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  1. In my experience it is perfectly normal for views to halve during August in the UK (and in the northern hemisphere in general?) as photo buyers and THEIR clients take annual leave, putting projects on hold or at least on the back burner until September. Newspapers and suchlike scratch around for items to publish so there is still some activity there, but slow views and sales are likely to be the norm. Having said that, over the last 30 days I'm running at 53 views per day on 2300 images. Your portfolio is similar in style to mine so it would not be unreasonable to expect similar stats. I
  2. I would agree with Spacecadet that wildlife photography can be a difficult area in which to get technically excellent pictures; subject movement and lighting conditions frequently make things very difficult. I for one have never even got close to a wildlife picture I'm happy with for stock submission. You might like to try submitting some easier subjects initially to get yourself established on Alamy (architecture, still-life, people who will stand still when you ask them too, unlike the average kingfisher, street scenes etc. etc.). Once you get some pictures accepted you will then begin to se
  3. You need to be really careful about assigning pictures as RF. Jill has already mentioned the photos featuring art works which will be out-of-bounds as RF images. I would also add to that the two with the identifiable numbered boat at the jetty. It could possibly be argued that the boat is not the main feature of the image, but there is little point in leaving any opening for legal problems in an image where it can easily be resolved beforehand. Either clone out the numbers or set the images as RM.
  4. One sale grossing a modest $36. One sale per month seems to be my benchmark.
  5. Can you post the image number? I can search the Times website for likely uses, though sadly my copies of the print version from June went to the great recycle bin in the sky weeks ago.
  6. Thanks for this info. I, for one, will be interested in seeing any further updates you may have on your experience of Windows 10.
  7. Panorama of Bolton looking north towards Turton Moor, Lancashire Similar shot but in with town in winter Whalley railway viaduct, the longest in Lancashire.
  8. I'm interested in the comment from Alamy that the re-ranking happens after 300 days. I thought re-ranking was roughly every 100 days or so. Or are they saying a re-rank for a new pseudo is after 300 days? Or is it a slip of the keyboard in their reply?
  9. You don't mention whether these images are only on Alamy, but if you have the same or very similar images selling as RF on any other agency, you can't sell them as RM here.
  10. Jill, thanks for the info above on the differences between Windows 7 and 8. Really it helps confirm my reluctance to move over to 8 or 10 - I hate the ribbon bar on MS Office etc, and I'd much rather have a logically organised nested menu structure. I think the whole visual approach of Windows 8 goes against the grain for me. I'll look to see how Windows 10 shapes up in this respect and whether it persists in making it difficult to gain access to the nuts and bolts of the operating system. Thanks again.
  11. I have to admit that I actually have learned to love 8.1. It took me awhile, but once I created my own start button (that was really the only thing I hated about 8.1), and bypassed the tile screen and went straight to the desktop, I have grown to love it. If I use my husband's desktop, which is windows 7, I curse the things I can't do with it. I will be downloading Windows 10 on the 29th. Probably not as hard to figure out if you are already a Windows 8 user, as opposed to Windows 7. I will let you guys know what I think of it. Jill Can you give more detail about the thi
  12. Windows 7 is fine for me. I'll be waiting the year until the 'free upgrade' almost expires to see what others are saying about Windows 10; I've seen too many turkeys from Microsoft to trust them from the outset (Windows Millennium anyone?). I'll also be checking carefully to make sure all the old peripherals, applications and utilities I use regularly (Spyder2, MPEG Streamclip, Virtual Dub, to name but three) work correctly under Windows 10 before I think about making any commitment. I've upgraded my OS before and then found I've had to spend twice as much again to get the updated application
  13. Thanks folks for sharing your thoughts and experience. I'm trying to digest it all and decide which way to go. I'm leaning towards a DIY solution and the concensus around the interweb seems to be to avoid wet solutions except as a last resort. With this in mind, has anybody used the Dust Aid Platinum cleaner kit, which is basically a plastic stick with some special sticky pads on the flat base which pick up the dust without moving it around and risking scratches. See http://www.wilkinson.co.uk/just-dust-aid-platinum-sensor-cleaner-kit.html I suspect I'll end up trying one brand or anot
  14. I've recently started doing timelapse clips using my Canon 60D and interval shots. Because this often involves pointing the camera at large areas of sky and using small apertures to obtain slow shutter speeds, dust bunnies have suddenly become very noticable - maybe ten or a dozen faint but obvious spots on each image. I searched the internet on how to assess the extent of the problem and discovered how to shoot an out-of-focus area of sky and then use auto-levels on the image to show up the spots. SHOCK! It looked like a passing car had run through a puddle of dirty water and showered my sen
  15. Just catching up with some editions of The Times from last week. Tuesday July 7th 2015 EX3JTC Kyle Eastmond, Calum Clark & Ben Morgan during the official England Rugby World Cup 2015 shirt launch Elsie Kibue, Alamy Live News. Credited Alamy only. A welcome, if rare, appearance of Alamy in the Times sports pages Wednesday July 8th 2015. EX5A61 Hyde Park, London, July 7th 2015. As Londoners remember the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, a woman is overcome with emotion. Paul Davey, Alamy Live News. Credited Paul Davey/Alamy. Front page full width. Friday 1
  16. It's hard to determine the size of the thing with nothing close by to scale it by, but I'm guessing the stilts are 6 - 8ft high, which means the height of the actual building to the apex is only about the same (6-8ft), so most of the building is not tall enough for people to use comfortably. That seems to suggest it is for accommodating animals or things that might be prey to wild creatures locally. Any bears or wolves round there?
