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  1. Just had a RM license “for lifetime”. Only $27. So a 25 year+ license for a relatively low fee. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 50,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 11-March-2019 ; End: 11-March-2044 ; Additional Details: License valid for the life of the book
  2. Congratulations on the winning photo. As a Brit I wouldn’t vote for myself either, but one person did. Wasnae me.
  3. My three for EATING... Sheep munching Christmas sprouts and cabbage Summer heatwave breakfast in the garden Summer dinner
  4. If the headlines don’t match, the news team very quickly join them up, as they don’t want the news feed to look a mess. You’ll only get an email if the images are not suitably newsworthy. Image upload will fail if any of the images don’t have a headline.
  5. Always good to make the most of an opportunity when meeting up with other Alamy contributors 😄
  6. Another presentation use. But the first sale of the month, so that’s good.
  7. And thanks for choosing my guillemot love, too. Thanks.
  8. I think you’ll have to email Alamy. Not sure anyone here can answer that question for you.
  9. Presentation or newsletter use sale today. That’s my great grandfather in the middle.
  10. I think the ewes are Live News. I also managed to get a free print version. Images by the following also in print Chris Strickland Paul Quezada-Neiman Iain Masterton’s house roof Robert Taylor DGDiMAGES red squirrel Alamy Live News Sorry my internet connection at the moment isn’t good enough to track them down.
  11. The Times A few spotted ina cursory read Martin Leitch G8BEER Stephen Chung G7Y0P5 A cheese block - can’t find it Duncan Hall-Sutton AHBWKC
  12. I have absolutely no experience of other stock agencies but a quick look at the content of your portfolio makes me wonder if part of the problem so far on Alamy is the general lack of people in your photos. Doesn’t mean to say that photos without people won’t sell but I think photos with people are easier to sell with an agency that has an editorial bent.
  13. No, you were very clear and I have two in which the difference in Alamy’s favour is 2 cents as well. This all needs fixing!
  14. I’ve got some of those too. In fact of the 25 sales reported so far this month, two were in my favour (amounting to 0.02) and the rest in Alamy’s favour (amounting to 0.24). it would perhaps be difficult to do, but they could accumulate all the extra pennies when things cannot be split evenly and divide them up equally once they have mounted up. I might look at all of my sales and see what the difference is.
  15. The Times 26th Feb A few spotted in a cursory search Russell Hart GC2R1J Mark Waugh F759CR De Visu G0T5F7 Paul Doyle BMN6NP
  16. If you are running a business and not just engaging in a hobby, you should register as self employed, even if you epexct to make a loss. There are tax advantages, after all....
  17. The Times Monday 25th Just a few, I haven’t trawled through the whole site like Bryan does Guy Bell DWG6TN Mary McLemon MNATM2 Tom Richardson Scotland EGFHJY Justin Case zsixz EJ6AMJ
  18. 18 of them were Instagram uses. Kay Roxby recently alerted us to the fact that The Scottish Sun started using Alamy images on their Instagram site, and none of the images used during 2018 appeared to have been reported. Only a few bucks for each use, but they mount up. The other two were images of an Independence March in October. I do find that Live News uses often get missed, not only by The Sun. And a couple of other sales now; one is one of my earliest uploads. An RF sale (of which I don’t have many) for magazine use. Lowish $$. The other sale my lowest ever. After distribution fee I get less than $1
  19. 22 zooms while Alamy Measures have been down. And 24 sales popped in today but 20 of those are unreported uses I told Alamy about . At least it is having a good effect on CTR.
  20. Wow. 22 sales showed up this morning. But 20 of them were unreported Sun uses I told Alamy about. Only two surprises therefore and this was one. This year’s Loony Dook at North Berwick. Have the news uses come in early?
  21. Perhaps....but I took some photos of an alleged Banksy recently......
  22. Given it is now more than two weeks since this significant problem with Measures started, and now some days since you last posted about this, is it possible for you to tell us something about what the issue is and an estimate of when we may expect it to be fixed please?
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