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  1. News sales are in, with nine showing today. Most I knew about (or had told Alamy about) apart from this one which happily was a few cents short of $100. Must have been an editorial print use as it’s not online anywhere. Fingal Edinburgh frozen into its dock.
  2. Not quite the same as Alamy. Not restricted by countries for a start and don’t have to provide an email address. Their site does all the work searching, it’s free to use and unlimited uploads. I put all my news images in there as you never know where they end up when they are sent out, all images that have sold and all that have been zoomed.
  3. Nice to get two weather pics in the Scottish Sun. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4041710/scotland-weather-forecast-hottest-spring-ever-warm/
  4. I've been trying out Copytrack. So far no payouts - either they tell me it's a third party website or they consider its not worth pursuing furthervwhen they don’t get a response, but it is early days yet. Others tell me they get regular payments.
  5. Finally another sale. It’s been a slow month. Lowish $$. That’s my mum with the hat. Expats partying. Sale to US
  6. I don’t think anyone really uses uses ‘mediaeval’ much these days, even in the UK. I’m not going to bother adding it, or ‘Middle Ages’. However I do use both archaeology and archeology. http://www.medievalists.net/2018/01/medieval-or-mediaeval/
  7. If they have just been used, then the earliest sales are like to show up would be the end of April.
  8. Slowly getting through my most recent trip to SE Asia and also discovered a few from one a while ago that I forgot about. A couple of favourites.
  9. All of mine were invoiced last month except for the most recent.
  10. I got that feedback too. New sales are fine but sales for around a month between approx 25th January and end of February are still not sorted.
  11. The Times 17th March just a few I found Kumar Sriskandan NHS Prescription medicines waiting to be collected on a chemist pharmacy shelf, England, UK DEYYJ3 Money Ian Dagnall Statue of Robin Hood on Castle Road outside Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK CFFKMH (think it’s this one cropped but there are lots of similar) Vince Burton Tawny Owl, Strix aluco sitting in bluebells E16CH9 incamerastock Virgin Media logo and website close up CPM03K Home tulips in pots can’t find it Scotland John Peter Photography St. Salvator's College University of St Andrews in St. Andrews Fife Scotland F3BGFG Science Photo Library Technician storing stem cell samples in cryostorage. They have been frozen in liquid nitrogen to preserve them. Stem cells are a potential source of cells to repair damaged tissue in diseases such as Parkinson's and insulin-dependent diabetes PG98KK
  12. I guess we are confusing each other. My understanding - unless 36 hours of travel from Vietnam to home has befuddled my brain and that is certainly very likely - was that if you have an image available on Alamy and spot a copyright infringement you should complete the unauthorised use form unless it is used in a country that Alamy cannot pursue or on a social media site etc. Only if Alamy try to chase it and later tell you that they have had no success would you be in a position to chase it yourself.
  13. I’m a bit confused about why Alamy doesn’t want to chase this. It would appear to fulfill their criteria ie it is in the EU and not a blog. What am I missing?
  14. I recently had a successful pursual of a copyright infringement by a blogger. It took numerous emails back and forth with the blogger countering with all kinds of unsubstantiated arguments as to why he was blameless, but eventually he paid up. Patience, determination, being completely matter of fact, and requesting a reasonable fee seemed to work..
  15. I agree it is completely ludicrous in this technological age. It appears to be a throwback to a pre-technology age, and I can only assume that either the newspapers have enough clout to ensure that it stays that way, or that the stock agencies don’t have the resources to put in a foolproof system.
  16. The system is hard to understand. I recently found two images used by a newspaper around seven months ago and never reported. Surely it would be in Alamy’s interest to look at their downloads to see if they match invoices rather than wait for the chance spot by a photographer?
  17. Ah Ok. Even so, these uses can take months to be reported and Alamy usually doesn’t want to know unless at least 4 months have elapsed.
  18. Do you use Twitter? It can be a powerful tool. Although the solicitor doesn’t have a Twitter account you could Tweet at other organisations eg @irishsunnews
  19. Would you not have to ask Alamy to chase this for you since it is available here? Edit: since it is an editorial use only today surely it will just be reported later.
  20. It is helpful to have a selection of LR settings as an import default if you are not already doing this. I usually increase brightness, contrast and saturation a little, pull down the highlights a little, and increase shadows a little. Then, of course you need to look at each individual photo and adjust appropriately and select areas that need working on. There some good blogs from another Alamy contributor here https://edinburghphotographyworkshop.com/expose-to-the-right/ https://edinburghphotographyworkshop.com/edit-twenty-seconds/
  21. I think that one of the problems is that if you do not charge the same as a professional photographer does, clubs are then unlikely to pay the going rate. Since you are a stock photographer and a news/press/sports photographer you are settting yourself up as a professional photographer and should see yourself as such. Despite being relatively new to this business, when I have been approached on a few occasions for photos I have sought advice from a couple of local professional photographers (also Alamy contributors) about what to charge. The advice is not to undersell. I have not made sales as a result since those approaching me are clearly expecting to get the photos for next to nothing, but I’d rather that than undercut the going rate.
  22. Just had a RM license “for lifetime”. Only $27. So a 25 year+ license for a relatively low fee. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 50,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 11-March-2019 ; End: 11-March-2044 ; Additional Details: License valid for the life of the book
  23. Congratulations on the winning photo. As a Brit I wouldn’t vote for myself either, but one person did. Wasnae me.
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