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  1. Same here, a modest $$ sale which cleared two weeks ago is suddenly owing again. Has a large cheque bounced? Has someone gone bust?
  2. The trouble with responding to this query is that it risks reopening the contract changes thread and, therefore, the instant deletion of this thread. However, I have to say that I disagree with Steve that there are no changes at all. In the changes to the contract wording I have looked at. I believe I see an increase in exposure to the risk of legal action and also the range of third parties for whom I would need to bear the costs of such action. True, there were risks before, though not so explicit, but I feel a sense of greater risk. The problem which worries me most
  3. Hello Christine, the phrase 'vanishingly rarely' simply means 'hardly ever', 'extremely rare'. It is a turn of phrase which crops up occasionally in British English - I noticed our esteemed Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, used it just the other day. In this context Spacecadet was referring to the experience of many well established contributors here that QC very rarely get their decision on image quality wrong. They are not superhuman but they are usually very good at their job. Most of us here have suffered one or more rejections and found that it was a problem we'd missed an they
  4. Bryan's marathon daily efforts on the Times are sorely missed, notwithstanding TeeCee's valiant efforts to fill the gap. The forum as a whole is much quieter as so many established contributors here throw in the Alamy towel as the 24th July deadline approaches. The forum is greatly impoverished by these developments. I think Alamy as a whole will come to realise, too late, that they are also impoverished by what they have done. Very, very sad.
  5. I raised the question about new clips being added to the Alamy collection with Pond5 support, along with questions about changing prices and keywords. They gave a 'catch-all' answer which was that changes would be reflected on the Alamy site 'within about 60 days, depending on the kind of change.' I took that to mean that new material may transfer over within a couple of months, if it falls within the selection criteria specified by Alamy. I'm also expecting that existing material may transfer over if the price is within their preferred range (discussed earlier in this thread). I will be runn
  6. Interesting blog, even though it's written for the image buyer rather than the image maker. Deleted this comment, it would just lead the thread off course
  7. I don't think there's a problem with the transfer process affecting the colour rendering between Pond5 and Alamy, if that;s what you mean by willy-nilly. Clips of mine on both agencies look pretty identical. I don't know if you really need a whole different set of ideas for shooting video I always reckon on shooting similar stuff for video as I shoot for stills on Alamy. Granted, it's useful if there's a natural source of movement in the frame but the subjects I choose for both stills and video are not that different overall. The one thing I would say is that I find I can't success
  8. I would tend to agree. Some of the drone shots in particular look like they have not seen any post-processing at all. There was some speculation earlier in this thread that maybe many of the clips are non-sellers on Pond5 itself. It's not possible to verify that but I did wonder about it.
  9. Poor visibility is not a problem as long as your images are well captioned and keyworded. Put full detail of what is in the picture in the caption. 'Duck in a pond' is unlikely to get any sales at Alamy. 'Mallard drake on a small pond surrounded by reeds' will give you a better chance. Research the duck, make sure you identify it correctly and include its Latin name. Find out what kind of reeds and include that in the caption. Keyword comprehensively but don't include irrlevant or peripheral keywords. Very few images really need 50 keywords, or even 40. The quality of your photography looks f
  10. 1. There is a mountain of information you need to ingest to make it in the activity of Stock Photography, much can be found in the Alamy blogs and here on the forum. As a starting point read the How to sell images on Alamy blog pages. 2. Carefully read the Contributor Contract and understand what you are signing up to. It is of particular concern just at the moment as the new and more detailed contract comes into force on July 24th. In case you have missed it, a particular measure is that it reduces the commission to 40%. That further reduces to 20% if you don't make $250 dollars
  11. What I would put is Is there any property in the image = YES Do you have a signed release for the property = NO. Books, record covers, toys, games etc etc. may contain images which are themselves subject to copyright. The items may be your 'property' in the sense of belonging to you, but the intellectual property is what may be at issue is such cases. By marking the property release section in this way the onus is on the buyer of the image licence to decide if they need to obtain releases or nt for their particular usage. As an aside, I'm about to trawl
  12. Since the commission is calculated on the date the sale appears in your sales report, the date the sale is invoiced, I am working onthe basis that this will be the date governing the commission percentage. In other words, any sale invoiced on July 24th or later will produce a 40% share for the contributor (in most cases).
