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  1. So, the question then is, why do Alamy allow them?
  2. I had one which appeared on May 26 and sale recorded June 30.
  3. Helpful information, thanks. So you didn't have to get permission from whichever Bank the notes were from, as long as the photos complied with their rules?
  4. Yes there are similar rules in those links I provided, but the point is that they both say that an application has to be made in order to ensure you are complying with the rules. Clearly people haven't done that, so I am wondering whether there is other advice rather than just hoping it's OK.
  5. There are hundreds of photos of banknotes on Alamy and I had an idea for something within this category. However, I then read the Bank of England's terms for reproductions of banknotes, as well as those for Royal Bank of Scotland, which are similar but even more stringent. It's hard to believe that everyone who has a photo on Alamy has made the appropriate application. The RBS one only lasts for six months and has to be renewed. Or am I missing something? Relevant information below Bank of England http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes/Pages/reproappform.aspx RBS http://heritagearchives.rbs.com/content/dam/rbs/Documents/History/reproducing-banknotes-guidelines.pdf
  6. There is an image identification thread in the Forum 'Let's Talk about Pictures'.
  7. Interested in trying to do this since I've got better at processing photos as time has gone on. is it done with 'Fetch' or 'Set' or does one 'Upload' again? I cant' see anything in the manual about it.
  8. This has been another really helpful thread on the forum. I would not have know about the Bridge download otherwise. I've downloaded it and read the manual, and used it successfully to upload some photos. What I am wondering is whether/how it might be possible to match all of the previous photos I have uploaded. Unfortunately when exporting as jpegs, I changed the names, so the photos on Alamy don't match with the ones in Lightroom. Even trying to manually enter the Alamy reference into the appropriate box in Lightroom does not trigger a match (and I don't really fancy doing this for every image anyway). I may have to accept that the hundreds of photos already on Alamy won't be matched, but is there a clever way to do this? Tried the support pages and can't see anything that would help.
  9. It looks like your lovely Puffin image has been copied rather a lot. I get 6 pages of hits from a Google reverse image search. I suspect it was published in the Guardian first and then copied from there by the others. You should get paid for the Guardian usage but you'll probably have to wait 1-3 months before you'll see it appear in your Alamy sales report. I wouldn't expect payment via Alamy for most of the other uses as they appear to be a combination of tweets and retweets and news scraper sites. It might be possible to get payments for copyright infringement where the website republishing the image is clearly a commercial venture, but it's not easy. You could try alerting Alamy, or uploading your image to Pixsy to see what they make of it. Others here may be able to give you better advice. I've had this happen several times (image published on-line by a newspaper is then copied by others). But have, so far, been unsuccessful in getting compensation as the re-publications were deemed (by Pixsy) to be either non-commercial or outside the territories where they have legal representation and so not worth pursuing. Many thanks for that information. I didn't know about Pixsy. May try Alamy first.
  10. I had a similar question, but don't need an app to transfer from camera to iPad as I can use a card reader. But I wondered if there is something that can put in captions etc if using for live news. I have Lightroom on iMac, but purchased it outright so can't use the mobile version. Does anyone know if there is something that can do this?
  11. This thread has been useful as I previously didn't know how to see my images that have appeared in searches or that I could right click and choose 'search Google for this image'. One image that recently appeared in the Guardian also appears in two twitter feeds and on one Arabic website, without the credit that appeared in The Guardian. I presume therefore that anyone can copy and use the image once it's published? A few days later I noticed the image had appeared on another website (Avaxnews) with the appropriate credit. Does this mean it has sold again, or has it simply been pinched from the Guardian? This is only my second sale so I am still new to all of this! Photo is J78MRB
  12. We are considering a trip to Jordan/Egypt later this year and I have done loads of research online but have to say that the advice is ambiguous. All I can find is that on flights returning from these countries cameras are "usually" allowed. No help at all. Separate lenses ought to be fine since they are not electronic devices per se, but optical devices, but again that isn't clearly stated either. I would really value some better advice but it seems impossible to find.
  13. Quite often long delays I think. I'm still waiting for a 'weather news' photo to appear that was used in the Mirror over 2-months ago. I think the advice is if it hasn't been listed after 90-days check with Alamy. Thanks for the information. That's easy to do if you only get the odd sale, but must be difficult if you have loads.
  14. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Am still learning and will hopefully keep improving. I presume it's usual for there to be a delay between a photo appearing in a newspaper (Guardian in this case) and the sale showing up in my dashboard? It's been nearly a week since it was published.
  15. I'm a total newbie. Got my first proper camera just over a year ago when I retired. have been learning lots, doing workshops, getting to grips with software. Found out about Alamy at the end of last year and passed QC without too much difficulty. I read in these forums that it is usual to expect to wait around a year before the first sale. I was really not expecting anything, and only contribute for the fun of it, to keep me inspired and to extend my skills, but was amazed to have two sales this month. One for $50, the other not showing up yet so no idea (for the Guardian). It's a bit like having Premium Bonds. You never know what might happen, and each month might bring good news.
  16. Fantastic! Only just discovered I had my first sale earlier this month and this must be the second. Cheers for spotting it!
  17. Thanks for the replies. it's weird. I clicked on images not on sale on my dashboard which did show these photos, so I have been able to tag them etc and they appear now to be on sale. However, if I just look at my main photo manager page, they are still greyed out as being in QC. Must be a problem with the webpage. I will contact CS.
  18. A batch of photos I uploaded on May 23 passed QC today. But a batch I uploaded on May 22 are still in QC. Usually everything waiting in QC is passed together. Is this common or likely to be an error?
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