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  1. I can't help you directly but I know the people who can will be along shortly and they will be assisted by knowing the location and time of year.
  2. I'm glad to see this is working out well for the OP. I too am baffled at Alamy declining to pursue an infringement so obviously taken from their site, just because it is on social media; businesses large and small use social media as well as individuals. or do they just mean they don't pursue private individuals for recompense? I've never looked for or pursued any infringement like this one myself on my own images, though I am sure they must exist. This is mostly because my mental health cannot cope with even modest stress/anxiety/conflict, so I avoid such situations wherever I can. I do w
  3. You are right Mark, it is as clear as day, if you know that you need to look out for Alamy's QC policy and pay close attention to it. It's also clear as day from many postings in this forum and in forums elsewhere that many new contributors assume that Alamy is just another microstock agency and their QC works in the way that all the microstock agencies work. This is what people are like, and I include myself in this - we're in a hurry and we don't read and digest everything we ought to in negotiating our way though life and business. Given that Alamy are very actively recruiting cont
  4. You can resubmit images which were in a batch which failed QC. You just need to make sure the images you resubmit are up to QC standard before you do. It is important to remember with Alamy QC that not all images are inspected, only a small proportion and the entire batch is judged on that small inspection. The onus is on the submitter to make sure all images would pass QC if that image was the one singled out for inspection. Alamy expects its contributors to work to the highest professional standards and doesn't treat them as apprentices who have to have every last image closely inspected
  5. Never had any problem at all with web upload in five years of submitting batches of up to 40 images at a time. I'm usually ready for a cuppa by the time I come to press the submit button, so I go off and leave the computer to it to do its work for 10 minutes. Web upload has the advantage that you can't inadvertently upload the wrong kind of image (e.g. the tiff instead of the jpg) and if an image is too small, web upload will reject it on the spot without risking QC rejection. Having said all that, I have a fast fibre optic broadband connection. It may be that those with slower connections
  6. Interestingly, there was a story last year where the Aintree authorities said they would remove the accreditation of any photog who published unflattering photos of the attendees on Ladies Day. Implicit in that story is that they assume that ONLY accredited photogs would be allowed to publish images taken at the event, so goodness knows how they might react if unflattering photos appear from an unaccredited source.
  7. On the other hand, I've bought outright Lightroom 4 four years ago and it is still meeting pretty well all my needs on its own. On the very rare occasions I feel the need to retouch an image in greater depth, I convert it to TIFF and fire up my trusty Adobe Photoshop Elements v.7 which I bought in 2009. I'm not expecting to have to upgrade Lightroom until I get a new camera which Lightroom 4 doesn't support - that is to say, not any time soon. If you bought the same packages outright now it would cost you around £170. Over 4 years that works out at about £3.54 per month. To my mind, that
  8. Good accurate keywording is important, nay vital, but to justify outsourcing it to a keywording company you would need to be producing many dozens of images every day. For Alamy in particular, more than the microstock agencies, I tend to feel one is better to do it oneself anyway. A beach image, for example, is more likely to sell here if you can pinpoint the actual location and a buyer is looking for that precise place. As the person who took the photograph you can pinpoint the details of such a photo in a way that no external keywording company can possibly manage. Detail helps sales, but i
  9. I can't help but think RF editorial is a two edged sword, not least fewer repeat sales of RM licences. Also a massive amount of RF editorial already on the micros which be speedily uploaded here and will hit us like a tidal wave when the new system comes in. There are many good things here but I'm not inclined to cheer everything about this announcement.
  10. I would tend to err on the side of caution and agree with Geoff. However, it does raise the question of what Aintree means by 'Commercial'. Do they mean 'can't be put to any kind of use involving monetary reward'? Some stock libraries use the terms 'commercial' and 'editorial' to differentiate between those images which can and cannot be used in advertising. Is Aintree simply saying you can't use images for advertising purposes? Are they being deliberately ambiguous? I would love to hear the opinions of experienced press photogs on this.
  11. I think it beggars belief that any circumstances could arise where a fellow tog had acted in such a way as to make Bryan's statement necessary. I don't know the circumstances but I truly, truly hope it is not a sign of things to come. More power to your elbow Bryan, you and a good few others like you, do a great service for the rest of us.
