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  1. Thanks for your response Jon D, especially on the drone work. I shall ponder whether it is right for me... Have a look at other forums discussions on the 'Discoverability' bar to get a handle on what users here think about using all 50 keywords. There is not unanimity, but the leaning is towards less being more. Have fun.
  2. Spacecadet is right about the numerous similars having a harmful effect on your search ranking in the medium to long term. Much better to limit similars to just a handful. I would also recommend you aim to use fewer keywords. Keywords which are peripheral or barely relevant to the subject of the image will produce false positives in searches and, again, drive down your ranking in searches. The other issue which you might want to address with your existing portfolio before uploading many more imaages is to make sure you mark any RF images which contain recognisable property or unreleased people
  3. Thanks for pointing out that small point. One presumes that since the OP has made no further responses and still doesn't have any images in their portfolio, he/she has abandoned the project.
  4. You asked essentially the same question in a post last month. Until we get to the bottom of why your first three pictures, which you say passed QC, aren't showing up in your portfolio, then we're unlikely to get a sensible answer to the question you posted here. So, do you have an email from Alamy saying your first three image have passed QC? Can you see them in Alamy Image Manager? Have you captioned and keyworded them in line with the replies given in the earlier thread?
  5. I've been doing video for years now and I have found it useful to have several baskets of eggs. Whether coincidental or providential, I've often found that lulls in one income stream have coincided with upturns in another.
  6. Only Alamy can answer for certain in any particular case, so you may want to contact Contributor Relations if you would like reassurance. However, I have had double, apparently identical, sales in the past, which Alamy assured me were correct and we're, in time, paid out in full. I didn't inquire into the minutiae of why it was done this way, but I would guess it related to two different kinds of publication by the same publisher using the same story or article.
  7. Personally, I regard anything posted on Twitter as being untrustworthy and lacking credibility, posted probably by some numpty who may know lots about social media but may not have a full range of expertise in the subject they are dealing with. The tweet you refer to is typical in that it has an element of truth but doesn't tell the whole story. The last word from Alamy I am aware of is their own blog on street art, which states that the street art must be in a wider context AND be ticked Editorial Only. ETA Looking at the tweet itself, I would say that the images show
  8. Edo, even if your fuel costs are included in the rent, you are still paying for said heating and lighting costs. I'm pretty sure the winter fuel payment would go directly to youself. The issue is whether you are eligible.
  9. I'm not sure whether you are going to find an answer to your question here. Not a great many people at Alamy do 360 degree spherical panoramas and I suspect those who do don't regularly contribute to the forum. Usually, if the required expertise available here, someone here will come forward to assist within a day or two at the most. If you search the forum for '360 degrees' there are one or two old threads, but nothing that is really very helpful to you. You might have to research this question further using other parts of the internet. I hope you can find the answers you seek so
  10. Sorry if I was unclear. I wasn't referring to Euros at all. What I meant was that sterling to dollar rates are more favourable to Alamy UK contributors at the moment in historical terms. Four to five years ago we had an exchange rate of about $1.5 to £1, nowadays it hovers around $1.3 to £1. So our dollar payout from Alamy currently buys us more £ than it did a few years ago. If we exit the EU, espcially on on unfavourable terms, it seems likely that the value of sterling will drop further against the dollar. In which case our dollar payout from Alamy would buy us even more pound
  11. I don't think it has ever been the case that Alamy payout is $1=£1, I'm not quite sure where you have picked up that idea. Alamy pays out using a conversion which approximates to the going dollar - pound sterling exchange rate at the time payout is triggered. Therefore the amount you get will vary from month to month depending on how the currency markets are moving. Rates for UK contributors are quite favourable at the moment, and may become more so if we exit the EU without a deal.
