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  1. 1 hour ago, Marb said:

    Is having 23 uncleared sales at Alamy normal since January ? I was shocked to see this having just looked now. Its bad enough that sale amounts have drastically reduced but to have so many sales uncleared is disappointing.


    And on another note, what happened to the forum link at the bottom of the page ? I have to Google Alamy forums to get the page up now.

    Glad to hear you’ve had so many sales these last few months.


    It’s not the number of uncleared sales that is relevant, since that simply depends on how many sales you’ve had. It depends on who the sales were to. The newspaper sales take much longer to clear than others, I have some going back to 30th January, and plenty uncleared for later months. I even have one uncleared sale from last August. A newspaper that I won’t name used two of my images for the same article. They did pay up for one of them a couples of months ago, but unbelievably they didn’t pay up for the other.


    The Sun, Times etc tend to clear their sales in a bunch around every 5/6 months in my experience.

  2. 2 hours ago, AlanW said:

    The Times




    KAM72M   Iain Masterton  Edinburgh International Airport, Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom.



    J925D9  Alan Wilson  Armed police patrol the High Street in Edinburgh after the threat level was raised to "critical" following the attack in Manchester.



    E94P0R  Dave Tacon  September 5, 2013, Seoul, South Korea - Bartender Sung Ho, 28 pours a dram of Cragganmore 12 year old single malt whisky.



    T64FTB  David Creedon  Cork Airport, Cork, Ireland. 29th Apr, 2019. An Aer Lingus Aibus A320 bound for Barcelona accelerates down runway 16/34 on a foggy misty morning at Cork Airport, Cork, Ireland. Credit: David Creedon/Alamy Live News (lapsed)



    FKKT3H  Richard Wayman  A man works on telephone cable pole renewal in rural Ireland near Glenties, County Donegal



    EEKC0D  Ian Allenden  Girl Using Inhaler To Treat Asthma Attack



    G7NDBM  Pascal Boegli  One pint of Guinness inside a pub of Dublin, Ireland



    D8XABE  Olivia Abbott  Spring squill (Scilla verna), a coastal wildflower that carpets the edge of the coast in North and West UK



    RF1E3R  Lisa Strachan  Pile of foil wrapped chocolate easter eggs in pink, blue & lime green.



    E0GG82 Wavebreak Media ltd  Worker in wheelchair working on computer

    Thanks for stepping into Bryan’s shoes, so to speak.

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  3. 30 minutes ago, Harry Harrison said:


    I just came across this which I hadn't seen before, mainly because from its Properties I  can see that it was created on March 19th of this year:




    I certainly haven’t seen that before, and since I am a regular live news contributor, I wouldn’t be looking for it. The limit of 20 images is news to me. It’s much tighter guidance than I have seen anywhere before.

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  4. 1 minute ago, MariaJ said:

    I received the email as well, and I'm glad to now have archival/reportage access.  It is timely because I just prepped a couple of images yesterday based on a recent customer's search. A couple of my live news images from 2015 had been zoomed several times.  There are almost no other images in alamy's library on that topic so I decided to go back to my files and work on a couple more from that shoot.  But I was hesitant to submit them to QC because the sharpness is reduced because of the conditions at that time.  Now I have a way to submit them without worrying about QC.



    I hadn’t thought about that use of this route. Good idea. 

  5. On 03/05/2019 at 08:56, VbFolly said:

    Wild garlic alongside a stream in Hampshire, UK.






    Scotland is weeks behind in bluebells and wild garlic. I took a photo today of wild garlic that is only just beginning to flower. The bluebells are struggling to open.


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  6. Sunday Telegraph 


    DGDImages T74R57  Flintshire, North Wales, UK. 4th May, 2019. UK Weather: A cold and snowy start to the May Bank Holiday weekend in the foothills on North Wales. A cold start to the Bank Holiday weekend with snow covering Moel Famau the highest point in the Clwydian Range hills in North Wales p8

    Cambridge Tourism - a tourist takes a photo of the famous Kings College Chapel in the grounds of Kings College, part of the University of Cambridge  Image ID: PTJPP6 Robert Evans p19


    Sunday Express

    Flintshire, North Wales, UK. 4th May, 2019. UK Weather: A cold and snowy start to the May Bank Holiday weekend in the foothills on North Wales. A cold start to the Bank Holiday weekend with snow covering the Clwydian Range hills in North Wales as this dog walker discovered in shorts walking up Foel Fenlli in the range Credit: DGDImages/Alamy Live News 

    - Image ID: T74R52


    The Observer p55

    Shoppers ouside Topshop in Westfield shopping mall London

    Contributor: david pearson / Alamy Stock Photo 
    Image ID: B5G167 
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  7. A relatively poor month compared to the last six or so. And started badly with two refunds.


