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  1. 30 minutes ago, Marb said:

    I don't know what point you are making with this. I am talking about keywords, not the description which has no relevance in the search.



    That’s not my understating, but then I am a newbie. I make my captions as detailed as possible and try to use up the word limit, as long as it is relevant. When I first started I didn’t always put in the geographic location. Now I always do. Certainly with a building on farmland you would want to do so.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Bryan said:

    Great to see large scale steel fabrication back on the river Tyne,  constructing supports for offshore wind turbines on the site of what was Swan Hunter shipbuilders. A lot of people have been very sceptical about renewable energy, but here is clear evidence that it is bringing work for skilled craftspersons.




    This Sarens crane is capable of lifting over 3000 tonnes.



    Those yellow platforms keep popping up in Leith Docks, and I keep taking photos of them. Then they head out through the Firth of Forth. I am glad I know what they are now. Thought they were oil rig platforms.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Bill Brooks said:

    Think of the keyword catalogue  as an upside down forest.


    There is a tree for locations. There is a tree for architecture. There is a tree for plants. There is a tree for animals. There is a tree for geology. There is a tree for history. There is a tree for time. There is a tree for image treatment. There is a tree for weather. There is a tree for whatever you decide to add to the keyword catalogue.


    Click on a subkeyword at the end of a branch and it zips up the branch to the trunk taking every other subkeyword above it.


    For instance: Image of people walking in autumn beside a swan in Grenadier pond through the forest in Toronto's High Park.


    Click on subkeyword phrase GRENADIER POND on the LOCATION tree and you get Canada; Grenadier Pond; High Park; North America; Ontario; park; Toronto


    Click on subkeyword SWAMP on The ENVIRONMENTS tree and you get:
    marsh; pond; swamp; water


    CLICK subkeyword PIONEER on the HISTORY tree and you get: historic; history; pioneer


    Click on subkeyword CYGNUS BUCCINATOR on the LIFE tree and you get animal; bird; Cygnus buccinator; Olor buccinator; Trumpeter Swan; swan


    Click on the subkeyword EXERCISE on the LIFE tree and you have: exercise; hike; hiking; people; person; walk; walking


    Click on the subkeyword CHANGE on the TIME tree and you get: autumn; change; color; colour; fall; season


    Click on CAROLINIAN FOREST on the ENVIRONMENTS tree and you get: carolinian; carolinian forest; eastern deciduous; eastern deciduous forest; forest 


    In Bridge these keywords accumulate in the Keyword metadata so with 7 quick clicks you have the following 39 keywords in the file’s metadata:

    Canada; Grenadier Pond; High Park; North America; Ontario; park; Toronto; marsh; pond; swamp; water; historic; history; pioneer; animal; bird; Cygnus buccinator; Olor buccinator; Trumpeter Swan; swan; exercise; hike; hiking; people; person; walk; walking; autumn; change; color; colour; fall; season; carolinian; carolinian forest; eastern deciduous; eastern deciduous forest; forest


    Save the file or multiple selected files in Bridge and upload to Alamy. In the new AIM select the supertabs and answer the questions.


    I might also decide to add ; people walking; autumn colour; autumn color; autumn colour; to the keyword catalogue for next time. I would also add them to the 39 keywords for this particular image, making a total of 43 keywords.


    It is important to note subject trees are separate. Therefore I could click on the subkeyword EXERCISE on the LIFE tree and have: exercise; hike; hiking; people; person; walk; walking; added to keywords for a hiking image taken in California.


    I wish I had thought about all of this sooner. I probably should have placed more emphasis on setting up keywords before uploading to Alamy,  but the urge to get photos on the system got me carried away. Having put off the task of organising keywords, it’s going to take a very very long time. So, if you’re newer than me to Alamy, take the advice about keyword hierarchies now ;) I have already spent hours on it and the list doesn’t seem a lot shorter!

  4. 16 hours ago, MDM said:

    I've no experience of Photoshelter but it sounds very expensive for what's on offer. If you search the forum you might get some better info. 


