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  1. That picture has a person in it with no model release assigned to the image. It also has a ball with the makers name, and there is no property release assigned to the image. Such an image can be used for editorial as it stands. It cannot, however, be used for commercial purposes (eg. advertising) unless the purchaser ensures they can obtain the necessary releases. The inscription simply reminds the prospective purchaser that this is the case and that they will need to take steps to get such releases.
  2. Let me know what you have installed the extension, which allows you to see the new appearance of his name on Google You can find what you need at Google Alerts. https://www.google.co.uk/alerts
  3. I was interested to discover that images I recently added to a POD site popped up on Google within 24 hours. It doesn't happen every time I put a new image on this POD site, but more often than not. I only discovered this because I have a Google alert set up to show me if my name (which is not a very common one) appears on their search engine. Clearly it is possible to get one's content on Google quickly, though I don't know what the difference is between what Alamy does and this POD site does. It may just be a matter of scale - the POD site in question is dealing with a lot, lot less than
  4. Do you think it would be worth Alamy's while to even try to compete at this point? Other people obviously think there is still a profit to be made in video as the last year or so has seen a few new players in the microstock video agency field, plus, one existing established agency pushing towards a new USP with an emphasis on quality and another quality stills-only agency just announcing it is starting out on the video road. I'm not an expert in this field, merely a contributor who watches for straws in the wind, but what I see suggests there is still much potential for both contributo
  5. Stefan, I understand you aren't able to name these other agencies which deleted your account immediately, but I do wonder about them. All the microstock agencies I have used include a period of notice in their contract termination clause which states that they may continue to licence your content, even after they have accepted your notice of termination. The period varies between 30 and 90 days, so Alamy's 45 days is about average. If exclusivity needs to be absolute at your new outlet, I would be inclined to check with your previous agencies whether there remains a possibility (however sligh
  6. Agreed, but I don't think they presently have the resources to compete with established or upcoming agencies, nor the willingness to invest the substantial amount of hard cash which would enable them to compete.
  7. Congratulations, John! I vaguely recall that those of us who dutifully submitted our claims to DACS early were entered in a draw for an iPad (or something). Alas, as is the norm, I have heard nothing. On the bright side at least I won't have to start getting to grips with yet another piece of technology which I don't really need.
  8. I've just logged out and back in again without any difficulty on my existing password. No emails from Alamy other than the one explaining they now had 'contributor relations' and not 'member services' (why does that change feel like a downgrade ?)
  9. At least one microstock site encouraged shooters to try shooting vertical HD video about six years ago. As far as I can see, it didn't come to much for anyone. Coincidentally, Bolton Wanderers replaced their stadium giant screen with a vertical format one last season. Nobody seemed to understand why or like it very much and we were relegated to the old third division (possibly not a direct cause and effect, but symptomatic of a truly awful season). Consequently the club can no longer afford the system to show in-game replays and the screen is limited pretty well to just showing messages a
  10. The few references to removing CA and purple fringing in video I've found nearly all refer to After Effects (definitely not free software). I've seen one explanation on how to do it in Davinci Resolve, but since it involves using multiple nodes and all kind of other jiggery-pokery, it just made my head spin. My own approach to the best way to deal with purple fringing in video is not to shoot anything which will incur it. If i had a unique piece of footage so afflicted which I coudn't reshoot, I'd probably investigate what was posible with Resolve, but to date I've never felt so moved and anyt
  11. 4 sales for $85 gross. Happy with 4 sales. Revenue could have been better, especially since two were 'personal use' licences, one of which seemed unlikely and the other extremely unlikely.
  12. Has anybody any opinion on these courses and this offer? It looks tempting on the face of things -I could probably pick up a few new things on the Diploma in Video course and, as I know almost nothing about social media, I would be interested in Social Media Marketing. However, I'm old enough to know that there is no such thing as a free lunch and and a born cynic to boot, so I wonder what is the catch and what to Shaw Academy plan to gain from their largesse?
