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  1. Just now, Stokie said:


    I did similar: 2 days in Cairo then Nile cruise to Aswan.


    I'd love to do it again!!



    Yes, so much to see. Not sure that my aim of getting through the many photos I took before I go away again soon will work out! I’ll no doubt have just as many photos of Chile and Easter Island.

  2. 2 hours ago, Russell said:


    Could be ...


    Exactly so. If you haven’t already got the tag ‘elephant in must’ you can now add it.

    This is the same elephant as above doing it, too. Another sign I remembered is that they dribble pee (edit: see that’s already been mentioned) Perhaps we shouldn’t have photos of elephants doing that ;)



  3. 7 minutes ago, Rick Lewis said:


    This is good advice, but really, how does one know if the elephant in question is having a good day or a bad day?  (I'm not trying to be funny).  Wild animals are not always healthy and may appear normal until it's too late. 


    My wife says I'm way to conservative (cautious) about many things but on this even she agrees.  Stay with the guide and listen to his or her wise advice.


    The problem is that in most cases you are correct in your thinking you're safe right up to the point you're not.  This image, BTW, is superb!! 



    Thank you. Not sold yet, however!

  4. 2 hours ago, Russell said:

    You really do need to stay well clear of guys like this:


    He was the other side of the waterhole, but the guide was still very nervous - even more so the next day when he appeared alongside the track we were on. Easy to spot from the fluid leaking from the temporal glands, and the constant dribble of urine a bull elephant in musth (sic, correct spelling) is really not to be trifled with!

    Yep, same in my photo. Another sign apparently is that they hold their trunk over a tusk

  5. I celebrated an anniversary yesterday - a year since I passed QC for the first time. So I thought I’d summarise my first year statistics, which I am more than happy with. I don’t need to make a living from this, and I don’t contribute stock anywhere else. I am a complete newbie as far as stock photography is concerned, but having put in a lot of time and effort, I’ve learned a great deal and also got much better at processing photos in the process. I have also taken the plunge and started my own photography website.


    I’ve got an archive collection (more on the way), and got to grips with Live News images. Most of the photos I have uploaded have been taken in this last year, since I’ve only had a proper camera for two years, and started completely from scratch. Despite the work involved, it’s great fun to see what sells and what for. Images sold are very varied, from World War II anti tank blocks to a puffin. All in all, being an Alamy contributor has been a very positive thing.


    Total number of sales: 21 (9 in 2018 so hopeful monthly sales will be more regular)

    Total gross sales: $625

    Biggest sale: $52 

    First sale: May 2017

    Most sales in a month : 6

    only 1 sale below $10

    Views: 34,000

    Zooms: 119







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  6. 32 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    It's a matter of accuracy. That and abiding by the terms of the contributor contract. It's conceivable that a council might object to a derogatory portrayal of their district. A photographer who wrongly stated that he had a release might be in at least warm water.

    Imagine if Royston Vasey had been a real place- I wonder if Royston (in Hertfordshire, South Yorkshire, Glasgow, etc.) had any qualms about it.

    Yes, I agree, I was simply responding to the question which was about the likelihood of getting into problems having already sold the image under a RF license.

  7. These things again...thanks to Bryan I know now that they are wind turbine platforms.  They keep popping up in Leith, apparently on their way from Newcastle.  A couple of weekends ago we saw two of them being towed by a tug far out in the North Sea from the Aberdeenshire coast.  Presumably there is a huge wind farm being built somewhere up North. i liked the juxtaposition of the towers behind the roof of a 17th century merchants house in Leith.


  8. 12 hours ago, Marco McGinty said:

    Many thanks to all who responded.


    Waiting for payment I can understand (but disagree with), but I just assumed that when an image was purchased, it would immediately show up in the sales history.


    Obviously, I was wrong!

    Many of them do,  but not for newspaper groups. That’s partly why we have a monthly thread spotting used images so that contributors can be sure to chase them up if they don’t come through as purchases.

  9. 52 minutes ago, losdemas said:



    Two sales with only 75 images up is quite amazing - I'd say that you were very fortunate. You really need 625 x 5 to count on regular sales here (some would say many more). Tags, captions, quality, quantity, variety - keep going.

    No zooms might suggest you need to rework tags. For example M1XY5D is tagged sandwiches, but doesn’t have any, while M1XY56 is tagged water bottles and soft drinks but doesn’t have any. If the images are different, you need to be more specific with tags and captions I think. 

    Not impossible to have a sale with less than 1,000 images, but it’s due to a number of factors eg content of your portfolio, what clients are looking for, good tagging and captions etc, so don’t assume it’s the quality of your images. Persistence, determination and constant review are, IMHO based on only a year’s worth of experience, key factors.

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