    I have a Pro account with Zenfolio, mainly for the website features and have no complaints at all. The cloud storage for me is a bonus. I needed a modern photographer website with private galleries and it was a toss up between Zenfolio and SmugMug. I don't think there is a lot of difference between them.


    I don't know if it is possible to do auto backups. I just upload images manually when they are ready and they can be easily replaced. In fact I do all my image backups manually - I like to see what is going where,


    In fact if you decide to go with Zenfolio before Dec 28th,  I can give you a referral code which gets you 20% off - not the reason I posted here I should hastily add - I always ignore these things but I just dug up the email from my trash. If you decide to use them, you may as well have the discount.





    This thread has been very useful, as I have been thinking about setting up a website and Zenfolio seems to tick all my boxes. Can you post the referral code at all?

  5. 2 hours ago, Bryan said:

    On one occasion Alamy notified me of a Live News sale, but, in my limited experience, they generally don't. You have to wait the normal month or so to see the sale invoiced.


    I generally tweak the keywords, as uploaded in haste, they are probably not the best.


    Live news images are always stored as such with a message to the buyer warning of possible lower standards. If you value the image for general stock use you might consider re-working it at your leisure and re-uploading. Alamy will then delete the duplicate Live News version for you if you ask.



    Ah, that’s interesting. I have been wondering how it might be possible to replace images without losing all the associated information. How is that done?

  6. 49 minutes ago, RedSnapper said:

    checking online takes only a few minutes.....and it's just another part of the workflow


    For example, I have a browser shortcut that takes me straight to the Sun's site, with a search for 'Aberystwyth' pre-configured. If they're using one of my weather pix then that search will pull up the story in a second or two.




    You can amend that to your usual location and use it yourself



    Ok, thank you. I have several locations... but will certainly make it easier. But my sales will be few and far between, if any, so the incentive is a bit lower :)

  7. 3 hours ago, RedSnapper said:


    The screen grab is important, because, especially with weather stories, the pictures  used can sometimes be changed (not simply added to) over the course of the day. If you're doing that sort of news it's always sensible to check the various tabloid online pages a couple of hours after filing the pix, just to see if anything has been picked up... (The Sun are voracious users of images, as are, to a lesser extent, The Star and Mirror)



    You could spend as much time searching online newspapers as taking and processing photos, it seems...

  8. 13 minutes ago, Avpics said:

    Yes, you would think so.


    I've found some more from 4 September via a search on my image with the women crossing Westminster Bridge which I've not had reported. I won't find out until Monday whether this was a reported sale.




    I admire your tenacity looking for these. I have been uploading a lot of weather photos to Live News in recent months, but it would be extremely time consuming to Google search them to find unreported uses. Unless you could do a batch search. Maybe I will ask my son if there’s a way to do this, or to set up a macro or something (he is previous Google engineer).

  9. 10 hours ago, Avpics said:

    Sadly it happens. The papers seem to be be allowed to take what they want without going through any channels because of the urgency of their publications, then use an honesty box at some point in the future. Far from ideal

    Yes, I understand that they would need to be able to do that, but Alamy’s system must have some way of knowing who has downloaded a photo and when a photo has been downloaded. If they can’t do this, then I think they need to get a system in place that shows them automatically which downloaded photos don’t match their sales records. I’m no IT expert but that surely must be possible.

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  10. It’s good to have these short videos about just one aspect of Lightroom at a time. There are a couple of things I have struggled with which you might cover in further ones, perhaps.

    a) people detection - one computer I use suddenly started detecting people, which I didn’t want but it wasn’t easy to work out how to stop it from doing that. That also seemed to cause a problem uploading images to Alamy; the images were rejected.

    b ) I use Lightroom on two different computers. My iMac is great and it runs very well. Unfortunately, on the other computer (windows based) it runs very very slowly and drives me nuts. I understand that there are different ways you can ‘lighten’ the processing power of how Lightroom operates but haven’t managed to get my head around it yet.


    But you may feel that these are more technical operating aspects rather than photo processing which is obviously of interest here.

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