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  1. What about the RM licences that are for 20 or 25 years, couldn't you still see continued usage without getting any more $$$? I've never sold a licence for that length of time, but since you mention them I presume they must occur sometimes. But even 25 years is more restrictive than 'forever' and certainly more restrictive than 'use in any publication you wish and as many times as you want to' which is where RF goes to.
  2. There's no sign of a re-rank in the conventional BHZ sense as my benchmark photos are in the same place as they have been for weeks. However, that does not exclude the possibility of something being tweaked in the Stockimo part of the Alamy world, though I can't tjudge as it is a world I have no part of.
  3. I'd go for RM too. I'd be peeved if it sold for a modest sum and I then found myself appearing on posters, websites, magazine adverts and goodness knows where else for the next five years and knowing i was not getting any more money for it.
  4. The only info I have is that it was editorial on an ITV branded platform. It seems that I have little choice other than to let Alamy claim for the TV stuff, which I will do reluctantly as the amount concerned here is going to be small and 50% of small is very small indeed (according to the Clemson theory of micro-economics).
  5. I've had an email from Alamy saying that I'm opted out from Alamy claiming payback from DACS on my behalf. I'm perfectly happy with that as I've done the claim work myself for the past two years and bagged the whole amount for myself, not just 50% of it. However, Alamy are asking if I would like to opt in for DACS payback on TV usages of my images only. Does anyone know of any good reason why I should take up this offer? I've never previously had TV usage but this year I have one such sale. Is there a particular difficulty with identifying qualifying TV usage which would give an edge to A
  6. Welcome. Your images look like they have the qualities needed to sell here, though if you stick only to current events you will limit the amount of sales you may make. Captions and keywords look quite good but put more info about the location in your keywords, including Manchester, UK, England. I'd suggest you are a little more choosy and upload fewer similars as having lots of nearly identical images will, in the long term, push your images down the search results ranking.
  7. I'm not sure that it has sailed, if you mean it in the sense of the video market already being swamped. Certainly there are a lot more people contributing video and microstock agencies are increasingly more choosy about which clips they admit to their collections. However, with the ever growing number of mobile devices and the decline of print (especially newspapers), it seems to me there will be yet more demand for video material. If you add to that the rise of 4k video format, which has very few clips available compared to HD, then there is massive room for growth as past subjects are r
  8. Your size may be an underestimation, Geoff. I typically render as .MOV with PJPEG codec as this is accepted by nearly all agencies and gives a good quality starting point for the customer. A 15 second video rendered in this way may be 200-500Mb. Other codecs are accepted in various agencies but the large file size is still likely to be a feature if the video is not going to suffer from compression artefacts. Video is very resource intensive in both disk space and processing power, so I can understand why Alamy have tiptoed into this field, I just wish they would be bold enough to take the next
  9. For it to happen Alamy simply have to create an environment which makes it possible for the many talented image makers they already have to contribute video: online upload and good QC systems being top of the list. Saying 'simply' lays bare the problem as to why it isn't happening, the required investment in resources is significant and Alamy have preferred to take other, less resource intensive, opportunities, Stockimo being the most notable. Videographers would flock to Alamy if the right environment were present, just as still image contributors are doing so even now. I know I sound n
  10. As far as I can see, Alamy as a video site has hardly any traction at all and I would be surprised if it is worth putting in the effort to gather 250 clips to submit. If they are clips which you already have available on other sites (probably at a lower cost to the buyer), why would someone buy from Alamy? If the clips are exclusive to Alamy, why would you put them here for very few sales?. I would love to be proved wrong and now be inundated with posts from existing Alamy video contributors who are making a good income from their sales here, but I remain sceptical. If I have completely
  11. That is absolutely correct and, just to ice the cake, they want you to submit them all at once on hard disk. Alamy launched into the world of video several years ago, testing the waters by working with established video producers. There has been little since to suggest that they have had any significant success in the video market and they have themselves suggested that this project is now on the back-burner. It is a pity they have not grasped fully the opportunity afforded by the video market, especially since talented videographers at some well established microstock agencies are des
  12. This is a question which is asked on an almost weekly basis. This is a very helpful and tolerant forum with many experienced photographers ready to help others .However, every new contributor is also a competitor so don't be too surprised if you aren't bombarded with responses to a question which has been asked many times before. The best advice for you at the moment is to browse the forums and read carefully what has been said to others in your situation. Then go with your new found knowledge, practice your art and upload your best work. Then come back with specific questions and you w
  13. It does indeed, and seems to provide a degree of clarification on where we stand (even if it is not always welcome). However, I do recall that part of the debate over proposed restrictions on Network Rail property was that their restrictions impinged on the photographers right to depict genuinely newsworthy events, limiting press freedom. Perhaps this is worthy of a topic in itself: where under the new Alamy restriction do we stand on the newsworthy editorial photo of. for example, a robbery taking place in Wimbledon Centre Court?