    11 sales for $287


    More worryingly, the average for news sales was not much higher than for stock at $33 versus $22. 

    I did a rough calculation for 3 months last Summer (July/Aug/Sept) with the following figures for average prices:


             News       Stock

              105            35

              120            44

                78             33


    Making a 3 month average of $101 for news and $33 for stock.  Make of that what you will.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Avpics said:

    Maybe that's what's behind all this. If market forces have forced the prices so low that there's no money in it for Alamy unless they can pare down the process

    It seems a bit of a coincidence that these lower prices have occurred just after the ‘culling’ of live news contributors, and I can’t help wondering if a whole new model of live news is upon us. When I queried the price I was told that there had not been a change of fee rates, just that live news rate can vary. Yes, they can, but similar uses over more than a year have never varied more than a few dollars, so a reduction of almost 75% doesn’t constitute a variation in my book. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Iain Masterton said:

    The Times


    Week in Pictures. Scotland


    Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK. 23rd Apr, 2019. uk weather - a blackbird collecting food for its young takes full advantage of live mealworms left out in a Stirlingshire garden on another dry day. Dry weather makes it very difficult for ground feeding birds such as blackbirds to access earthworms because of hard soil. Credit: Kay Roxby/Alamy Live News, T5CMA9


    Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK. 25th Apr, 2019. a usually sure footed grey squirrel almost takes a tumble from a bird feeder hanging from a tree in a Stirlingshire garden but just manages to cling on and save itself. The long slippery hanger proved a challenge but it returned for another attempt once the feeder had been restocked. This time it was successful, and almost looked pleased with itself! Credit: Kay Roxby/Alamy Live News , T5GM29


    Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK. 26th Apr, 2019. UK weather - wood pigeons taking a shower on a showery day in Stirlingshire, holding wings upright one at a time allowing the rain to clean their feathers Credit: Kay Roxby/Alamy Live News, T5PPC1


    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 21st Apr 2019. Sikhs in Leith take part in the colourful Nagar Kirtan Vaisakhi Procession. Credit: Steven Scott Taylor/Alamy Live News, T54TR0


    Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, UK. 21st Apr 2019. European stone stacking championship: Ostin balances 15 stones in the Quantity competition for children under 15 years of age –- most stones balanced vertically - at Eye Cave beach on the second day which comprises 2 competitions, a 3 hour artistic challenge and a children’s competition.The overall winner receives a trip to llano Earth Art Festival & World Stone Balancing competition in Texas in 2020. Credit: Sally Anderson/Alamy Live News, T54TWX


    Wow, Kay, well done. Thanks for reporting Iain.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Avpics said:

    If it's of any consolation to those who got the chop, with the newspaper sales reports coming in at the moment the figures for live news are roughly half of what I would have expected from similar sales of not many months ago. Sad times

    This is very worrying. If live news prices have fallen so much then it simply makes it not worth the effort. I got two invoices today for which I would normally expect to get around $50 at only $14. That’s a massive reduction and makes them about the same as stock images.

  11. 45 minutes ago, Starsphinx said:


    The problem is getting the word out to everyone to refuse to provide for free.
    NUJ ran a campaign last year - but I dont know if it is still going. https://www.nuj.org.uk/campaigns/useitpayforit/

    That’s just not going to work. The average person, who has no aspirations to be a professional photographer will be more than happy to simply get a credit with their name in the paper.

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  12. 21 minutes ago, Starsphinx said:

    get people to send in photos and stories free "to get their byline in the paper". 

    - they have photographers on call but will get stuff off Joe Public for nothing if they can

     - if people stopped sending it for free.

    In a nutshell. You’re not going to stop local/regional papers from getting all the photos they need for free.

    My local paper won’t pay for anything at all.

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