  13. My first video project is an hour-long (or more) documentary intended for a wide audience via DVD (I like jumping in at deep ends), on a historical subject of local significance. It's written and presented by a friend so as the cameraman I don't have to worry too much about the content and instead I'm concentrating on image quality and visual appeal. Like others have said, I can't afford to splash out on expensive gear so I'm trying to make the most of the constraints of static camera equipment. One person who's seen clips of the film said it clearly showed my background as a still photographe
  14. I don't have an expert opinion based on experience on sliders, only a gut feeling and some playing around with DIY equipment. Viewers do like the additional visual dynamics sliders can introduce, but foremost, the subject of the clip is paramount in the buyer's decision. My own feeling is that timelapse clips benefit more from a slider than ordinary footage. I have played around with DIY sliders.What that has shown me is that any movement needs to be smooth and predictable, which almost inevitably means motorised. Hand operated sliders can produce usable footage but this will not be
  15. I'd be happy with a digital camera which had a dynamic range which avoided highlights being blown out while retaining shadow detail (instant in-camera HDR which looked natural and authentic?). Also an autofocus which recognised what I really want to focus on rather than focusing on everything but my intended subject (yes, I know I can select my focus point, but we re talking about evolving intelligent cameras here.). All this, and good quality glass at a price I can truly afford.
  16. Manual focus is essential. Autofocus may start to hunt for focus during a shot and ruin it. Using manual focus can be a pain on small camera screens, especially in bright sunlight, so I often use autofocus to fix on my subject, then switch to manual focus to prevent it changing during the shot. I usually fix the focus and switch to manual before trying to set the exposure too.
  17. There are lots of issues wrapped up in your handful of questions. I'l pick out just a few: You need to decide where you are going to submit video and look at which video format/codec (s) they require. If you can identify a format/codec which is common to all you are best using that. I use MOV/Photo-JPEG, which is quite old and is better suited to HD than 4K, but pretty well all the agencies accept it. If you have used a variety of cameras you may find each camera saves its video files in a slightly different format. You'll need to identify the native format for each camera and check wh
  18. I'm sure you can look at, and capture as a still image, each individual frame in a video. The issue Geoff refers to is that, depending on the codec used, there will be a certain number of keyframes where the image is recorded in its entirety. Frames in between the keyframes are calculated from the keyframe + visual change information for each non-keyframe, making the whole video file smaller and faster in play. This is the compression which I think may show as compression artefacts if you capture a still image from any frame. Presumably capturing a keyframe would be better, but I suspect even
  19. Video images (both HD and 4K) are also subject to a significant amount of compression during capture. I would be interested in seeing some example stills to see whether there is any noticeable degrading in the quality of the image. For moving pictures it doesn't much matter, but for stills it could be an issue.
  20. I have wondered this myself and I thought we had had a discussion thread a year or two ago on this subject - though I now can't find it. I don't yet shoot 4K so my main question, which maybe you can answer yourself, is whether the shutter speed for 4K video gives sharp enough images to be acceptable stills. In HD video the shutter speed is usually 1/50 or 1/60, which means captured stills often have a slight blur which makes them unsuitable for submission here. I don't know if the technicalities of 4K video means they have the same limitation on shutter speed and the same slight blur whic
  21. I live in Bolton but have no recollection of seeing this image. I'l keep an eye open.
  22. Alessandra, you've hardly got going yet. You have maybe 10% of the size of portfolio needed to make regular sales. As has been said many times before, Alamy is not microstock and if your expectations are formed by the microstock experience, you need to make an inward adjustment to work at Alamy. Refunds are not commonplace here, but they do occur because, for one example, clients will sometimes include an image in a draft of their publication which does not make it into the final version. They then get a refund on the unused image. The Alamy business model is not the same as microstock
  23. It is also worth spending some time browsing this forum. There are a few threads on the intricacies of keywords, as well as many other subjects. A good education is available to the avid reader here at Alamy.
  24. If a picture was good enough to be uploaded in the first place I reckon it's good enough to have a chance to sell. I've sold pictures for the first time donkeys years after i first uploaded them. I don't ever delete pictures. Edit to add... Though I occasionally say to those who ask that they should delete images which are pretty much identical to ones they already have - lots of similars will indeed harm your ranking over time.
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