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  1. Actually the information from Alamy about keywording is pretty sparse (and I have read all their blogs). If they want us to keyword properly, it would be better if they provided a lot more information plus examples. I have had to learn the hard way by reading these forums, and then going back over images to change things, which is very time consuming. 

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  2. On 20/11/2017 at 14:22, Brasilnut said:

    Clemency Wright Consulting and I collaborated on a LinkedIn blog post about keywording a few weeks ago (with examples of some of my mediocre keywording and what was done to remedy). You can access it with the follow link:



    That's interesting. Some useful tips . But it does go against other advice I have read in this forum to include the words 'a' and 'an'. Maybe I don't have to go back through the first half of my images to add these :)

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  3. I know that I have found it very helpful to hear about others' statistics over this year, my first with Alamy. So, I offer my own for comparison. My portfolio has built up gradually over the year. Started uploading in February. First sale in May. Ten sales so far, for a total of $280, but only 5 of them were zoomed. 15,827 views for a current portfolio of around 3,300, and 74 zooms. Arguably, for that many zooms, my sales should be more, but I am hoping there are more yet to come in as many of them have been fairly recent. 


    I have learned loads (mostly via this forum) but have also got much better at processing in Lightroom. Since I am very much a newbie to photography in general, having owned a DSLR for less than two years, I am more than happy with this success so far, and actually didn't expect to have had any sales in my first year. I only upload to Alamy. I have got better at keywording and am currently working my way back through earlier uploads to improve keywords.


    In summary, my advice is to persevere (which is Leith's motto where I live).

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  4. 8 minutes ago, gvallee said:


    A few times, I had a zoom followed by a PU. I questioned Alamy about it. Their reply was that they don't always know who zooms a picture.


    Another time, I noticed a search with 0 results in AoA. I rushed to the place the next day as it was only a couple of hours from me. I uploaded a series of pix and asked Alamy to tell the zoom's owner that pix were now available. They told me they didn't know who it was.




    Ah OK, that makes sense. Thanks.

  5. I don't suppose there is any way to link zooms and sales, is there? I just sold a photo that was zoomed in March. Is it possible that it has only now, 8 months later, been paid for, or is it more likely that it is a sale without a zoom? I'm hoping it is the former as I have had a good number of zooms, and that there will be a cumulative effect on sales as time goes on after my first year. 

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