alamy images which thrive on specifics of location and precise object detail. I suspect when we have artificial intelligence software which can describe a photo to that level of detail it will probably also be capable of taking a better photograph than we can; at which point we can all crawl off to a corner and vegetate.
  10. I suspect a goodly proportion of images taken from Google are images generated by Street View, such images illustrate news stories on a daily basis in local newspapers and their websites. What really aggrieves me though is the BBC using Google street view images on their website when I know there are suitable (and better) images on Alamy. I would rather my BBC licence fee was spent with a British-based company rather than an overseas company who strive to minimise their tax bill in Britain by basing their operations outside the UK while still deriving the maximum possible revenue from the UK p
  11. Bryan, You really shouldn't post questions like this, it piques my interest and I end up not doing the things I should be doing (yes dear, just coming!) Like you, I check on the 'invoice date' report several times a day. I've never had a sale come though with a weekend invoice date, but looking back over the last two years, I have a higher than expected proportion come though on a Monday (though it has to be said, the data sample isn't massive). Could be sales made over the weekend updated on the Monday - hard to be sure. What DID surprise me was that quite a lot of invoices had
  12. I don't claim to be an expert in the video market but it seems to me that in order to achieve a high level of sales Alamy needs to achieve a critical mass in terms of the quantity of clips in the library, and/or a uniqueness about the clip collection (like the Alamy still image collection perhaps). If this critical mass is achieved, maybe involving a library of 1 million plus clips, then buyers may start to put Alamy Footage nearer the top of their minds as a go-to place. I doubt that the slow and steady approach will ever achieve this critical mass, not least because the competition is a
  13. Definitely me too please. I consider myself primarily a photographer, but I have produced 1000 or so clips over the years. I licence the HD ones through a non-UK microstock library (one which very usefully shows the location of each purchase on a world map). in this way I know the majority of my sales go to British buyers. I would much rather concentrate on a British based outlet for my video which would give my clips a more appropriate shop window. Online uploading would also encourage me to invest in producing more of the same; Chicken and Egg and all that.
  14. The fact that Lee Mack is involved makes me wonder if the groom is Tim Vine (they have worked together on the sitcom 'Not Going Out'). I'm not sure if it is him or not. Tim Vine is a super comedian if your funny bone is tickled by quick one-liners.
  15. Here that would destroy your rank pretty quickly. So I'm all for it ;-) wim The key word in the keywording process I outline is 'Edit'. I hardly ever do more than two or three similar images but it is useful to be able to copy all keywords etc, edit the essential ones to reflect the nuances of the new image and leave intact those the images have in common and then save it. I too recognise that simply copying the same keywords to lots of images would wreck my ranking.
  16. Thanks everybody for the help in how to copy data from one image to the other - I do appreciate your assistance. However, it is still some way short of what I would like to see. At another site where I have my videos, I can display a list of clips which includes both all my accepted clips and the new clips I'm preparing to submit; I tick two boxes to select the source clip and the new clip. I select the action to 'Copy Tags from an Existing Clip' and 'Execute'. Two seconds later the new image is populated with description, keywords and other settings, and I can edit these, save and submit.
  17. You can already do that with the present version. Just use the search facility at the top. Pearl But if I open an image from my current collection, I can't have open an image from the Images not Ready category in order to copy information. I tend to just work on one or two similar images at a time and copy/paste between them using the next/previous image button if they are of a similar subject. Fine if both images are in the Images not Read category, but not if one ofthem is already in the library. Or am I missing something obvious?
  18. I'd like the ability to use Manage Images to find an image which is already in my collection and to be easily able to copy all the description, keywords etc to images(s) I'm processing for submission.
  19. Lovely stuff and it certainly looks like art to me. The base pics are super, which is significant part of the success of what you are doing.
  20. Has the possibility of uploading videos through the same system been considered? To make it available would also imply making video submissions available to a wider range of contributors, not just those with established collections wiling to submit large number of clips at once. Or is this suggestion flogging a dead horse?
  21. For Los Angeles: Logged in: 1,291,344 Logged out: 1,275,294 For Golden Gate Bridge: Logged in: 11,861 Logged out: 11,847 The above figures are at variance with Johnnie5's (based in LA) findings but the same as Losdemas (based in UK, like me) for the Los Angeles search. At least one agency I have submitted to in the past takes account of the searcher's location when returning results. Is this the case with Alamy too? As to the other variation, I have no idea why being logged in or out should make a difference. Perhaps Alamy can shed some light on these small mysteries?
  22. I have a collection set for each agency. Within each agency set I have sub-collections for Submitted, Accepted, Rejected and Not Submitted. The Not Submitted collection is for those images which are candidates for that agency, but I've decided not to submit for one reason or another - it simply reminds me that I made that non-submission decision and that I didn't simply forget to submit that particular image.
  23. I haven't yet dabbled in the world of 4K video so my remarks are based my knowledge of 1080p. The accepted norm is to shoot at 50fps if you are playing back at 25fps (or 60/30fps in the US etc.) This produces an inherent slight motion blur which makes the moving image easy on eye. If you shoot at higher frame rates and then remap the time frame to play back at normal speed, the resulting movie looks unnatural and sometimes even makes the viewer queasy. I suspect the upshot of this is that you couldn't shoot video with the intention of routinely extracting individual frames for still im
  24. Very interested in what you are doing here as I am considering a similar project myself to fill the days of winter. I gravitated to your video portfolio page as I do video work too. I found that the video display was rather blurred and showed what I think are compression artefacts. I guess this may be to do with the way Smugmug stores and presents the videos, but I'm not sure it is the best advert for the quality of your work. Is there an option to display videos at a lower resolution so the effects of compression aren't so noticeable?
  25. Thanks for posting this. I'm not an accountant but to my untrained eye the company looks in good shape and I find that encouraging.
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