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  1. On 17/04/2018 at 12:05, MDM said:


    That is what I assumed but it's not in the dictionary (Oxford English at any rate). It's a great word. My mother spent some of her childhood in Belfast and she used to say something like "stop foostering" meaning pretty much the same - stop messing about. 


    I'm familiar with Norn Irn. I had a short trip there last year in fact - a day in the Mournes and another day driving up the Antrim coast. Still haven't processed all the pics from the trip. As well as the scenery my favourite thing about Norn Irn is Van Morrison. I'm a Dubliner myself although I live in England these days. 

    To fouter...is also Scots

    ”To bungle, botch; to work in a fiddling, careless or unskilled manner, to potter, to trifle. fouterin, bungling, fiddling, clumsy, trifling.”


    Sorry, way off topic now.

  2. On 10/04/2018 at 15:19, Janet said:

    Hi Sally,

    Sorry to hi jack the thread.

    I have just bought the G7 and I am having problems with making the lens (45-150mm) auto focus.

    The manual is a nightmare and just wondered if you had a quick solution.





    I see you’ve sorted your problem (in another thread). Just returned from a trip to Chile. I was on a catamaran in Torres del Paine, standing next to a photographer who had a massive Canon, and large tripod handing off his backpack, and god knows how much other stuff. Saw him later on after walking miles up into Vallee de Frances, and he looked beat, and wasn’t even taking photos at that point. As he was with a group, there was no way he would have had time to set up the tripod anyway, so I doubt he used it. I was very glad of my lightweight gear. 

  3. 5 hours ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

    If you plan on doing this as a regular thing, set yourself up with a spreadsheet of

    image name

    image ref

    where published


    date used

    date reported

    date paid

    date to report to Alamy (4 months!)

    etc, etc

    I have unreported usages from the 11th November that need chasing up as well


    That’s a good idea. So far, I have been taking a screenshot which shows the url, and then renaming the screenshot with name of newspaper and date it appeared. I keep them in a Dropbox folder, and delete once reported. 

  4. 3 hours ago, York Photographer said:

    The Sun have a habit of reusing pictures, without reporting them. Keep an eye out for them in the coming months and years. Take a screen of any subsequent uses and be ready to chase if they don't go on as sales.

    Thanks for that advice. I have just checked and found one of my Beast from the East photos used on two different dates ten days apart in different articles in the Scottish Sun.

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  5. I initially had problems trying to get this to work with my Alamy portfolio. As long as the file names are the same in Alamy and LR then it should work OK, but I found that I could kickstart it by manually copying one of the Alamy references into one of the images of the selection that I was trying to match. 


    It is definitely worth persevering with it, though. Once it works, it’s great. You can also get help if you log a request on the website. I have done this a couple of times and always got a good response. 

  6. 35 minutes ago, Colblimp said:

    This was originally sold for $54.12, two days ago.  Yesterday, unbelievably, it was refunded but sold again for an amazing €175.89!!!  I sold another 3 from poor Liam Miller's funeral - all of which were refunded and resold for well over $100 each.  For those who say Alamy isn't the way, I would disagree - thanks again Alamy!  I have no idea which publication it was used in after searching for ages, but it doesn't really matter I guess!


    Country: United Kingdom
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Newspaper - national
    Print run: up to 2 million
    Placement: Inside and online
    Image Size: 1/2 page
    Start: 13 February 2018
    End: 14 February 2018
    Any placement in paper and online. One use in a single editorial article used within the print and digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article.





    Thats exactly what happened to me yesterday, though slightly different amount. See my post above.

  7. On 27/03/2018 at 18:37, Sally said:

    Start of the end of month surge, perhaps. News sale


    The sale I reported yesterday was refunded today, and another sale for more than twice the amount recorded. First time I have had a refund, and also the first time I have had a sale for over $100. :)

    The difference appears to be that it was for a print and digital license, rather than digital only.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Stokie said:


    "The importance of captions

    The search engine also looks in the caption when finding images so make sure you describe the image well and include background information if it’s important."


    That's the advice from Alamy.


    I think a structured sentence is best ie.,  A Robin (Erithacus rubecula) singing on a branch in a domestic garden.



    I should have been clearer. I was referring to tags, not captions.

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