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  1. Alamy's payment system is outlined here in contributor FAQ. Some payments may take longer, or in a very few cases never happen, because the customer fails to pay their bills. For the most part you will see your sale clear after about six weeks and payment to you will occur at the end of the month if your cleared balance exceeds $50.
  2. If you go to Sales History on the Dashboard, you can select 'Time Period' = All. You can then scroll through all the sales you've ever made. I don't know of any other way to get the info you need.
  3. I may be barking up the wrong tree but I suspect they are also being overrrun with queries from many contributors wishing to migrate from Shutterstock following the decimation of contributor commissions there.
  4. As far as I can see these Animotsu and Mini Motsu toy characters seem to be designed by and exclusive to Keel Toys. I can't see any obvious link to any film or TV franchise, though I am by no means an expert in the genre of children's media. To my eye they seem to take some inspiration from the Japanese anime style cartoons, but more than that I would not venture. There are other brands of large-eyed, plush cuddly toys out there. I am staying safe, thanks Ed. In fact I've hardly ventured out further than Tesco more than a handful of times since March. I remain cautious about where
  5. Picking up on the clues in the parts of lables visible, I would tend to suggest this range supplied by Keel Toys - but you will need to look in more detail to establish if there are definite matches between your picture and their range or if the ones you have photographed are some kind of cheap lookalike.
  6. It's a rare event to see individual Alamy contributors given credits on a TV documentary, but it is the case with the BBC Four documentary 'Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm', transmitted Saturday 18th July 2020. The following are credited (though I can't identify which images were used). MediaPunch Inc/Alamy Stock Photo Tracksimages.com/Alamy Stock Photo Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix/Alamy Stock Photo Everett Collection Inc/Alamy Stock Photo The programme is available on BBC iPlayer, for those with access (ie. UK TV licence payers).
  7. The only way of tracking views on your images is through the Dashboard, Alamy Measures, Your Images. This shows which serach terms have returned images in your portfolio and how which of them have been zoomeed You can adjust the date period you want to view. However, Alamy measures does not register any views by casual browsers, not even other contributors nor your own views. Only registered buyers are counted for views and zooms. This will limit the number of views you receives, but at least you will know they are genuine prospective customers. If you believe that your images have
  8. Hello Jose, I'm not clear what it is you are asking. The term Subtitles is not used in tagging images at Alamy. Captions need to be proper sentences in English. However make sure you include as many words as you can which describe the main subject ofthe image, but without making the caption a list of keywords. Tags and supertags (or keywords as some of us persist in calling them) can be single words or short phrases, each separated by a comma. For your picture of brooms, I would use 'piassava broom', 'piassava brooms', broom, brooms and piassava. Note that, at Alamy, pl
  9. Thank you for that. I can't see any obvious logical reason why the changes at Shutterstock should have produced a sudden increase in licences significantly over the basic ten cent variety. Only time will tell if it is a statistical blip or a real change.
  10. It would be interesting to know whether this represents 730 sales at ten cents each or whether the figure is skewed by a number of substantailly higher sales of some kind? In addition, though it is hard to do anything other than speculate, have remaining contributors benefitted significantly by the action of a large group of very angry contributors who have made moves to form a coalition of contributors and have, in many cases deactivated or deleted their accounts. Shutterstock's library is recored as having dropped from 325 millon at the beginning of June to 321 million on June 26th.
  11. I posted this answer to the OP's question on a previous occasion, but as it lays out ALamy's position in some detail, it is probably worth repeating. I raised this with Alamy contributor support some time ago. This is the reply I received. If you're licensing your images as RF then we recommend you do tick the 'sell for editorial only box' but as you are licensing the images as RM then you don’t necessarily need to have these restrictions. This will however open up the option to customers to purchase commercial licenses but as long as you have annotated the images
  12. If you have added a caption and at least five keywords (tags), then going on sale is automatic after the server update (usually overnight UK time). If this hasn't happened, contact contributor relations (contributors@alamy.com) to let them know there is a problem.