  12. I'd come to the conclusion that Alamy's database is being administered by a little known sect whose holy day is Tuesday.
  13. I had one, for a very modest amount, which cleared last month after a four month wait. A few days later, it promptly uncleared. Presumably the cheque bounced. I suspect I may not see the fruits of that sale for a long time, if ever.
  14. Alamy is a much more pleasant agency to work with than the majority of the microstock agencies, much more personal - as indeed some of the microstock agencies were in their infancy. Whether good relations with contributors can be maintained in the face of massive growth of both contributor numbers and the number of images is, at the very least, debatable. I worry that Alamy wil become just another microstock agency.
  15. Looks like it doesn't matter much what the present Alamy community may think about the 'other side of the door', to quote the OP. Alamy have opened a thread on the MSG site, inviting and welcoming microstockers to join Alamy, assuring them that the upload and keywording process, which has put off some from joining, will soon be much improved. Looks like much change is afoot, like it or not.
  16. The only thing I would add to my earlier post is that it looks as though search does find places in the Location field when you search through 'Manage My Images'. However, searching using 'Alamy Search', even with advanced and using my own pseudo, the Location field is ignored. Have a closer look at the rogue images and see if you've missed something in one of the searchable fields. Or if you like, post the image number and location and we can see if the problem is replicated by other users.
  17. Hello Allan. You are correct, the location field is not searchable any more. I've tested a couple of my images and the location, which only appears in the Location field, is not being found by the search. Hard to know what to speculate here, if you are absolutely sure the search term does not appear in any of the keyword or the caption fields, unless they have been amended very recently and the index has not updated. I'll carry on and look at some more examples, but on the face of it Alamy search is treating the Location field correctly.
  18. One thing which puzzles me, Alamy's technical different requirements differ in some respects to microstock - not least in that Alamy requires unsharpened images whereas most microstock agencies are very keen on images being sharp (though not oversharpened). Are are the multitudes of incomers re-processing all their original files to meet Alamy's requirements or just mass importing their existing portfolios as they stand?
  19. Hello Anthony, Welcome to stock photography. A sale of an image can help it in repeat sales, sometimes in the form of re-use by the same publication. However, it's far more important to have good images, well keyworded. You have a wide variety of interests and you will need to shoot a lot of images to make many sales if your shooting is generic, rather than niche. It may be worth searching the Alamy library to see how much your locality is already saturated (or not) with images and see if you can find any gaps to fill. A couple of comments. Where you are keywording things like flowers
  20. However, it is the case that the UK newspapers use these images extensively. The Times features one or more images like this every day and they have to be very recent because the editorial comment with them invariably refers to the current weather trend and/or prospects. The Times picture editor also loves steam trains. If you can get a steam train riding into the sunset you are laughing. Personally, I salute the photographer who gets up before the crack of dawn to get such images, I'm much more of a sunset man myself
  21. How many images per page are we basing this page count on - the default seems to be 100 nowadays?
  22. TPE is an excellent tool for for planning an outdoor shoot, even in familiar places as it gives such an accurate indication of the position of the sun and its angle of inclination at any date/time you select. Now all I need is a tool which accurately tells me how much cloud cover I'm going to encounter in the same place.
  23. You can licence unsold RF images as RM, but I should be very cautious about doing so, in case RF sales do turn up later, as spacecadet suggests. I would study the terms and conditions on each microstock site carefully to see what they say about how long it may be that sales can occur after deactivation. Just to make life more difficult, contributors on one well known microstock site have been up in arms recently about some unexpected royalties they received for images which were sold 'in a transaction that did not occur through the website'. Quite apart from the issue of how these sales my
  24. Also pertinent is the reason why you are searching. If you are looking to edit some metadata, you can go into 'Manage Images' on 'My Alamy' and select 'Images on Sale'. This displays all your images and you can search by the various caption, keyword and data fields. A useful facility, to give one example, if you are searching for an image in a particular location as the location field is not searchable in the online Alamy database
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