  14. But you need to account for images which have been taken by accredited photogs, a few taken from public places and that the terms and conditions of entry may have changed since some images were uploaded. Whatever, the intending photographer still needs to deal with the conditions Wimbledon (and seemingly increasing number of other venues) are imposing now.
  15. Interestingly, I was perusing the terms and conditions relating to entry to Lancashire County Cricket Club matches, and found they have something very similar.
  16. Yes. Allan Pity. It would probably save the question of 'is my camera good enough' popping up on the forum every other month.
  17. There used to be a list of which cameras Alamy would accept for submissions here, but I can't seem to find it now. Did it drop out of use?
  18. I'm guessing this was part of the Liverpool International Music Festival. Their website FAQ's include the following paragraph Due to legal artist performance rights and royalty obligations, no video or audio recording equipment or any camera which is over 35mm or with a detachable lens is permitted onto the venue site. You will not be allowed to enter the site if you bring equipment that, at the discretion of our security, infringes on these rules. Depending on the kind of camera you used, you may count yourself fortunate to have got the camera into the venue at all. Accredited photog
  19. My daughter is 21 in about ten days time. With my usual planning and foresight I've just now decided it would be nice to give her a photobook of family photos spanning her 21 years (approx one page per year). I don't think I can get the images chosen, scanned and organised in time to use a commercial printer. Added to which, as an old-fashioned Lancashire lad, I will never buy anything if I can make it myself. I don't print many images myself, so I'm limited to an ageing HP Photosmart C7180. I could buy some A4 double-sided inkjet paper and layout the pages myself. The spring loaded se
  20. I've never got over the over fact that my best ever sale on Alamy, a tidy three figure sum, was an unremarkable photograph of a nondescript piece of architecture in an unimportant Lancashire town far from any tourists or big business interests. The image has, I think, only ever been viewed a handful of times in the four years since I uploaded it. It could easily have been a candidate for deletion, were I of that frame of mind. With the advent of that sale I became convinced that I don't know with any certainty at all which of my images may bring in the next tidy sum, so as sure as eggs is eggs
  21. Though you might be right, what really counts in the end of the day is how much you make per image online. That is, divide up how much you made during the years you've been uploading by your total number of images online. Do this for each agency. A while ago I read a blog post from a person who has all her images at another agency. She was very happy to have made 5,000 US in the lat five years. When I divided up the number of images she had online by the total money she made, I realized she made 0.35 cents per image online. If you upload images online here and at other places, in the
  22. I would reinforce what is being said by others. You will need to be both patient and shoot a lot more, 600 images among 76 million is a drop in the ocean. A rule of thumb of one sale per month per thousand images in your portfolio is often quoted and this has been true to my experience. In addition, your shooting style and subjects look as though they are much more typical of a microstock portfolio than most portfolios at Alamy, which tend to lean towards editorial subjects. There are buyers here for the commercial images you have, but many such buyers look to microstock first as it is gen
  23. It only works if you use your name as part of all your pseudos...it doesn't work if you use words/names which are not common to all pseudos. The advanced search seems only to be making the pseudonym searchable, not the same as the link we have to all our images in the forum. Ah! Light dawns. Thank you for being the bringer of enlightenment.
  24. Curiouser and curiouser. I won't say whose names I've searched, but in a couple of cases I got a result in line with the number shown in their forum entry, in two other cases the returned images numbered thousands less than that figure. Odd.
  25. I'm a little surprised that Phil's suggestion of searching the Photographer field in advance search doesn't work as expected. It certainly works correctly for me using my own name, returning all the images I have across four pseudos. I can't shed any light on this oddity, only to say it seems to work OK for me.
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