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  1. 31 minutes ago, dlmphotog said:

    Reading the thread about updating legacy images got me curious. Does anyone make time to fill in the "Number of People" on legacy images? Do you think it helps?


    I have a touch of the OCD so I've been updating my legacy images by filling in all the data boxes when I have time to kill.


    Just curious,

    I certainly do, but not sure how much difference it makes. Searches seem simply to be done which either include or exclude people, which can be done through tagging e.g. 'no people'. 

  2. 43 minutes ago, dlmphotog said:



    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only
    Industry sector: Education
    Start: 06 September 2017
    Duration: Unlimited


    RM sold as RF :mellow:

    I don't understand how a RM photo uploaded to Alamy can be licensed as RF. What is the point in contributors deciding how they want their photos to be sold if it can be changed? As the definition of RM in my limited understanding is a one time license, how can this be unlimited? Has Alamy provided any explanation of this to anyone?

  3. 3 minutes ago, M.Chapman said:


    No that's not normal. Suggest visiting http://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk/ to test your upload speeds are OK. I'm lucky we now have good bandwidth here and I get 50Mb/sec download and 9Mb/sec upload (upload is normally much slower than download). My Alamy images usually upload in a a few seconds each. Before our broadband was upgraded it was about 10x slower though.



    Oh I wish! Despite the Scottish Government's commitment to have fast broadband rolled out to every home by 2020, because we don't have a 'green box' there is no solution for us yet. And we only live 18 miles from the centre of Edinburgh. 

  4. 1 hour ago, vpics said:

    I only use Bridge in Photoshop. 


    I've never heard of Alamy Plus. Maybe that's just a Lightroom thing. 


    Shame that field names are not identical across platforms.


    Image Class - Intellectual Genre

    Title - Headline

    Caption - Description


    Or maybe that's a US/UK thing.

    Sorry I probably wasn't very clear. Alamy Plus is the Bridge drop down section in metadata where all the Alamy fields are. This works fine, as you say, completing the fields Headline and Description to upload to Stock, but not for Live News.

  5. I remain perplexed about how to get photos into Alamy Live News using Alamy-Lightroom Bridge, and there doesnt appear to be anything anywhere that gives instructions.  I haven't had any joy yet getting help from Alamy.


    I just tried it yet again this evening.  Upload only works at all if the 'Alamy Plus' Headline field is completed (and 'News' selected in the drop down menu of course). In AIM the submission initially appeared as Upload: News but with Images in QC also shown. Then a few minutes later it changed to Stock and the images were in the normal QC route.  So once again I had to export to the hard drive an upload manually.  It's very confusing.


    Does anyone else use Bridge to upload to News and have any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong?

  6. On 23/08/2017 at 19:13, GS-Images said:


    Just to clarify something about tag (keyword order) - The position the tags appear don't make a difference to how much weight each tag has. What makes a difference is the proximity of tags with other tags. So take a list of tags that appear in this order....


    banana, boat, skin, cows, milking, farm, tree, animals


    If someone searches for "banana skin", your image will appear in a certain position depending on many other factors. However, if you have tags in this order....


    banana, skin, boat, cows, milking, farm, tree, animals


    .....then the fact "banana" and "skin" are next to each other increases the placement of that image in search results. The way all this works has possibly changed, but in recent months that is roughly how Alamy explained the situation with tags.


    Having said all that, it's sometimes the case that tags don't appear in the order you want them to be in, and that has changed over the months, and once they're entered you can't change that order. So what I recommend for words that go together is to use phrases. So the tags could be (note the commas separating the tags).....


    banana skin, boat, cows, milking, farm, tree, animals


    That "forces" the tags of banana and skin together into one tag, so whatever happens to the order of the tags, those words are always together and a search for just "banana" or just "skin" will also still find your image.


    If your tags were in this order.....


    boat, cows, milking, farm, tree, animals, banana skin


    .....the image will appear in the exact same position on a search for "banana skin" as that phrase being at the start.


    I hope that all makes sense!  :)


    Oh boy I don't know all that, despite having read the Alamy blog about keywording, as well as numerous other threads about it.  There really isn't enough information for those relatively new to all this unless you are a regular in this forum and manage to catch threads like this. But if one puts keywords into Lightroom before uploading they are automatically put in alphabetical order, or is there maybe there is a way to set a preference not to do that? 

  7. 4 hours ago, Matt Limb said:


    As a quick test - have you tried to upload to New without using the plus in?  That is simply export the images to the hard drive then upload to the Alamy website



    Yes that is how I did it in the end yesterday (which means I have the same photos now sitting in QC so not sure what to do about that).  The drop down list when you use bridge to upload to Alamy appears to include the different categories of photos ie stock/news/archive but choosing 'Entertainment' resulted in photos being in QC, so surely some error there.  I will also be uploading to archive photos in near future - hope that it is going to work properly!

