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  1. The 46 images do seem to be of the Barberini Potsdam museum. What I do notice is that most of them have been submitted through the dpa picture alliance. The museum has a strict limitation on who take photos for publication and there is a link to a licence application for photographers on their website. Is it possible a regional restriction has been placed on these photos and so they don't show up in Germany? I don't really know how the regional restriction feature operates.
  2. barberini potsdam museum The link you have just given me shows 46 results. Edit to add ... I would have thought Germany and UK would give the same results.
  3. I have no expertise in this, but I noticed that James May in 'The Reassembler' used a fibreglass pencil to clean the copper contacts on the armature of the electric motor of his model Flying Scotsman'. Maplin and Hobbycraft sell them. Maplin has a warning not to let the fibreglass dust get on your fingers, so it may be worth researching further to see if there is any implication of risk for sensitive equipment.
  4. It's a common question and if you have browse through the forum you'll find threads which discuss it at length. In short though, you can sell images here and elsewhere as long as they are under the same kind of licence RM or RF. For most contributors with microstock portfolios, it mean they have to be careful not to upload their RF images and set them to RM at Alamy. At the moment, unreleased editorial images have to be RM at Alamy, though change is in the offing. Ha..Kumar beat me to the punch :-)
  5. 266, growing my portfolio by near enough 10%. I've spent slightly more time this year on video (outside Alamy), but that has suddenly become rather unsettled in some significant outlets for me, so I may now lean back to Alamy a little more until the waters elsewhere are less muddy, though I ken that the waters here are not exactly crystal clear.
  6. It depends on what the main subject of the photograph is. If a building is the obvious main subject of a photograph then you would need a property release. But if it's just one of many buildings that are in a cityscape type shot like the one that you reference, then releases for the individual buildings aren't required. That has been my understanding too but on checking Alamy's guidelines I see that they say "If there’s recognisable property in your image you’ll need a property release in order to sell as RF or for commercial use." This implies that even broad city scenes may require mu
  7. I can't help with the plant myself but I can say that those who can will be better able if they have information on the location.
  8. Isn't it law that you are permitted to take and use pictures for whatever purpose on from Network Rail property? As for the actual trains, this I don't know. The operators were First Great Western (defunct) and Virgin Trains East Coast. If you have a look at Network Rail's website you'll find (https://filming.networkrail.co.uk/home.aspx) extensive information on what is required for commercial filming (which I take to include photgraphy) at their stations. They backed down last year on removing all images taken on their premises when it was pointed out to them that these were not comme
  9. I think you need to contact contributor services for some greater clarity on the failure reason. The only odd thing about the above train in the hashtag campaign on it, which I know is a Virgin Trains sanctioned campaign supporting a railman with cancer. It may be they think there is some kind of problem with that, though I don't know why. Edited to add. I would agree with Niels that, if anything, the failure might be down to the focus and definition being a little soft, but that doesn't appear to be what they have stated.
  10. Today I have also received the DACS claim amount and it was somewhat larger than last year. The first year I tried to claim myself, but I didn't reach the same number of images to claim for that Alamy did. I am pretty sure it was due to the RF licences, for which the uses cannot be traced easily. How do you deal with this? As far as I can see, once you have sold an image with a RF licence there is no way either the contributor or Alamy can keep track of subsequent uses, unless you are very fortunate and stumble across one in use somewhere. This is why I am determinedly sticking to
  11. Just got the same. I'm guessing Alamy's payment of DACS which they are calculating for my one and only TV usage. I do the still images myself.
  12. There is a massive discussion on keywording going on at the moment in the thread 'Search engine changes'. You might want to read that, even though it is long, convoluted and far from conclusive at this point. In general though, straightforward duplication of keywords in the different boxes would, for the most part, be regarded as a negative.
  13. The rule of thumb usually quoted in 1 sale per month for each 1000 images. The actuality varies greatly as contributors with selective uploads of excellent images, carefully keyworded and described can do better. Those who upload stacks of poor photos, lots of similars, ill-considered keywords or who simply duplicate what they already have on the microstock sites are likely to do much worse. The key to selling is not in the quantity but in the quality.
  14. Have a look at this Alamy blog on what to do if you are in an image on this site http://www.alamy.com/blog/see-stock-photo. It may answer your question. If not, you can always e-mail Alamy for further clarification.
  15. More or less correct. If they are RF elsewhere they must be RF here. However, be wary as RF elsewhere may allow 'unrecognisable' people to be included. At Alamy any part of any person in the picture - even tiny pinpricks in the distance, an unrecognisable body part or even a shadow - means it must be RM here. Also, I never tire of repeating that, in my humble opinion, uploading stacks of microstock images already available on other agencies simply devalues the value and uniqueness of the Alamy library, dragging down the prices we get here. I know lots of people do it and I know Alamy
  16. Go to the Alamy home page (www.alamy.com) and log in to your account. At the top right, select My Alamy. This gives you a dashboard of your sales information. To see and manage your images (keywording etc.) click on the Manage Your Images button. To look at views, zooms and (eventual) sales on your images, click on 'Alamy Measures' and the 'Your Images' button. If you want to see your images as a customer might see them, click on the search button on the Alamy home page, then click on 'Advanced Search' and enter your Contributor Name in box provided. You can also use the Alam
  17. Great stack of Alamy images credited in 'Citizen Khan's Guide to Britain'. Credits can be seen in the Google books preview. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=U6LEDAAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false I haven't yet seen the book itself so I can't even say which image of mine Adil Ray has chosen (what do you mean you don't think he chose them himself? Surely he wouldn't let some whippersnapper picture researcher do it, would he? ).
  18. Me to. Shouldn't that include 'me too' and possibly 'me two' to cover all the bases.
  19. I use phrases in quotations a lot but I can't say I've noticed any problem with them. A quick look in Manage Images seems to show everything as I inputted it, both phrases and single keywords. The keywords look also OK when I look at the images o the main Alamy website.
  20. I'l be happy if has changed - it will mean I should reach the payout threshold before Christmas, rather than after it, as was looking likely to be the case. It makes little difference in the long run but a welcome small bonus just when it's needed.
  21. Because of the location it does seem likely to be the victim of a road accident, though there is little sign of impact injury other than the position of the wing. One other possibility is that it has been poisoned, if a photog comes across a dead bird of prey where this is suspected the police should be informed as persecution of such birds is still far too common and is illegal (in the UK). There is also at least one organisation, the Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme which would be pleased if you sent them the body of some birds of prey for post-mortem -http://pbms.ceh.ac.uk/ They will e
  22. Camping and Caravanning Club magazine. October 2016 issue. DDYR77 The Bowes Museum and gardens Barnard Castle David Forster BA8REW Kirkby Stephen railway station, Cumbria Ange DD9DN3 Rainbow in Wensleydale in Yorkshire Dales Andrew Fletcher (Yorks) Camping and Caravanning Club magazine. December 2016 issue. CB8DXN Lincoln Christmas Market at night 2011 Chris Vaughan (cropped) I'm think these are through Alamy but not certain as none of them are credited (at least not in the digital version I have access to).
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