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  1. If there has been a change in the search algorithm it doesn't seem to have made any difference in the murky lower depths of search rankings which I inhabit. My views have remained at a consistent 50 or so per month on 2000+ images since late last year, with below average zooms and sales to boot. If there has been a seismic change in search it seems to me to only affect the upper reaches of rankings and search results.
  2. The key thing with Alamy is to remember their QC works on a different principal to other agencies - particularly the microstock agencies. Once you have passed the initial assessment, Alamy will only check a small percentage of images in your submissions. If the inspected image in any batch fails, the whole batch is rejected. Most manufacturing companies operate on these same principals when sourcing components, as it is impractical to inspect each and every component supplied to them. Each supplier is scrutinised closely on their first supply of a component and the whole batch inspected cl
  3. It looks like the Alamy search engine is out of action. Anyone else or is it just me?
  4. Sorry I can't be there - practicalities rule it out. I hope it is a successful event and repeated sometime soon, perhaps further north? I'd also be happy to fork out for an on-line recorded version.
  5. While BHZ has its weaknesses, it is nonetheless the case that ever since I joined the game (about 5 re-ranks ago) I have seen a very strong correlation between where I sat in BHZ and the proportion of views/zooms/sales to the number of images in my portfolio. Alamy can proclaim as loudly as they wish that BHZ is a waste of time, but my experience is that it is a strong indicator of the kind of performance I can expect from my portfolio and a pretty good guide to where my images appear in real world searches too.
  6. There has been some change in the placing of images on the first page, which are clearly unaffected by any rogue goings-on among the lower orders, so the re-rank is surely real. It does, however, seem much less of a seismic movement than previous occasions - which is a pity because a seismic movement is what I really needed!
  7. Well, they would say that, wouldn't they? Coo. I've never had a red arrow before - there's a first time for everything isn't there!
  8. Well spotted there, Michael. I wonder what is going on? Misunderstanding on how BHZ operates? Oversight in applying a metadata preset somewhere? Malicious messing to put we self-acknowledged nerds off the BHZ game? Who can tell except the perpetrator? As it happens it matters only a little at the moment as nearly all the 215 images from the one contributor are in the last few pages of the BHZ search, so most people are unaffected. If by some miracle they all improved their position, it then might skew results in future re-ranks. Oops - Pearl thinks and types faster than me...
  9. You are right, but hey-ho, it seems to have made absolutely no significant difference to my placement. Onwards and, er...very slightly upwards, possibly, I think. Maybe.
  10. Hands up. How many people are using the 3rd party Magic Lantern firmware extension for Canon DSLRs? The ML website contains dire warnings about the possible dangers to one's camera and there is a comprehensive forum thread on what to do when your camera locks up or appears to die. The very existence of this thread makes me nervous, but I'm also tempted by the functions that ML offers. It may be that there are many more happy users than sad ones, but I'd like to know. So, how many people here have used ML successfully and how many have a horror story. Anyone with experience of it on the Canon 6
  11. One sale for $36 gross. A query: do others in this monthly thread report sales as soon as they arrive or only when the payment actually clears? Having had a number of refunds or adjustments over the past three years, I am inclined to be conservative and only count a sale when the money is actually cleared. However, I suspect most people report each sale as soon as it arrives.
  12. Following up on your release question, it may be even more complex than that. It needn't be the presence of a brand name, any recognisable design or property (such as a building) can require a release for RF work. This, in part at least, is why I find it much easier to shoot with RM in mind.
  13. With images on Alamy, if you have any part of any person in an image, even if they are completely unrecognisable they are counted and put in the 'number of people' field The image is then automatically RM editorial. If there are no people and no recognisable property OR if you have a release for people or property your image can be RF or RM as you choose. Don't ask me whether RF or RM is better 'cos I only ever do RM editorial here.
  14. Methinks they protest too much. I can say for certain that since I was demoted to the foot of the BHZ game in the last re-rank, the number of views on my images have crashed correspondingly. The correlation looks pretty strong to me.
  15. You make a most relevant point, Martin, re the EU VAT rules. I have re-evaluated the need for my own website in the light of these changes and have decided not to implement direct digital image sales because of them. I am looking closely at Smugmug and putting up a simple site soon, simply to give me a web presence with links back to Alamy for digital sales. I will then decide whether to make prints available from my website, providing the EU VAT rules are not going to extend to physical goods sold to other EU countries (I am seeing conflicting information about whether physical goods will co
  16. I'm briefly resurrecting my old thread on potential hosts for photography websites to say I'm now more or less decided to have a go with Smugmug. Many thanks to all who offered their thoughts in this thread and similar ones. I've looked long and hard at all the options and concluded that none of them (Zenfolio, Photoshelter, Photodeck, Smugmug, Squarespace, Wordpress) ticked ALL the boxes for me, but Smugmug came the nearest. If anyone with a Smugmug site has a referral code for a new subscriber I will happily use it to get a discount for each of us.
  17. Oh, well played, sir. My thanks for your diligent searching and reporting. This my first mention in any 'Have you found any Alamy Photograph' posts, and indeed my first sale for many weeks. I look forward to the riches this sale will bring to my depleted coffers . A deserved greenie to you.
  18. ...I would argue that this is less detrimental to your CTR than, say, a search for Seaton turning up pictures of Seaton Delaval, which is at the opposite end of the country, and which if Alamy implemented quotes properly would not show up (but see below...). I've realised recently that even if Alamy does implemented quoted keyphrases, to make them effective they would need to remove captions from search matching, otherwise the caption would also have to show two-word names in quotes, which would look rather odd. Actually I think this is a good idea anyway - to me it makes sense that search
  19. Yes, but proximity searching should only affect the order of the matches, not the total. If the words 'used belt' are searched then it's perfectly correct that all images containing those two words should appear in the results, but where the words are not in proximity they should appear lower down the order, and this is exactly what appears to be happening in this case... .... Alan I can't detemine anything about the way images were ordered in in the used belt example, other than to re-affirm my point that images where keywords are widely separated and only found in the caption fi
  20. ...and everyone else's. Alan Broadly speaking you are correct - everyone's CTR will be impacted in the same way, though a little more so for those like myself who routinely caption and keyword in a comprehensive manner. I could lean towards brevity, at the expense of clarity in some cases, but it is my argument that if keyword proximity search is going to be Alamy's major search strategy, it really needs to be a lot smarter than it currently is.
  21. This particular example was a news image but the problem is by no means limited to news images with long captions. On the same day I had an irrelevant, non-news, image viewed in a search for used cars uk. The word 'used' appeared in the caption only. The word 'cars' was the last of the words in the main keywords section. It is a nonsense that an image keyworded in this way is returned in the first 240 images in a search for used cars. It should no be necessary to have to prune captions and keywords to such a minimum as to eliminate false results like this! To add insult to injury, the se
  22. I am despairing of ever improving my CTR as long as Alamy's keyword proximity search engine continues to produce nonsensical results. My latest list of views included two returned for the search Used Belt [WOP]. Only 240 images were viewed and two of them were irrelevant and mine! One example image is CMCRBA The words Used and Belt appear nowhere in the keyword boxes. The caption (an Alamy live news image) includes the sentences '...the subject of a planning application to convert the 17th Century grade II listed building to eight dwelling places, plus 21 new houses built on surr
  23. Mine is paid in sterling by fund transfer to a UK account and came in on the 7th. Overseas may take a little longer?
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