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  1. Can’t see a thread for this so I’ll kick it off. I just found a sale for 1st November for $37 for this one. A good start to the month.
  2. Stumbled across a use of my own image in the New Yorker on October 17th (a first for me) of an author appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Interestingly they converted it into black and white. https://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/motherhood-meets-lust-and-violence-in-ariana-harwiczs-die-my-love
  3. I am averaging around 60 zooms per month. Arguably it ought to be more for a portfolio of over 15,000. I have gradually been tightening up on my keywords and deleting poorer images. Still a way to go, though...
  4. 24 sales for $467. Lots of tiddler newspaper sales. Biggest payment ever due though for $1067, so that’s good news.
  5. Lovely. You should have told us you were coming; we could have had an Alamy meet up. Looks like you had some rather dreich weather.
  6. A friend and fungi buff has also suggested that the first are Lepiota so that will do. He says the second image looks like The Clouded Agaric, Clitocybe nebularis.
  7. Thanks both, not easy to identify these, but I will do some more research.
  8. Cheers Brian. I would never have known about this otherwise as I can’t see it online without a subscription. A rare plant use for me. I look forward to 50% of $4.78
  9. Newspaper use $$. I get quite a lot of searches for Colchagua Valley. Great when you can sell a photo of something you indulged in.
  10. Missed this if it was reported last week. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/oct/17/kathleen-jamie-surfacing-interview-nature-writing-colonised-by-white-men A crop of WC5B8G Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019, Scotland Kathleen Jamie, Scottish poet, essayist & Professor of Creative Writing at University of Stirling Contributor: Sally Anderson News / Alamy Stock Photo
  11. Woke up to another sale of my Dad’s archive. Magazine use EU mid$$. One of them is me. You dressed properly to go out on a Sunday in those days.
  12. The second image of George Alagiah I’ve sold this month. Editorial use $$
  13. Yes Reportage bypasses QC. I came across this by searching for one word: 'fungi' on Alamy.
  14. Indeed it was. Taking a photo of someone else’s highly acclaimed photo in an exhibition (not to mention all the other images from the same exhibition) seems highly dubious to me and I would have thought would open the contributor up to an infringement action. I am surprised that this is acceptable to Alamy.
  15. Can anyone help me identify the fungi in these photos? These appear to start off round and then break open to form a flower shape And a trail through the wood
  16. Doesn’t matter really if they are photos that no one else has. For something like this, what matters is whether the producers make photos available freely to editorial outlets, which is highly likely since they want to promote the programme. The papers are unlikely to pay for something that they can get free.
  17. Great topic. I do like a nice reflection. Taken last week and uploaded quickly for this challenge: General Staff Building, St Petersburg Gosford Estate Curling Lodge Sunshine on Leith
  18. It’s down again this morning. I, too, don’t like to get going before I have checked it, usually while drinking a homemade latte.
  19. Alamy says that it can take up to 9 working days for payment to appear, so that hasn’t quite expired. It’s always slower if you are paid by PayPal rather than BACS. However I would normally have expected to receive it by now so it does seem a bit slower this month. Edit: Having posted the above, my payment has just arrived!
  20. The Scottish Sun is dragging out the old Beast from the East photos again. One of mine and I’m pretty sure that the other is by Chris Strickland but I can’t see it on Alamy https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4800856/uk-weather-forecast-coldest-winter-in-30-years-may-start-in-10-days-with-snow-event-after-snow-event-predicted/
  21. I have just returned to the U.K. to find this out. Terrible. Condolences to his family and friends.
  22. Off to a flying start in October with a presentation use for this:
  23. Good to see that Alamy have listened and are seeking our views.
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