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  1. I stand corrected. The substantive point about slow sales so far this year is valid though, for me at least.
  2. There is a long discussion of this very issue, which first cropped up between Christmas and New Year, and which has impacted quite a number of contributors in this thread. Alamy have locked that thread. I don't know of any place where Alamy has provided any explanation of these low value sales.
  3. New contributors to Alamy should be very clear that Alamy works in a different way. Most microstock agencies inspect 100% of submissions, QC'ing for image content as well as technical quality, and therefore will often reject unreleased images submitted for commercial use which may infringe copyright, IP rights or personal rights. Because of this, microstock contributors sometimes develop a combative relationship with microstock QC procedures, trying to see what they can get past them. On the other hand Alamy make no inspection of image content and places responsibility fully (con
  4. Expanding on John's answer.... If you search the forum for 'video' you'll find this question cropping up quite regularly. You'll find some long threads on the subject around July and August 2021 with more detail, but for now this thread gives you a summary of the currrent state of play.
  5. Getting a definitive answer on the web is proving difficult but it looks like Microsoft support for SyncToy has been withdrawn and the download no longer works. Apparently it had problems co-existing with Windows 10. It is still possible to find the program at other download sites, but given the lack of support from Microsoft, you many feel more comfortable looking for an alternative. I will certainly have to at some point as I used to use SyncToy too and will need something similar before too long if my backup strategy is to work properly :-(.
  6. So it looks like the OP's sale never cleared and was eventually refunded when it became clear that payment was not going to be received. Not a happy situation but it is understandable that the sale should be cancelled under those circumstances. My initial response to the OP was based on a misunderstanding, I thought that the sale had been cleared and funds paid to the contributor and I thought a such refund after three years was unacceptable. This was my mistake. However, I am sure I've seen reports on this forum of other cases where contributors have had sales refunded
  7. You appear to have three images in your portfolio. You may see a sale if you are very lucky when you have three hundred images. You may see sales occasionally when you have three thousand. My considered opinion is that you need to have a lot more images that you have now. If those images are well shot unusual subjects, are unique to Alamy (not at multiple other agencies), well captioned and well keyworded it ill increase your chances of making a sale.
  8. It tells me that that you, your images and your instructions on how those images should be licenced have been treated with blatant disrespect by Alamy. They might at least have the humility to offer an explanation for this dismal action.
  9. If your photo is licenced as RF then any purchaser can use it multiple times in many different projects. No agency or copyright owner can contemplate keeping track of the ways a RF image is used after it has been licenced, unless it is a single unique sale. Further, ff the image is available through multiple agencies it multiplies the problem, making tracking legitimate and illegitimate use pretty well impossible. The only realistic way image uses can be tracked is if they are licenced as RM, ideally through a single agency so it can be definitively determined whether an appropriate licence ha
  10. In perpetuity I can understand as any website usage is likely to persist in some archive form or another for an unforeseeable period. But multiple uses in unrelated articles is what is really unacceptable and breaches the RM model as I understand it. If Alamy are licencing to buyers with that expectation, surely it is a breach of their contract with the contributor?
  11. I hardly know whether to laugh or cry that I haven't seen even one of these impossibly cheap Chinese licences. I'm sure that all my images being RM is affording some protection against this onslaught, notwithstanding some contributors having seen some RM images licensed in this way. For those who have had a RM licence sold in this way, on what terms was the licence purchased? I can understand RF licences being purchased in bulk as they can be used over and over again - a fatal flaw in the RF licence model from the contributor's point of view, but what kind of RM licence would be
  12. I can see no way that a refund after such a length of time can be seen as justifiable or right. The contributor contract make no reference to how refunds are handled nor that refunds are limited to any length of time. It merely infers that the possibility exists. The RM buyer licence (I don't know about the RF licence) specifies that content which has not been downloaded can be refunded within 14 days on request. After download has taken place there should be even less of a chance of refund, according to the licence agreement '11.2 Once you download a purch
  13. Alamy have mostly shut down for Christmas by now so you may not be able to get any update from them. Has the payment cleared (look at account Balance on your dashboard)? Is the $50+ showing as a current cleared balance on your dashboard? Until this is the case, your payment is not available to you. Broadly speaking, if you made a sale in November it would usually be about six weeks before the payment was received from the customer and the sale marked as 'Cleared'. Once the current cleared balance exceeds $50, the payments will be made by the method you have specified a
  14. Part of the way Alamy search works is to space a each photographers images at specific intervals in any given search, to avoid clusters, as Sally remarks above. In those cases where a particular photographer has a high proportion of the total number of images which match the search term, the algorithm runs out of other photographer's images to enable this spacing to take place and so all the remaining images end up in a cluster at the end. I suspect this is the case in what is described by the OP. There is no way way can influence which of our images appear first in any given sea
  15. Mark is right that the RX100 series is a popular choice for inconspicuous camera use, though I suspect it gets the most acceptable results from someone who is well versed in photography to begin with. Broadly speaking though you need a something like a DSLR or mirrorless version thereof, with interchangeable lens. Bridge and most pocket cameras don't cut the mustard for Alamy sumbissions. Give us some more detail on what kind of photography you are thinking of and you will get a better range of suggestions. If you edit the title of this thread to something which indicates the subj
  16. There is no way of seeeing how many views each of your images has had in a global sense of since it was uploaded. You can use Alamy Measures (on your dashboard) to see which images of yours have been returned in searches over a period you can define (up to o one year maximum). This will also tell you which have been Zoomed (the customer has looked closely at your image). Zooms improve your CTR.
  17. It is one of those serendipitous occasions that a recent Alamy Content Team tweet is relevant to a new contributor query Alamy Content Team @AlamyContent Don’t gi
  18. This question has been nagging at the back of my mind since it was posted as I've come across this question before. I'm not a lawyer and can this is in no way to be construed as legal advice, but my understanding is that in order for a model release to have legal force as a contract, a consideration of some kind needs to have been paid, even if it's nominal. This article by the Royal Photographic Society makes reference to this. I guess many model releases have been signed where no 'consideration' has been exchanged and I know of no case where this has ever been an issue, but it is
  19. If you search the forum for 'video' you'll find this question cropping up quite regularly. You'll find some long threads on the subject around July and August 2021 with more detail, but for now this thread gives you a summary of the currrent state of play.
  20. There is no facility within Alamy to organise your collection into folders for your own purposes, other than what Harry Harrison describes above. You can allocate up to two categories to each image within Alamy Image Manager, but that is only useful to prospective customers searching the collection by category. Don't be too harsh in judging the initial responses of the above contributors. Your question came across, rightly or wrongly, as one of many posed by new contributors, fresh from contributing to microstock sites, who didn't bother to read the comprehensive instructions for c
  21. There is no part of the Alamy upload procedure which would require you to create folders. Batches of uploads are created automatically consisting of those photos you upload in a given session, either through the web interface or by FTP..
  22. Nothing for me. Perhaps you are highly favoured in DACS circles? 🙂
  23. According to 'Explore Liverpool' it's a Norwegian Spruce.
  24. Alamy now act as a distributor for Pond5 video, so there is a possibility that any video you contribute to Pond5 may become available through Alamy. However, there is no way of controlling which clips appear on Alamy. Also, since the partnership was launched in the summer there has only been two imports of video clips from Pond5 to Alamy, the last of these being in August. When and whether any further clips will become available on Alamy remains to be seen. I guess they are assessing how well the existing collection of 6.2 million clips sells before progressing any further.
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