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  1. National newspaper apparently for one day us on 1 September, but haven't been able to find it.
  2. Helpful, thanks. Trying to decide, having bought non-subscription Lightroom 6, whether it's worthwhile changing to subscription version.
  3. Yes, I am aware that these restrictions - at the moment - only apply to journeys from certain Middle East countries to the UK, however my point was that I think it may not be very long before they apply to all flights. The FCO advice doesn't actually say, or at least it didn't when I checked before travel, that the restrictions don't apply to cameras. It says that cameras are "usually allowed" which is no help at all. And our travel agent reported that some customers had had difficult getting their cameras into hold luggage. So it's not consistent and I wasn't going to take a chance. The whole thing is going to be a big nuisance for travelers.
  4. I returned from Egypt to the UK a couple of weeks ago, and had to cope with the new restrictions. My husband and I put our iPads into our hold luggage. I bought a camera body cover and a hard shell to put my mirrorless camera in, and wrapped it up into my hold luggage. I kept all of my lenses in my carry on baggage. The security person who looked in my bag asked where my camera was; I didn't dare try to ask whether, if I had had it, it would have been allowed through. Possibly, without the battery. For some reason, the first (of 3 screenings of our luggage) resulted in a pair of binoculars being the only problem - which needed to go in hold luggage. I cannot fathom why. This was also true for a flight between Jordan and Egypt. A professional photographer in the queue ahead of us with a wheeled hard camera suitcase, was about to have his external hard drive confiscated, with all of his photographs on it. He went away - presumably to arrange to have it shipped separately - as he returned later apparently without it and not looking too upset. All was well with my stuff, despite two connecting flights, though unfortunately my husband's iPad now has a long crack across the screen. I fear that it is inevitable that nothing electronic will be allowed in hand luggage eventually.
  5. Not as many as that needed. I got archival rights a while ago, but what you have to do is make a sample available to Alamy, e.g. In a Dropbox folder so they can see what they're like.
  6. I, too, was amazed at passing QC before 8.00am this morning, for photos uploaded yesterday evening.
  7. A much harder topic for this month, but a challenge! Here are my three: Djokovic slips (but won his match) Failure to read Addleheaded
  8. The gannets photo is a stunning picture. Well deserved winner.
  9. Thanks so much for choosing my bad hair day photo. There are some cracking pictures, so it will be hard to choose.
  10. My selection... Bad hair day for a semi-feral Exmoor pony on Traprain Law in East Lothian, Scotland (a conservation grazing project) An urban fox looking at me through a hedge in my mother's garden in London and a Dassie (Rock Hyrax) on Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town, South Africa
  11. Any ideas about the foxglove digitalis varieties here? In a formal garden in Scotland.
  12. I certainly do, but not sure how much difference it makes. Searches seem simply to be done which either include or exclude people, which can be done through tagging e.g. 'no people'.
  13. I don't understand how a RM photo uploaded to Alamy can be licensed as RF. What is the point in contributors deciding how they want their photos to be sold if it can be changed? As the definition of RM in my limited understanding is a one time license, how can this be unlimited? Has Alamy provided any explanation of this to anyone?
  14. Oh I wish! Despite the Scottish Government's commitment to have fast broadband rolled out to every home by 2020, because we don't have a 'green box' there is no solution for us yet. And we only live 18 miles from the centre of Edinburgh.
  15. I did that by mistake too for my first upload. It will fail as you need to upload 3 photos. But just wait until you get a response and then try again.
  16. Many thanks for including my photo in the finals. Very honoured to be there for second month in a row amongst a group of professionals.
  17. Sorry I probably wasn't very clear. Alamy Plus is the Bridge drop down section in metadata where all the Alamy fields are. This works fine, as you say, completing the fields Headline and Description to upload to Stock, but not for Live News.
  18. I remain perplexed about how to get photos into Alamy Live News using Alamy-Lightroom Bridge, and there doesnt appear to be anything anywhere that gives instructions. I haven't had any joy yet getting help from Alamy. I just tried it yet again this evening. Upload only works at all if the 'Alamy Plus' Headline field is completed (and 'News' selected in the drop down menu of course). In AIM the submission initially appeared as Upload: News but with Images in QC also shown. Then a few minutes later it changed to Stock and the images were in the normal QC route. So once again I had to export to the hard drive an upload manually. It's very confusing. Does anyone else use Bridge to upload to News and have any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong?
  19. Oh boy I don't know all that, despite having read the Alamy blog about keywording, as well as numerous other threads about it. There really isn't enough information for those relatively new to all this unless you are a regular in this forum and manage to catch threads like this. But if one puts keywords into Lightroom before uploading they are automatically put in alphabetical order, or is there maybe there is a way to set a preference not to do that?
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