  17. The Sunday Times (print edition) Travel Section 28th June 2015 C7RP3P Petit Anse beach at La DIgue Island, Seychelles Kristian Peetz Credited correctly Full cover page of the 24 page Travel section E5WW7B Young adult woman cycling through city, Vienna, Austria Cultura RM Credited Andreas Pollok/Alamy. Very heavily cropped.
  18. I've belatedly rummaged though my recent back copies of The Times (print edition) and found the Alamy usages below: Friday 12th June 2015 ET1JY5 Stunning sunset at Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset, UK Carolyn Jenkins News Credited Alamy Live News Saturday 20th June 2015 EW782B People race dragon boats in Shanghai in memory of Poet Quyuan Zuma Press Inc. Credited Marcio Machado/Zuma/Alamy. Monday 22nd June 2015 EW7X23 Bouquet près de la fenetre by Marc Chagall Bas Credited Alamy only Thursday 25th June 2015 BA1HHP Blaenau Gwent, Brecon Beacons, South Wales CW Images Credited Alamy only
  19. The Times, Monday 15th June (print and online) ETJMW0 A flotilla of boats headed by the Gloriana sails down the River Thames at Windsor (Magna Carta 800th anniversary) Ed Brown/Alamy (Live News)
  20. You can see the exact details of what you have sold and the commission due to you using 'Build a downloadable sales report' on your My Alamy page. You'll need to set the From and To dates to encompass the dates your images were sold and set the third box, which defaults to 'Date Paid', to Date of Invoice. Then click on Go. If a sale has cleared (i.e. once Alamy has actually received payment from the customer) it will show the date it cleared in the first column. Your account balance will increase by the amount of your commission the next time the My Alamy page is updated (roughly about 9am
  21. The Times Saturday 13th June (print edition) ETA05E Heavy horse display at the Royal Three Counties Show. Ian Thwaites/Alamy E2CKCN Greece Cyclades Serifos island Serifos on the rocky spur. Hemis (Alamy credit only), well cropped. D6P35W Hora, Serifos Island, Cyclades, Greek Islands Robert Harding World Imagery (Alamy credit only), heavy circular crop.
  22. Newspaper uses can take weeks or even months to appear as sales and probably even longer to actually appear as a cleared payment in your account. I don't have any experience of sales to the Telegraph myself, but I would suggest you don't need to worry for a while yet. If nothing shows up after a couple of months you may want to contact Member Services.
  23. On a slightly different tack, if you are planning to use shots of your children with releases to make them available for commercial use, be sure you are comfortable with the lack of control you have over how those images are subsequently used. Buyers are required to adhere to terms and conditions which prohibit sensitive use, be we still get stories cropping up of people who've signed releases and then later been uncomfortable with the context their image has appeared in. I've featured by own children in released shots in the past and never had any problems but it's something that the photogra
  24. I'm wondering about the blown out areas of the cow's face as well as the pig's backs. I generally find that when areas are blown out to that extent may not be possible to rescue them, though you may have a chance if you shot in RAW to begin with. You need to be able to see all the detail of the blown area for it to be acceptable to QC. I find reducing the highlights often just creates a uniform grey in the area which was previously blown out to white, rather than restoring the fine detail of the animal's hide (as it is in this case).
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