  12. Hello, I would echo what John Morrison has said about keywords. Get rid of generic keywords which don't specifically describe the subject of the image. They will hurt your placement in search rankings. On the other hand, make sure you include specifics about the subject (and the location if the location is itself significant to the subject). For example, your trains will almost certainly have a designation of some kind. In the UK trains are often known by their designer or manufacturer and have a given class name, e.g. Gresley 'A4 Pacific'' class. Research and include the same kin
  13. The shopping suggestions above (Range and BHF) are great if you have a car. If you are tied to shanks pony or public transport, as I think is the case for Ed, they are quite a way out of the city centre (and mostly uphill as I recall). My knowledge of Liverpool city centre is sketchy these days as regards cheap shopping - anyone around with more local experience?
  14. If the light, season, circumstances or whatever make it a noticeably different image which might sell when the 'similar' might not, then it is justifiable to include new ones and to retain old ones which are not presenting the subject in quite the same way. I suppose we need to put ourselves in the shoes of the image buyer and ask if the images we present each offer him/her something different. As you allude to, Ed, having more than a few similar images can be injurious to search placing over the long term. I like to have 'similar' images where they show how a location has changed
  15. It's not unusual for sales to appear on our account until some time after the image has been used. In the case of newspapers this can be several weeks or even months. With magazines my own experience is that it is usually a matter of days after publication. Regular Alamy clients have deals which given them the facility to use images and then report their usage later. Sometimes clients are less than efficient at reporting usage, or may even miss reporting altogether, therefore it is a good idea to keep an eye on sales if you know one of your images has been used. As a rule of thumb we don't nor
  16. Not a problem. Hope it provides some clarity for you.
  17. You'll find detail information in the article I linked to in my earlier reply. There are also other threads in the forum. But in brief, 1. DACS is UK focussed.. It collects payments from organisations such as libraries and universities for copies (eg. photocopies) made of copyright images in printed works. 2. Annually, DACS distributes this money to artists who have had photos of theirs published in UK magazines and books. 3. Artists need to make a claim to DACS indicating how many qualifying images of theirs have been published in this way. Where possible the artist nee
  18. This is some information on DACS. Since a DACS payment has landed in your account it's safe to assume that Alamy are making a claim to DACS on your behalf. This is the case for many more recent contributors. Up until a few years ago contributors had the option to be opted out and make their own claim to DACS, thereby getting the full amount, rather than Alamy taking a 50% cut. This opt out is no longer available. On this subject, the claim to DACS is increasingly weighting the DACS payment towards specific information being provided about which publications one's images have appear
  19. Cool. Hope it sells well. Hope some other presidents read it and take it to heart. Wannabe photographers like myself are fortunate to have access to a rich reservoir of knoweldge from skillful, creative and experienced 'togs, such as yourself, in the Alamy forum. I certainly feel I have become better in my work because of their generous advice.
  20. Thank you for that pointer. My simple search only found the ones where Noboy was the first word.
  21. Looking at 'All of Alamy' for the past year, 'Nobody' has been used as a search term 28 times - so not massive. It's probably much more important to make sure the 'number of people' field in the optional tab in AIM is completed. The optional info in AIM contains quite significant information, so it remains a surprise to me that Alamy have persisted in labelling it as 'optional'.
  22. The Alamy abbreviation 'WOP' arises from searchers ticking the 0 people box when using the image search field. I don't think many contributors use the abbreviation as a keyword and I doubt that many customers use it as a search term. 'Nobody' seems to be the way to do if you want to keyword 'no people'.
  23. If you have the funds to obtain a monitor calibrator, I would highly recommend it. Even getting a secondhand one,as I did, transformed the look of my images and gave me a lot more confidence that me post-processing was right. There are are ways to calibrate a monitor without the a hardware accessory, but they are no way near as reliable. For location. Put it in the keywords if it would be genuinely useful, but even just the keywords will produce soem false positives. For the flowers and such like generic shots where location is not significant, put the location in the Additional in
  24. I'm sure there will be a market for your images, so keep working and uploading. Your newer images do look better, but I think they could still benefit from a little more brightness, contrast and colour saturation in post-processing. Images which 'pop' stand out in search thumbnails and do tend to sell better. Spend time browsing the monthly 'Images sold in...' forum thread as that will give you and idea of the look of images which sell, even if the subjects differ to yours. I would advise to not put a location in your caption when the subject is not very specific to tha
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