  8. 33 minutes ago, Sally said:

    OK, I have worked out the answer to my problem.  It would be helpful to include this in the manual for the Bridge programme, as I don't think that it is covered in it. In the default metadata list there are 'TITLE' and 'CAPTION' fields.  The second needs to be completed for each photo. There is also a 'TITLE'  field which I thought was the field to group the news photos together, but you need to go to Alamy Plus in the dropdown menu of Metadata and complete the field labelled 'HEADLINE', which is the overall group tag for the photos being uploaded.




    I stand corrected. It still didn't work the way I wanted it to. There really needs to be a proper manual about how to do this stuff. The upload worked Ok as stated, but choosing the upload option of 'Entertainment' has simply put my photos into the normal QC route, and given that it is now the weekend it means that they wont be available for some days. i can only presume that I should have chosen the upload option of 'NEWS'. I assumed that the 'ENTERTAINMENT' option would go to the NEWS subset.


    This is particularly important given that the image quality process is different for normal stock photos versus News photos.

  9. 15 hours ago, Matt Limb said:


    Sally, keep me updated and i will copy a note to Jim Kier 

    OK, I have worked out the answer to my problem.  It would be helpful to include this in the manual for the Bridge programme, as I don't think that it is covered in it. In the default metadata list there are 'TITLE' and 'CAPTION' fields.  The second needs to be completed for each photo.  'TITLE'  was the field I thought would  group the news photos together, but you need to go to Alamy Plus in the dropdown menu of Metadata and complete the field labelled 'HEADLINE', as the overall group tag for the photos being uploaded.




  10. 15 hours ago, Southpole said:

    In Library module fill in title caption and then scroll down and fill in headline under IPTC . The headline is the group name for the all of the upload .


    What is the lightroom plug in I have not seen that ?

    Alamy-Lightroom Bridge. It's brilliant, but not very easy to get to grips with. 



    Not sorted my problem yet but will need to wait until the next news upload to try again.

  11. 8 hours ago, GS-Images said:

    I'm afraid that site and many others with similar names steal most our images.


    It's very annoying, I know, but we can't do anything about it so it's better not to even try to find them. I regularly do reverse image searches and I'm used to which sites to avoid looking at, as all it does is increase my stress levels and I can't do anything about it.


    It's the same with Twitter. Some of my images are all over Twitter, and goodness knows how many are on that incredibly annoying pintrest or whatever it's called website. Grrrrrr.



    I recently found several copies of a photo on Pinterest that had appeared in The Guardian. There is a copyright infringement form that you can complete to request that they remove it. I did that and got a positive response the next day. 

    Form is here if anyone is interested

    https://www.pinterest.co.uk/about/copyright/dmca-pin/ and their policy here



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  12. 8 minutes ago, Hai Nguyen said:

    Hi Sally,


    I emailed Alamy live news when my live news submission failed due to wrong fields being entered. They can send you a test image with the metadata IPTC fields filled in for the headine and caption and the format that they like. You can then open up in bridge, lightroom or photoshop and see where they want that information.





    Yes, worth a try, thanks

  13. I have been using this great add on to upload stock photos for a while now, but tried to do so for Live News for the first time yesterday. I couldn't work out how to do it, and got an upload error message saying that an IPTC field needed to be set to NEWS in each of the photos.

    i haven't been able to work out exactly where this field is, but I'm sure someone here will be able to enlighten me. Is it in the default fields list or the Bridge Alamy/Alamy Plus list? 

  14. 14 minutes ago, GS-Images said:


    I often miss out some of the obvious ones. It really pays to go back though images another day and add any you missed. Yesterday I looked at some of my lifeguard photos and realised I hadn't used "UK" in any of the tags, so I spent the next hour adding "lifeguards UK", "lifeguard UK", etc., and a few others I thought of.


    Last week I looked at one of my images, the subject which I cannot remember now, but the most obvious descriptive tag was not there. As I forget which it was, let's say for example it was an image of a dancer. I missed out "dancer". I had lots of other "clever" tags, but not what it actually was.  :lol:



    Yep, it's an endless task ;)

  15. 23 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    While a lot of my images don't get in the green because of a simple subject, as I work slowly on my legacy images, I find a few that are almost ready to go green. Most of these I have used, Oklahoma,US,USA,United States, in my keywords.

    After a thread here a few months ago, it was discussed using every possible tag for my country. I've been trying to add U.S.,U.S.A.,North America to those legacy images. No spamming, but often they do get me in the green.


    I doubt being in the green does anything in and of itself, but does serve the purpose to make me think whether I am missing good appropriate tags. I often find I missed adding semi-important ones, and the use of phrases. So if discoverability is worth anything, it has gotten me to use it in the way I believe Alamy meant it to be used.  By putting on my thinking cap and checking that I've not missed adding important tags and phrases. 

    Many times, after those "thinking cap" additions, I'm still not in the green and that's perfectly fine. But I have covered the image tags to the best of my ability, and that, to me, is what's important.


    The important thing, I find, is to look at the searches for your images and pick up on any terms that haven't been applied to photos you know ought to have been included.  I have added quite a few missed search terms as a result.

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