  13. Just scraped the surface of what might be in the Times for Saturday, nothing like the sterling efforts of Bryan, but a few pics found. The Times – Saturday 27th June 2020 Print Edition Terry Matthews, 2C4BR7X Lightning over Instow, North Devon, Alamy Live News. Unidentified image of yacht in on coast of Spain, credited to Alamy on online page but I can only find it on a microstock site. Unidentified image of Dubrovnik skyline, Croatia featuring cathedral tower, credited to Alamy but I can't find it. NASA Archive, BFGBFR, Apollo 11 launch.
  14. More precisely, Alamy does have a footage library which customers can access. However, it was only ever open to a limited number of extablished video producers as contributors. It was then closed to all new contributors some years ago. There has been nothing to date to suggest this is going to change anytime soom, unless our new owners bring about a change of policy.
  15. Both account balance and sales history are OK for me this morning, GMT. Inquiries to support are slower to get a response than usual anyway because of staffing issues during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also the office mostly only operates during UK business hours.
  16. I've often seen a slight dip around Easter anyway, but as David suggests, many businesses have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Staff are absent and/or working practice is very disrupted. Add to tha, the Media is very cornavirus focussed. Personally, I'd be surprised to see views and zooms return to 'normal' levels for some weeks, probably more likely some months.
  17. A useful post, Bryan. It takes a minute or so to edit a quote to remove sections not relevant to the point one wants to make or to say 'thank you' for your sterling work in spotting images usage, but editing the quote does make the thread as a whole more easily readable. My main point in posting, however, is to check if you are aware that the Times has now made the print edition available as a e-paper, that is, a complete facsimile of the print edition accessible on screen. I suspect it is only available to subscribers, but the link to it is here. Keep up the good work.
  18. Thanks Bryan. Not only a rare sale to the Times, but a self-portrait as well. Pity I won't get a modelling fee. Ironically, the article on DIY injuries putting extra pressure on A&E came the day after a section of new fencing I was attempting to errect blew over in a gust of wind and badly bruised my lower leg. Luckily nothing seems broken and the extra pressure on A&E was avoided this time. Even staying at home can be dangerous.
  19. To address some of the other points you raise in your question. While the publisher would be first in line for any misuse of your images, assuming the information about releases you supplied is correct, the buck stops with the photographer and not Alamy. Have a look at paragraphs 4 and 5 of the Contributor Contract. Some microstock agencies are more 'paranoid' about putting up images as commercial because they provide some indemnity to the end customer that the photo concerned is properly available for commercial use. Hence their QC people inspect releases as well as content and i
  20. I believe some other contributors may also use Stocksubmitter, through I don't do so myself; they may be able to shed more light on that part of your workflow. However, as part of the process of troubleshooting your problem I'd be inclined to submit some images direct to Alamy using their web upload page and take Stocksubitter out of the equation for the time being. If the problem persists, you at least know that it is nothing to do with Stocksubmitter.
  21. The processing failures I had at that time were on the Live News upload route. It may be that the headline/caption metadata is mandatory only on that route. Having said that, I seem to recall seeing somewhere that if all metadata had somehow be inadvertently stripped from an image prior to upload, it would be rejected either on upload or at QC - I'm not sure which.
  22. I had a series of images fail to upload properly with the 'processing failed' message about a year ago. I eventually traced it to the metadata not being exported with the photos when I created the jpeg from RAW in Lightroom - I had managed to inadvertently untick some box or other in the export process. When I exported them with the metadata the problems was resolved. There may be other causes of the processing failure, but that was mine. As the images never reach QC the failure will not count against you in that respect. As Harry says, you can't remove batches from your submissio
  23. We know for sure it is only certain customers who's zooms count. I've always asumed that a zoom is generated when the prospective customer gets through to the image detail page.
  24. To get a definitive answer to your query, contact contributor relations at contributors@alamy.com. They will be able to give you more information and answer any queries you have.
  25. A delay of a month is not untoward. If the usage is in a book it can be longer. In a calendar, longer still. The issue I would be concerned about would be the two different kinds of usage you mention. I would expect a text book to pay more than a magazine, so I wonder if the purchaser has bought the correct licence. It is not out of the question that you may find the original sale refunded and repurchased with the correct licence at a different price. It is also possible that they are two entirely different sales. To get a sale with only 48 images in your portfolio is
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