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  1. 1 hour ago, spacecadet said:

    It's hard to work out how hard, though, if 50 passes doesn't do it.

    I wonder if it's more to do with the regularity of uploads. I shot up from 1 to 3 stars very quickly, but upload several times a week, sometimes daily,  but usually not a large number of photos. Only 1 QC fail near the beginning of my Alamy career, but it didn't seem to impact. 

  2. 2 hours ago, imageplotter said:

    Bill Brooks' "Scarborough Town Centre" "Canada" is a great example actually, because using just "Scarborough Town Centre" or even the American version, "Scarborough Town Center" will also bring up a lot of images of the town of Scarborough in Yorkshire, and its town centre. Add "Canada" and it obviously eliminates the British images (with both "centre" and "center" spellings). The Yorkshire town images also have a few images of shop fronts, so a North American buyer in a hurry who forgets to add Canada...may well find himself giving a publicity boost to a sleepy town up'Norff. Does the search engine take the searcher's IP address/location into account? Would be interesting. Do these Yorkshire images also come up on your Toronto based search?


    I've checked the translations of some of my news image headings on the .de site, and they're quite obviously automated glibberish. The keywords are not too bad, with the exception of idioms, but whole sentences are clearly too complex for the system to process.


    Another thing: The Google Maps thing when adding location often  doesn't help, it suggests North American places by default, which sometimes leads to absurd (and funny) suggestions of tiny places in the middle of nowhere. Plausible, but not less annoying,  for example, when trying to input "Brighton Beach" as a location, all 5 suggested locations are in the US (Brooklyn, the most obvious one as there is an actual Brighton Beach, followed by Minnesota and Wisconsin (both apparently have a "Brighton Beach Road"). Ditto for most London suburbs, ie typing in Kensington as the location will bring up...5 places called Kensington in the US. It's not really a complaint, I tend to just ignore the Google Maps suggestions as they often don't have enough detail anyway (plus GM gets it wrong quite often), but it's easy to see how a contributor in a hurry can accidentally end up with a lot of "US based" images. Would be interesting to know if buyers actually use the location search a lot.

    Ditto with Scottish Place names, even Leith and Edinburgh. Also, it doesn't by default include Scotland, unless you type it in, which considering it is an actual country seems a bit remiss.

  3. I was at the Valley of the Kings at Luxor a few weeks ago. There are signs everywhere stating that absolutely no photos are allowed, and that fines will be imposed or the camera confiscated. So I left my camera in our minibus. Only to get really annoyed by many of the other tourists blatantly taking photos with their phones, or small cameras, even using selfie sticks. There were police armed with guns, but they ignored the behaviour. 

  4. On 01/11/2017 at 13:18, louisb said:

    I know this thread was last visted some time in June. I recently upgraded to Lightroom CC Classic - the latest version - and for the first time downloaded the LR Bridge software.


    I've installed it but Alamy steadfastly returns an 'error 500' and refuses the connection. Is anyone familiar with this problem and have any pointers?


    I would really love to get this plug-in working.



    My experience of Bridge so far is that the authors are constantly having to update it to keep up with Alamy changes, so it's worth checking you have the absolute latest version. It's also worth contacting the help on th Bridge website. I have found them quick to respond. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, Southmind said:


    Lol. Any success ?

    I uploaded 750 since September and it will continue... 

    But is it all about number ?

    I sometimes produce images that are not pure photos but need more work. :

    Is it worth it to upload them to Alamy? Example : illustration-silhouette-of-bird-flying-i


    Yes, first sale was in May with only a few hundred photos. Nine sales altogether, three of them this month, so as my collection grows it seems the sales are increasing, but it's really too early to tell. I do spend a LOT of time keywording. Was delighted to receive my first payment from Alamy last month. It will never keep me in my retirement, but it's great fun. And I'm learning all the time.

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  6. 9 hours ago, famousbelgian said:


    Total Alamy images = 115 million

    23,710 / 115,000,000 * 100 = 0.02%

    Yes, I would agree that is a small sample ...


    I believe there are several contributors with 100,000+ images and plenty of agencies with 1 million+ images. Most individuals starting out now won't get to 5,000 is my guess, most are likely to be disappointed quite quickly and will stop submitting due to unrealistic expectations, bar a minority of course, there will always be those with exceptional talents or dogged determination who will make a success of it. My biggest regret is that I only discovered Alamy in 2010 ... oh what could have been if I had joined from the beginning.



    Dogged determination.... that's me. Nearly 3,000 since February, not giving up any time soon.

  7. 6 hours ago, Justin Case said:

    Yes, I think it is. In my opinion $10 monthly for LR plus Photoshop is a very good deal.
    I think people who bought the perpetual license should have some sort of discount though

    Thanks. I agree about the discount (obviously) but is there any pressure that can be put on Adobe to do so? I suspect not.

    I think I will leave it for a wee while and see what happens.

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