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  1. I was surprised to find I had some photos on this theme 1. Four female police officers helping a lost girl during the Edinburgh Festival 2. A woman getting tattoos 3. A female equestrian stunt rider at a Medieval jousting display, Linlithgow Palace
  2. This is true. I would never have progressed to where I am now without the open live news option to give me a start.
  3. This wasn’t a Live News use since it was uploaded on March 26th. It is a stock use.
  4. Makes up for two refunds which put me into negative payment. I was asked to lift my restriction on sales to Russia for this one. Editorial $$
  5. A few from The Times, sorry it’s just not up to Bryan’s standard. Jordi De Rueda Roigé T0N1B0 New York City, USA - July 28, 2018: Facade of the Le Parker Meridien New York Hotel and the Viceroy Central Park New York in 57th Street with people a Rolandas Misius J15MK8 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain: Basicila and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family, known as Sagrada Familia Scotland section ScotRail platform, looks like Waverley but can’t find it Ed Brown T1EGBC Hailsham, UK. 26th Mar, 2019. UK weather. A House sparrow (Passer domesticus) perches among Cherry blossom this morning in Hailsham, East Sussex, UK. Credit: Ed Brown/Alamy Live News
  6. I fully understand the sentiments and views of those who have had their privilege revoked. However these “everyday” weather pics sell, and sell by the cart load. Just take a look at The Sun or Mail, even the Times publishes weather pictures. Yes, the quality is sometimes somewhat dubious. But if that’s what the papers want, and they sell within the Live News period, they command much higher prices. A stock sale of $5-10 is very different than a news sale of $50-150. So, yes they are ‘News’ whether we like it or not.
  7. Literally, yes. I’m sure it’s not what was being looked for though. Yes, man in a high castle with an opening.
  8. The guidelines are not new. The email sent was a reminder of them .
  9. A good example of how keywording can throw up images that have nothing to do with the search. Someone searched yesterday for ‘Man in High Castle Opening’ presumably the TV series It turned up only one image, mine with.....man....high wall......castle....window opening.
  10. Ok, cheers. New tax year will be a good time.
  11. Ditto, and mine was also of an animal.
  12. It just happened. All I was sent was an email to tell they had closed the case. Weird how they can do that. Will no doubt bite that cherry soon.
  13. Pleased to report that Adobe have done something at their end and the annoying problem is fixed. I can put off biting the bullet for a little longer
  14. Yes, thanks. I have been putting off biting that bullet for some time. The initial £100 over more than 2 years has certainly been of value. But I know that you don’t think you need something until you have it; I thought I could do without LR until I got it. How wrong I was. On the other hand I don’t want to be forced into this decision by a glitch that they think they can fix and really ought to be able to fix. I will first await the outcome with Adobe.
  15. Adobe confirmed that this is a glitch at their end and actually nothing to do with plugins, none of which I have recently changed. The cynical bit of me wonders if this is a way to get folk to buy the monthly subscription. It seems only to be a problem with the standalone version.
  16. You're right. I have used LR Queen before, but will post a question there. A thorough search did not reveal much in the way of any helpful fixes for this. Using the standalone version 6.14 on Mojave. Edit: Just looked on the LR Queen forum and the helpful response is “It does sound like it's being a little overzealous. I'd give Adobe a call so they can help fix it.” !!!
  17. Update: so that's most of my afternoon wasted trying to get this fixed. It didn't work so Adobe have had to upgrade it to a higher priority. Pretty much makes LR unuseable. Not a problem on my macbook, though.
  18. I have disabled each plugin in turn, then removed all of them and it is still happening! I guess I will have to get in touch with adobe. EDIT: After nearly an hour on the phone to Adobe and speaking in turn to 5 different advisors, this problem may finally be sorted. I was told that it is actually a problem at their end and that this notification will be removed within 12 hours from all customers. To get it removed now involves deleting LR, reinstalling it, cleaning up old cache/logs etc and renaming some adobe folders. Still downloading LR again, so hopefully it will all be sorted once it restarts.
  19. Hmm, the list of European countries you can opt in or out of includes....Yugoslavia 🤔
  20. Great, thanks very much for spotting those. Not been in the Guardian for nearly two years, so it is a nice start to April.
  21. Most zooms ever in March with 41. 15 sales for $334. A lot of small sales but a few decent ones too.
  22. I have just started getting annoying pop up notifications from Adobe telling me that I am running non-genuine software in Lightroom. I haven't changed anything about LR recently but I am running the Alamy Lightroom Bridge plugin plus a FTP plugin. Those are the only non Adobe plugins. The notification takes me to a page where it says I should see details of what the problem is but there isnt any further information. Any ideas how to block this (nothing useful in a search that I could find) or resolve the issue. I don't know which plugin is causing the problem.
  23. PU sale. It’s nice to get the first image from a trip to Egypt sold.
  24. If it’s appeared in your account you can find out usage by downloading the sales report.
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