  13. My prices are all over the place as I've sometimes experimented with different price points. (FWIW I've concluded that if the buyer likes your clip, they are not too worried about the price as long as it not outrageous). Doing a quick survey of my portfolio on Alamy, the majority now found here (all HD) have been priced at $60 - $75 on Pond5. One or two at $55 have transfered over, but none that I've found yet at over $75. Contrary to what I was thinking this morning, the Alamy import has included quite a lot of animations, but none of mine as the price looks to be too low ($20-$30) . The anim
  14. It would be really helpful if Alamy would be upfront about the criteria for selection of clips from the Pond5 library. Also, whether the portfolio of selected clips is going to be updated on a regular basis so that new contributors to Pond5 can expect to see their work appear through Alamy. Alamy contributors could then make an informed choice about whether to venture into the field of video via the Pond5 route.
  15. I've had a response from Pond5 support which indicates that the clips imported by Alamy are governed by selection criteria set by Alamy themselves. Part of the selection criteria being those clips with a Pond5 price point similar to Alamy's pricing. If Alamy have deliberately or inadvertently excluded animations, or if the Pond5 price is unusually high (or low?) then you might have slipped through the net. I can now see that none of my animations have made the transition either.
  16. I'm assuming the IT department will resolve the import issue which mistreats keyword phrases and re-import the 6 million video clips correctly.
  17. Will do, though I am sure they are hanging on to every word of wisdom we contributors post here and take extra care to ensure it shapes their way of thinking, indeed their whole philosophy of life.🙂
  18. Thank you for spotting that little gem of information. Given that Pond5 claims to have over 22 milion videos in its collection, it looks like a little over a quarter of them are available through Alamy. Some Pond5 contributors will have opted out of the Global Partnership Program so that explains why some at least have not transferred over to Alamy. Not sure about the rest yet. Your insight also prompted my to click on the photographer name and, lo and behold, it brings up the rest of the photographer's portfolio. I can now see that just over half of my non-exclusive portfolio has
  19. You might be barking up the right tree. While one or two of my sellers over the past two years have transferredto Alamy, the majority have not. In some cases other shots from the same shoot have transferred but not ones which sold. I think there is more to it than just non-sellers, but that seems to be part of it.
  20. Yes, it looks like Alamy have set their own price points for all their Pond5 clips (not just those from Black Box) - £48 for a standard HD licence. This equates to around $66 at present. I personally use a range of prices for HD content on Pond5, mostly from $50 to $75, so Alamy are about the mid-point of that range. Of course Alamy will take their cut from the £48 and that also assumes they will not discount that price point when actually making the sale - possibly a rash assumption. However, Pond5 also give themselves the power to vary the price point set by the contributor, bo
  21. The initial import of Pond5 material to Alamy remains unchanged as of Saturday morning, as far as I can tell. I've been looking at which bits of my portfolios have transferred and which haven't, but so far haven't seen any identifiable pattern. I've raised a query with Pond5 support on how this is all working. I should get a reply in the next few days which may, or may not, be enlightening.
  22. I think you are right about an increasingly complex web of agencies and distributors with both still and video content appearing around the world on sites you never originally uploaded to, and possibly don't want to - hence quite a lot of contributors opt out of these partnership deals. Black Box guild are a combination of another agency of a kind ('community of creators') and upload aggregator. Simply put, you upload your content to them and they take the strain of administration: captioning, keywording etc and then the uploading to the four main microstock agencies. You then wai
  23. I don't see why it shouldn't register as a zoom, supposing video clicks work the way of still image clicks. However, it would register as a zoom on the account of Pond5 who are the ones with the contributor account. The original creator (me, thee and others) would not see any sniff of a benefit from said click. This is just one of the reasons it would be nice to have the facility to directly upload our own clips to Alamy.
  24. I did a test search yesterday morning similar to your's and it produces the same results today. It may be that the import is only part done, or it may be that it's selective in some way. I will keep looking to try and discover what is happening.
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